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The latest Trump “scandal” follows the pattern of all previous scandals: 

(1) It’s published in The New York Times or Washington Post as a breathless “Bombshell!!!” that will, this time, finally, bring down the hated Trump.

(2) The source(s) is anonymous.

(3) Almost immediately, the NYT or WaPo have to begin backpedaling.

(4) It’s quickly revealed—after the initial “bombshell” the information the source(s) provided is actually second or more handed.

(5) Congressional Democrats/Socialist/Communists immediately begin screaming that Trump is corrupt, a racist, a white supremacist, he’s icky, and must immediately be impeached.

(6) Congressional D/S/Cs immediately call for another investigation into whatever it might possibly turn out to be.

(7) The usual media suspects call the President every nasty name in the book, and pronounce his guilt, even though they’re not at all sure what he might be guilty of, using—if they even bother—qualifiers such as “if true.”

The substance, such as it is, of the latest scandal is that during a phone call sometime last summer with the newly elected President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, President Trump asked him to look into what appears to be then Vice President selling his office to enrich his family, specifically, his son, Hunter Biden.  D/S/Cs and the media—I know: one in the same—are screaming Mr. Trump is doing this as a dirty political trick.

As always with such “scandals,” the story is very much developing, but for the time being, we know this:

* The supposed wrongdoing was revealed in a whistleblower complain to the Intelligence IG.  It seems, the person making the complaint did not have first hand knowledge of the conversation in question.

* President Trump has stated he did bring up this issue in some form with President Zelensky.

* He has also stated he, and every other leader that may speak with him, knows that many people are listening in, and everything he said was proper, and aimed at supporting American interests.

* The Ukrainian Foreign Minister supports Mr. Trump: 

I know what the conversation was about and I think there was no pressure,’ Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko told the Hromadske media outlet. ‘There was talk, conversations are different, leaders have the right to discuss any problems that exist. This conversation was long, friendly, and it touched on many questions, sometimes requiring serious answers.

* When the media narrative began to fail, they doubled down, claiming Mr. Trump demanded an investigation upon pain of forfeiting aid money.  There is, as yet, no evidence supporting this.

 * Joe Biden publicly admittedbragged, actually–that while Vice President, on a trip to Ukraine, he told the government that if it did not immediately fire a federal prosecutor investigating a gas company on which Biden’s son sat on the board of directors—2014-2019–the United States would not give Ukraine one billion dollars in loan guarantees.  The Ukrainians fired the prosecutor.

In March 2016, the then-vice president threatened to withhold $1 billion in U.S. loans if Shokin was not fired, according to Biden, who recounted the exchange in a 2018 speech: ‘I looked at them and said: I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money. Well, son of a b-[bitch]. He got fired.

* Hunter Biden reportedly made more than three million dollars from that company–Burisma.  He had no apparent expertise that a Ukrainian company—or any company in the gas business–would find valuable.

* After a visit of Joe and Hunter Biden to China, Hunter Biden’s American equity firm was given a one billion dollar deal, not with a Chinese company, but with the Chinese government. Biden’s firm had  no apparent expertise or record that would entice any foreign government into giving them a billion dollar deal for any reason.

*Joe Biden claims he never spoke with his son about his business dealings.  His son says otherwise.

* This, from Wikipedia, is interesting.  I normally don’t use Wikipedia, but this information is confirmed by other, more reputable sources:

In May 2013, Biden was selected as a direct commission officer in the U.S. Naval Reserve, a program that allows civilians with no prior service to receive a restricted line officer’s commission after attending a two-week class covering topics such as military history, etiquette, and drill and ceremony, in lieu of boot camp. Because Biden was past the cut-off age for the program, he needed a waiver. Biden received a second waiver because of past drug use and drug-related arrests.  One month after commissioning, Biden tested positive for cocaine use and was discharged from the Navy reserve in February 2014.

Please keep in mind, gentle readers, I am limited by my reliance on media sources.  Anyone that believes whatever the media has to say without a reasonable degree of skepticism is either a D/S/C, afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome, hates America and Americans, is plainly stupid, or some combination, perhaps all, of the former.

However, it appears that once again, a member, or members, of the deep state has violated the law, leaking the content of a presidential conversation with a foreign leader to the press.  This strikes at the heart of any president’s ability to conduct foreign policy, which, apart from the Senate’s “advise and consent” role on ratifying treaties, is reserved solely for the executive.   Foreign leaders must now understand anything they tell Mr. Trump is likely to wind up in the NYT or WaPo.  This is terribly damaging for America, but D/S/Cs don’t care.  In a very Nixonian sense, they are more than prepared to destroy the village—the country—in order to save it from Trump.

As is usual, when D/S/Cs do it, that’s different.  I’m sure you recall, gentle readers, when President Obama was caught on an open mic telling the Russians when he was reelected, he’d have the flexibility necessary to do their bidding?  Or perhaps you remember the media’s outrage when the “Lion of the Senate,” Ted Kennedy, actually committed treason, offering to help the Soviet Union undermine President Reagan’s efforts against them?  You don’t remember the media being outraged about those bits of treason?  That’s because they weren’t because they were Democrats, and when they do it’s its different, so shut up.

If President Trump urged Ukrainian President Zelensky to investigate official corruption, particularly involving a former United States Vice President, he was not only acting legally and morally, but doing exactly what we should expect and POTUS to do.  That former VP Biden very much appears to have been involved in a pay to play scheme, not only in China, but Ukraine, to the benefit of his son, is a grave matter, and unlike the RUSSIA! hoax, must be competently and fully investigated.

Why was this done as a “whistleblower” complaint?  To get around classification laws, to lend legitimacy to it, and to provide a sort of official cover.  Anyone daring to question the motives or accuracy of the whistleblower can be accused to trying to cover up corrupt Trump Administration wrongdoing.

