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The horror.

The three-hour, Democrat death march debate is finally, mercifully over.  I was going to say I failed you again gentle readers, but I know you’ll forgive my much lesser failure.  I had a rehearsal and missed most of the first two hours, and I could—God save me—only stand about a half hour of the rest.  However, that was enough to give me sufficient impressions, with the help of others who survived portions of the debacle, to offer these impressions.

credit: eduweek.com

And a debacle it was.  The Democrat/Socialist/Communist field has entirely changed normal definitions and standards.  The “moderates” in this field are actually little “s’” socialists.  Everyone else is either a flaming Socialist or has gone full Communist.  Never go full Communist.  No one is any longer recognizable as a loyal American willing or able to honor any oath of office that requires them to uphold and defend the Constitution.  These people, by their own words, clearly hate America and at least half of her citizens, Deplorables all.  Would anyone, gentle readers, hearing a husband speak about his wife the way these people speak about America believe he loved her?

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So far Left is the entire spectrum of D/S/C debate, any nominee will be far closer to Fidel Castro than JFK.  If one of them is, God forbid, elected, the only real loser will be America, followed shortly by our allies and the rest of the world.

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The standard of “winning” for these people must, of necessity, be highly qualified.  Joe Biden “won,” by looking somewhat more lifelike than in the past. He seemed to remember the date and where he was, and kept mind-boggling gaffes to a minimum—he always makes some gaffes–which he helped by entirely avoiding after-debate questioning by the media, unlike every other candidate.  Bernie Sanders lost, but only because he was—amazingly—even more raging, crazy-uncle-in-the-attic insane than usual, and that’s beginning to wear thin even among D/S/C cracktivists.  Elizabeth Warren came in second because among them all, she has a reasonably consistent script and she’s sticking to it, not that she doesn’t flip flop and side step when she thinks it advantageous.  And these, gentle readers, are the only three that have a chance at the nomination, until Michelle Obama swoops in to save the party, because she’s black, it’s a woman’s turn, her last name is Obama, and she forced America’s children to eat horrible lunches at school.

President  Credit: riehlworldview.com

Oh yes; this was Barack Obama rehabilitation night.  Obama hasn’t had such fulsome tongue baths since he left the White House.  Everybody was going to fulfill and burnish his legacy. The horror.

General Observations:  I continue to be struck by how angry, sour, and humorless these people are.  A few tried to look and act human last night, and some were nearly lifelike, but the strain showed on their faces through the heavy stage makeup.  Their expressions quickly slipped into default frowns, and “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take Americans anymore” rage.  For others—Biden and Booker particularly—any attempt to smile looks positively reptilian.  Their policy prescriptions, virtually all of which are either unconstitutional, pure nonsense, would bankrupt the country, or all three, were presented in virtually incoherent sound bites, that is when the candidates—I’m looking at you, Elizabeth Warren—weren’t clumsily dodging direct answers.

Everybody come to America!  We’ll make you citizens immediately, just like the 11 million or so here illegally right now, and you’ll get free health care and all kinds of other free stuff.


Trump: Murdering white supremacist! Racist!  Orange Man Bad. Still.  Always.  Forever. Really, really bad.  So bad you have to vote for us.  Oh, and anyone that agrees with him is a racist too, so vote for us.

We’re going to take all your money and all your rights.  We’re going to take over your life to make it “better.”  We’re for the “workers,”  comrades. Vote for us.

The ABC moderators—who cares who they were?—were very careful not to embarrass the candidates.  They asked nothing at all about abortion or the economy, asked no really demanding follow up questions, were entirely deferential, and as always, asked a number of questions that provided their own answers/assumed Socialist/Communist narratives, which were, as always, as far to the left as possible. The token black female moderator focused almost exclusively on helping the candidates call much of America racist. The token Hispanic male moderator focused on helping the candidates call most of  America racist for thinking people immigrating to America ought to do it legally.

