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Pity The New York Times.  Pity the Legacy Media.  Deplorables—normal Americans—are being mean to them, making them want to flee to safe spaces and pet fluffy puppies and kittens, perhaps curl into a fetal position on their rugs and take naps, after milk and graham crackers of course.

What could cause such horror in the minds of the intellectually and morally superior guardians of public truth and virtue?  Their inferiors are using their own rules against them.  Peter Emisku at The American Thinker explains:

The anguish at the New York Times is palatable. The mothership of fake news is now complaining that conservative activists are scrutinizing journalists for signs of bias that can be found on the Internet and social media. The lead paragraph in the Times’ front-page story of lament is:

‘A loose network of conservative operatives allied with the White House is pursuing what they say will be an aggressive operation to discredit news organizations deemed hostile to President Trump by publicizing damaging information about journalists.’

That’s right gentle readers. Conservatives are doing exactly what Leftists have done to normal Americans for years: they’re exposing their racism, anti-Semitism and hatred, and it’s making the media squeal in outrage.

The most prominent member of the media exposed thus far is Tom Wright-Piersanti, editor at the political desk of the Timesitself. After Breitbart exposed this bigot for mocking Jews and Indians, Wright-Piersanti was demoted by the Times (but not terminated). His excuse for his bigotry was that he was in college.

There are others. And through it all, the Times confesses that, although the information released so far is stripped of context – ‘context’ meaning the excuses liberals give for themselves but not for others — it has been authentic and harmful to its targets.

So it has, and that’s because normal Americans are doing something foreign to the contemporary media: they’re telling the truth. They find and publicize the tweets, writings and other social media rants of media figures and do so without alteration.  They let their words speak for them, and the speech is ugly indeed.  Why, it might even be considered hate speech!

Arthur Schwartz is a central player in this media exposure operation. When the NYT apologized for their editor’s ant-Semitic comments, Schwartz tweeted that if the people at the Times think this settles the matter, they’re wrong, adding that we have “lots more where this came from.’


The Times sees this as taking the war on the media to a new level. Nonsense. What is happening is that the bigots in the media are being exposed. And if they are purged, then there may be a chance that the public will get some unbiased reporting. But the liberals don’t like this. It’s okay for them to smear any conservative they want with immunity, but it’s not cricket for the opposition to hit back. Such have been the rules for the longest time. No more.

Double good.

The Times will go to the pains to say Donald Trump is behind this. Actually he is, but not in the way the media thinks. Trump has done it by showing the media is not invulnerable. And just as importantly, by his example, Trump has shown conservatives how to fight.

When the media call Mr. Trump a hater, a racist, and anti-Semite—you name the name—they’re engaging in projection, as their own words are demonstrating.  But let us now, gentle readers, take a moment to revel in the medias discomfort, led by the invaluable Kurt Schlichter:

You must have a heart of stone not to burst into uncontrollable, hysterical laughter at the agony of the failing New York Timesand the rest of the media over how conservative activists are going to apply the same internet colonoscopyto lib journalistas as they apply to us.




Oh yeah, that’s the ticket.

Drink in their pain.

Drink it all in.

Mmmmm, that’s some delicious pain.

I’m not one to revel in the misery of others, but sometimes, pain is the only possible teacher. That’s the case with the Media, whose arrogance, hatred, and insufferable self-imagined elitism have blinded them to the humanity of others, and saddled them with self-inflicted Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Welcome to Accountability City. Population: All you liberal media jerks.

For years, these pompous hacks have clobbered ordinary folks whose only “crime” is making fun of Obama at a rodeo, or making a funny meme about liberals, or understanding that there are only two genders. They pored over the social media accounts of lesser mortals, highlighting thought crimes and sometimes thoughtlessness with malignant glee. They tried to teach us rubes the lesson that disobedience and defiance bring cancellation. They took normal people and hauled them up onto the Aztec altar of human sacrifice to have their beating hearts cut out to appease the demon demi-gods of wokeness.

Quite so.  When one thinks of themselves as uniquely intelligent and moral, it’s easy to care nothing for the meaningless little lives, feelings, careers and pain of lesser beings.

And now these media cretins are stunned – stunned, I say – at the fact that these new rules they created are going to be applied as a suppository of justice right back at ‘em.

That’s one reason I so enjoy Schlichter: “a suppository of justice.” 

You know, there’s an undeniable satisfaction to be had from Alinskying these weasels, in taking the New Rules they pioneered and ramming them down these lefty punks’ collective collectivist throat. After all, we’ve been warning them for yearsthat the idea of a two-track system of social accountability – one where there’s one set of rules for the elite and another for us Normals – is totally unsustainable. But to point out that these are new rules is almost beside the point.

To our elite, there are no rules, at least not for them. The concept of rules is simply inapplicable to them. There are rules for us Normals – how else would they be able to hold onto their prestige, power and sinecures if not for a complex web of formal and informal social regulations designed to keep us in thrall and leave them unaccountable for their myriad failures? No, there are no rules for them. Rules are limitations. Rules create obstacles. Rules limit the ability to do as one pleases. The will of the elite is justification enough; rules are actually immoral when applied to our betters because rules might foil our betters from fully exercising their better natures to Normals’ disadvantage.

It’s not nice to do to the Media what they delight in doing to us, but few of us are saints, and it’s human nature to want to strike back at one’s tormentors, particularly when they show such a lack of decency and humanity.  But that’s to be expected. Democrats/Socialists/Communists are always in the process of perfecting fallen humanity, but to their standards, not God’s. For them, there is no forgiveness for the less worthy.  Since we, by their exalted standards, are so flawed, what more can they expect of us?  We are, after all, merely following the rules laid down for us by our betters. Isn’t thinking their thoughts, signaling their virtues, and doing as they would do unto us the path to utopia?