What’s fascinating, and as yet, unanswered, is how this information made it to the media, and what was the motivation?  If it came from the intelligence “community,” as seems likely, whoever exposed it deserved not only to be fired, but to spend many long, lonely year sin prison.  Not only have they broken numerous federal laws, but done enormous damage to America.  It is simply not the business of any intelligence functionary to second-guess the President—absent genuine evidence of treason–in conducting foreign affairs.  Even if there were evidence of treason, the media is not the place to deal with it.

So if everything the D/S/Cs say is accurate—there’s a stretch—what did Mr. Trump do?  He asked that a serious crime, perhaps involving the very top of America’s government be investigated.  As head of the executive branch of government, that’s pretty much his job description, and the content of his oath of office.  You know, the whole thing about faithfully executing the office and all?  Surely, this is, finally, an impeachable offense?

Obviously, this is yet another political hit job, but at whose order?  Cui bono?  Who benefits?  Was this done in the service of the Warren campaign?  Did the DNC, using the precedent established when it sank Bernie Sanders in favor of Hillary Clinton do it?  Or—and this is certainly possible—did the “whistleblower” simply make it up?

Anyone pulling this stunt had to know it would be at least as damaging to Biden as Trump.  Actually, it’s unlikely to harm Mr. Trump at all, and is almost surely going to seriously damage Biden, just at Elizabeth Warren is equaling, even surpassing him in the polls.  Prof. Jacobson at Legal Insurrection comments: 

The Ukraine reports of possible influence peddling, along with a similar report regarding the Bidens’ dealings in China, have been reported in the past. It’s not new, but it never took hold in any media narrative because it’s not helpful in bringing down Trump, which is the measure of news value in the mainstream media these days.

But it has potential value to the media because of the claim of Trump misconduct in seeking a Ukrainian investigation of Hunter Biden’s business dealings. So it’s all out media coverage.

That is a problem for Joe Biden, because most of the country is hearing about this for the first time, and the narrative quickly shifted — over media protests — from Trump allegedly improperly demanding an investigation to Joe and Hunter Biden allegedly engaging in conduct that should be investigated. [skip]

Trump was subjected to a two-year investigation by Mueller’s army of prosecutors and investigators over flimsy Russia collusion allegations. Why should Biden, a leading Democrat presidential candidate, be immune from scrutiny?

The more the media and Democrats attack Trump while trying to protect Biden from scrutiny of his family dealings abroad, the more the media focuses attention on Biden and raises the same sort of questions that turned Hillary Clinton’s campaign into a campaign about her emails.

And the indispensable Kurt Schlichter adds:  

Allegedly, Trump told the Ukrainians that they should investigate why Joe Biden’s kid and brothers ended up with hugely lucrative sweetheart deals in that notorious Slavic cesspool of corruption.

To which Normal Americans reacted by asking, “Wait, Joe Biden’s kid and brothers ended up with hugely lucrative sweetheart deals in that notorious Slavic cesspool of corruption?”

You see, the problem with making the latest THIS WILL DO IN TRUMP! moment out of the President’s alleged attempt to investigate corruption by the Biden family is that it brings to the fore a scandal that the mainstream media has carefully covered up during the marathon of gaffes that has been Gropey J’s nomination campaign, i.e.that the Biden clan has obviously made a fortune exploiting HairPlug One’s elected offices. There’s no other explanation for their amazing success. Absolutely no one is thinking, “Well, the Bidens are a smart family of cunning and shrewd thinkers who totally could have scored these huge windfalls in Ukraine (and China too) even if Joe had not been a DC power-player for nearly 50 years.

What’s hysterical is the blindness of these DC dummies who find it unsporting of Trump to call out the sordid corruption of their fellow grifters. Remember, they admire the Bidens. This kind of primo scam is what these swampies aspire to. And they actually believe that regular folks are going to think, “That’s not cricket! How dare that upstart Trump queer the Bidens’ deals!

This is the problem when you have an in-bred elite that dwells in a pinko bubble of corruption n’ entitlement. They think stupid things and end up resurrecting issues they otherwise could have buried. Weren’t they just howling about how doing deals with Ukrainians was a bad thing when Paul Manafort did them? It’s nuts to believe that people who live on the dismal side of I-495 are going to think Trump is the bad guy for trying to shine a spotlight on a family of Delaware looters.

Well yes, but I keep telling you, gentle readers, it’s different when D/S/Cs do it, because they’re so much more moral and smarter than you and mostly because shut up.  Still, gentle readers, there will surely be more to come.

Hillary Clinton Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Barack Obama, all became multi millionaires as a consequence of their “public service.”  There seems little doubt the Clinton Foundation was merely a money laundering center for the Clinton’s pay to play schemes.  Now it seem Gropin’ Joe Biden learned that lesson, if nothing else, from the Clintons, and it’s being exposed in a way that will not be easy for the media to ignore, and just in time for Fauxcohontas to take the lead.

What an extraordinary coincidence; it must be Trump’s fault, oh, and shut up.

And by all means, read this account of Joe Biden’s utter lack of honesty and character by the invaluable Victor Davis Hanson.

Update, 09-24-19 1820 CST:  The plot thickens, gentle readers.  John Soloman at The Hill reports that the Obama Administration, and congressional Democrats directly threatened Ukraine to drop any investigation into Joe and Hunter Biden long before President Trump ever spoke with President Zelensky.  The threat?  The Congress would withhold aid to Ukraine if they didn’t toe the line.  Take this link and read the entire disgusting mess.  The Dems are not only more corrupt and venal than one can imagine; they’re worse.  No wonder the Dems are trying to distract people by accusing Trump and trying to impeach him.