The three-hour pseudo-marathon was, no doubt, done to give each of the ten candidates a little time to confuse the rational public and toss red meat to slavering, drooling D/S/C cracktivists. However, for normal Americans, it was a mind-numbing—and one hopes, revealing, exercise.  If Islamist barbarians at Gitmo were forced to watch this pander fest, it would surely be ruled cruel and unusual punishment, worse than water boarding ever was.

One final, horrifying, general observation: America’s enemies are drooling over the possibility of one these fellow travelers becoming president.  What they’d give away to maniacs that would murder and enslave us all would make the Iran nuke deal look like Girl Scout cookie proceeds.  Consider this from the invaluable Ammo Grrrll:

(‘You have an idea for an SNL sketch about the DNC primary and there’s a fake Indian Totalitarian who could be the only woman in America less pleasant than Hillary; a fake Hispanic Irish man-child; a Spartacus-impressionist with an imaginary friend, T-Bone;, AND a white half-Indian woman pretending to be African-American? Plus a crazy ancient Commie who owns three homes but no comb. Come ON. Nobody would believe that…’)

The—Shudder—Viable Candidates:

Joe Biden:  His left eye still looks cloudy, cyborg-like.  Some people in their late 70s look vital and sharp; not Gropin’ Joe, who recently groped another woman after solemnly promising he wouldn’t do that sort of thing.  Biden looks every one of his 76 years and more.  By contemporary D/S/C standards he’s the sane, steady, moderate.  By Joe Biden standards, he was more together than in the past, but by the end of the night, he was fading badly.  As I noted, he did not participate in post debate questioning, which is probably a smart move by his campaign staff after he said if you’re not a violent criminal, you shouldn’t be in jail. Non-violent crime under Joe Biden: America’s foremost growth industry!  Car thieves, burglars, embezzlers, Ponzi schemers, frauds, small time drug dealers, rejoice!  Well, that and Gropin’ Joe announcing he’s still the vice president (?!). For a transcript of one of Biden’s answers that would leave any rational person wondering if he is all there, see this from PowerLine.  He remains the frontrunner, but by a much smaller margin than ever before. Ammo Grrrll again:

Joe Biden is quite the expert on home defense. He instructed his wife, the highly-credentialed DR. Jill Biden, in the event of an intruder, to ‘walk out with that double barrel shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house.’ Yes, indeedy, there’s a plan, fully HOA-compliant.

This excellent advice of randomly firing a shotgun off your back porch — in synch with his randomly-firing synapses – was even improved upon in an interview he later gave to Field and Stream Magazine in which he recommended that one should just go ahead and fire the shotgun THROUGH the door. Now, you’re out of ammo, and have killed a Jehovah’s Witness and a Girl Scout selling cookies before you even got a chance to sniff her hair! Sad.

For eight years, this imbecile was a heartbeat or one arugula choking incident or stray golf ball to the head away from the Presidency. And he continues to be in first place in the hearts and minds of Democrat voters in the current primary race. That’s because he’s the ‘sane moderate’ in a field so bizarre that it cannot even be parodied.

Elizabeth Warren:  Her primary schtick is hatred of corporate America and business in general, that and CLIMATE CHANGE!  She actually said America’s foreign policy should be based on climate change.  She’ll destroy America in order to save it.  She completely dodged any accounting for her insane Medicare for all plans, and actually claimed everyone’s costs would go down, which is, I suppose, possible when you manufacture your own reality and spend with Monopoly money.  News reports suggest she has been talking to Hillary Clinton for advice.  Talk about depths of desperation.  She or Biden will be the nominee.  Is there a lesser evil in that choice?

