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Circa 2019, one must believe any reported hate crime a fraud in direct proportion to the media’s fervor in reporting it.

credit: gwinnett county police

The latest involves a former NFL player. Sadly, playing in the NFL is not, and has not for some time been, a reliable indication of character, as Fox News reports:

A former NFL player has been accused of trashing a restaurant and an ice cream shop he owned near Atlanta to make it look like a hate crime.

Gwinett County police say they found the n-word, ‘monkey,’ ‘MAGA’ and swastikasscrawled on the walls and booths of the two businesses, Create & Bake Pizza and Coughman’s Creamery in Lawrenceville.

Edawn Coughman, 31, of Buford, was arrested Thursday on charges of false reporting a burglary, insurance fraud and concealing a license plate before being bonded out of jail, police said.

Coughman, by the way, is Black. Even Fox News is apparently loath to report that obviously relevant fact, though their article does feature a mug photo of Coughman.  And why is it relevant?  Circa 2019, virtually all of the celebrated hate crimes reported by Black people are committed by Black people, usually the same Black people.  There is a severe imbalance in the hate crime marketplace; demand is far outstripping supply, so Black entrepreneurs are stepping in to address the imbalance in the cruel Trump economy that doesn’t work for everyone.  But how did this white supremacist, racist Trump supporter get caught?

Police said in a news release that an officer responded Wednesday night to a 911 call reporting a man damaging the restaurant and the ice cream shop and getting away in a truck without a license plate. The restaurant’s rear door showed signs of a break-in.

When officers pulled over the truck they found Coughman behind the wheel and learned he was the owner of the damaged businesses, according to the news release. In the truck were several TVs that appeared to have been ripped from a wall.

The news release quoted Coughman as informing the officers that he had noticed the damage earlier in the day and called his insurance company to report it but not 911.

Sure he did.  One hopes the police will call his insurance company, and if he did make a report, learn whether he reported the TVs missing.

It’s possible he was trying to stage this as a hate crime,’ Cpl. Michele Pihera told the Daily Post.

Yah think?

‘We don’t know if he was trying to get attention for this. What we do know is, if that witness had not called us and if those officers had not responded as quickly as they did, we would probably be sitting here talking about a completely different crime in which Mr. Coughman would be trying to say he’s a victim.

Golly, I’m pretty sure he was trying to get attention for this, except the police interrupted him on his way to call the media.  I’m sure he’ll emulate Jussie Smollett and claim holy social justice victim/martyr status as soon as he bonds out of jail.  The media will certainly do all it can to assist him.

At this late date in the recent flurry of faux-hate crimes, it seems redundant to note that this sort of thing damages the legitimacy of the victims of actual crimes.  Of course, one has to believe that hate crimes, in and of themselves, are legitimate offenses.  They are, in essence, thought crimes, and thought crimes that must be inferred after the fact, often by nothing more than words spoken in anger, crudities smeared on a wall, or perhaps a shoelace resting on a doorknob.  They’re a sort of double secret addition to actual crimes.

But how can you say that?! It’s easy.  Read the last paragraph again.

The point is, we must apply justice for people’s actions, not their thoughts, regardless of how mean, politically incorrect or hurtful they might be. There is, of course, a double standard in this.  If a group of Black urban “youths”—the correct term might be closer to “witless thugs”–brutally beat a white man, or a white woman in “the knockout game,” as long as they don’t scream racial epithets, it’s only an assault, perhaps an aggravated assault.  But if they do call him or her names, is that a hate crime?  Many suggest it’s impossible for Black people to be anything but victims.  Slavery, oppression, hatred, racism white supremacy, Trump, 1619, etc., you know.  Few, if any minorities are charged with committing hate crimes, though they surely commit them under present law.  If a Black person calls me, the virtual definition of a white guy, a “m*****F***ing cracker,” and do nothing else, have they committed a hate crime, or merely exercised their right to free speech?  And since I’m a stereotypical white guy, what’s the probability of the police anywhere, making a hate crime arrest for that?  I won’t be holding my breath.

When caught perpetrating a fraud, these “victims” virtually always say they did it to “raise awareness,” or to start a “conversation” about racism or white supremacy, social justice or Trump.  I think all can agree we’re having more than enough such conversations these days, thank you very much.  The result of such conversations might reasonably be the realization that actual hate crimes are, thankfully, rare, and some people just can’t take yes for an answer.

The horror of it is one of our two primary political parties is invested in hatred for America, and in stirring up and maintaining hatred among American minorities for their own political purposes.  Those imagining themselves caught in an inescapable maelstrom of oppression tend not be productive citizens, quite the opposite.

It is not unreasonable to argue hate crime laws are applied unequally, and are a plain violation of the first Amendment.  But of course, Democrat/Socialist/Communists care nothing for upholding the Constitution, a document they see as an annoying impediment to their idea of progress.

It is possible Mr. Coughman is an innocent victim of two hate crimes committed on the same day at around the same time, and that his flight, in a truck without license plates, from the scene of the crime was entirely innocent.  If you believe that, have I told you I’m a Nigerian prince in exile, and if you’ll give me your bank account numbers, I’ll deposit millions for safe keeping?  My e-mail address is in the header of the home page.  I anxiously await your kind reply.

On one hand, one wishes the police took note of Coughman, and let him gin up the hate crime hoax he surely was planning to hatch.  Only then would they lower the criminal boom on him. As it is, it seems more than clear what happened, though his defense attorneys will surely cry racism, and claim the real culprits are still out there committing hate crimes.  It would be a nice touch if Coughman swore, OJ-like, to never rest until he found the real racists that damaged his businesses. “If the media says it, you must acquit.”

A quick look in the mirror would end his quest.