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“People sleep peaceably in their beds at night because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”  George Orwell

Regular reader Doug, in response to  Originalism And Liberty, wrote:

I’m sorry, Mike, did ‘we”’just ignore the last, um, 230 years of American history? The country seems to have evolved just fine with the political pendulum swings of times with Dems and Times with Republicans just fine. I don’t understand your (and Conservatives in general) constant creating villains out of a segment of American society. The current divide might be all about the literal Constitution to Conservative Republicans (not me) but from my vantage point it’s a lot about Trump personally. Maybe you need to re-define who your “enemy” is perceiving who their enemy is.

While one should never imagine enemies under every bed and behind every tree, America does have enemies, deadly enemies, foreign and domestic It is sobering to realize most of my students had not yet been born on that September morning.  I was teaching an English class when the news of the 9-11 attack spread through the school. It took awhile to fully understand what happened, and its significance.

America is strong, but security and peace must never be taken for granted.  We do sleep peaceably because of our strength, because rough men—and women—stand ready to defend us, to pay the last full measure of devotion.  And to maintain that security, that peace, we must never forget their sacrifice.  We must never forget that we do have enemies, enemies determined to enslave and murder every one of us, enemies both foreign and domestic.  We must never forget 9-11, and the reality that a free nation accepts the consequences of vulnerability.   This is why, as Thomas Jefferson said:

The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.

This was posted by the NYT the morning of 9-11-19.  Apparently some airplanes did something too…

The man who gave Barack Obama his political beginning…

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Somebody doing something…

Somebody else doing something…

Another Somebody doing something…

Four somebodies doing something…

Our Islamist enemy is both foreign and domestic.  They have been suppressed in recent years because of our success on the battlefield and in stopping their plots.  We will never know how many atrocities our law enforcement and intelligence agencies have stopped.  Some were surely stopped by precision guided bombs and our ground pounding soldiers, sailors and Marines in foreign lands.  Others have been stopped on our shores.  But we have to be perfect 100% of the time.  They only have to be lucky once.

When terrorists tell us they want to kill us all–like Iran–we had better believe them rather than giving them billions in cash in late-night transactions reminiscent of the clandestine drug trade.  We had better take steps to stop them rather than making insane deals that ensure they get the nuclear weapons they promise to use against us and Israel.  

Fortunately we have a president that seems to understand this particular reality.

And when members of our Congress consort with known islamists, and engage in the vilest anti-Semitism, and their political party cannot rouse itself to condemn them, we had better be even more vigilant, for we always have had enemies foreign and domestic, and now, more than ever, their evil designs for us, and their ability to carry them out, have never been more dangerous and destructive.

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God bless and watch over those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve liberty, and those who will in the future.