Bernie Sanders:  His raging, wild eyed, screaming “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take America and Americans any longer” schtick is wearing thin, even with the D/S/C faithful. That and a nagging suspicion he has never learned to use a comb.  Should someone who can’t comb his hair be president?  What’s amazing, and a little frightening, is that he retains such a large following, who apparently want full Communism (never go full communist). After this performance, Warren will remain ahead of him and pull further ahead.  He will not get the nomination, and this time, the DNC won’t need to rig it against him, or if they do, they’ll be sneakier about it.

The Why-Haven’t-They-Dropped-Out-Months-Ago-NO-Chance-In-Hell Candidates:

Kamala Harris:  She was supposed to be a brilliant, accomplished, sure to be frontrunner.  Instead, she has steadily revealed herself to be a woman, like Hillary Clinton, of many high-sounding titles, and little accomplishment, ability, character or knowledge.  She was upset ABC didn’t give her the opportunity to pontificate on abortion, and her performance was a mix of canned one-liners and odd anecdotes designed to glorify herself.  They didn’t. She had not a single “moment,” and while Hillary Clinton has a disturbing, Hollywood witch-like cackle, Harris has developed a disturbingly demented, B-grade melodrama villain laugh.

Amy Klobuchar: A woman supposedly “Minnesota nice,” she is known for, and has admitted, abusing her staff and being a thoroughly nasty person underneath her false, public persona.  She was virtually invisible, but did zing Bernie Sanders when he trotted out his elderly  “I wrote the damned health care bill,” one liner.  She replied that she actually read it and it’s awful.  Other than that, her performance was of the “she was there? Really?” variety.

Julian Castro:  What a nasty little man.

Cory Booker: What a nasty bigger man.  He tried to be more human this time, and managed the occasional smile, but his smiles always immediately devolve into sneers. By D/S/C standards, he did reasonably well, but his following is still in the low fat milk range, and that’s not going to change.  He’ll keep going as long as he can on vanity alone.  He has plenty of that.

Andrew Yang: He’s the remaining quirky comic relief onstage, but he’s not really funny.  His attempt to remain even remotely relevant—actually, just to be noticed—was his announcement that his campaign is going to give ten random families $1000 a month for a year.  That’s apparently an extension of his idea to give every American a guaranteed income of the same amount.  It will be interesting to see what he comes up with if he’s in the next debate.  He barely made this one.  A free Tesla for everyone?  Free Obama phones/Yang phones?

Beto O’Rourke: Toast.  Toast long ago.  Burnt toast. Did you know he’s still riding a skateboard at some rallies?  Really. Yes, he’s going to take everyone’s guns, and everyone has a right to live close to work.  I’m going to pretend to be Italian and Hispanic: Luigi Guacamole McDaniel.  That has a nice ring, don’t you think?

Pete Buttigieg:  Because he’s gay, he’s uniquely qualified to interpret Christianity for everyone else, particularly Christians.  His minister brother-in-law disagrees, but he’s a Christian bigot, so what does he know? Being gay gives Pete ultimate moral authority—it’s in the Bible; just ask Pete—and he’s using that authority to uplift the oppressed and downtrodden, except in South Bend, Indiana.  There, not so much.  Pete remains not a candidate who happens to be gay, but a gay candidate.  Consider this from The New Yorker:

It’s not that he was absent from the night entirely. Late in the three-hour debate, when each candidate was asked to describe a challenge in his or her career, Buttigieg talked about being gay while serving in the military under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and of being a gay public official in Indiana when Mike Pence, the current Vice-President, was governor. ‘At a certain point, when it came to professional setbacks, I had to wonder whether just acknowledging who I was was going to be the ultimate career-ending, professional setback,’ he said. It was a reminder of what he has accomplished since announcing his run, in April.

Again, Buttigieg attacks Mike Pence, who, knowing him to be gay, treated him with professionalism and courtesy when he was governor. That’s a particularly smarmy and dishonorable kind of political calculation.  In terms of accomplishment, he has insulted Christians and made a mess of South Bend.  Good job, Pete the gay candidate and savior.

credit: expertontime

Only nine more…