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“The children! The children! Awwwwww…

Trump is tearing children from loving parent’s arms! He’s putting them in cages!  He’s a child abuser!  AOC cries at an empty parking lot!

Not so much–except for the AOC faux waterworks; she did that.  He’s merely obeying the law and honoring his oath to uphold and defend the Constitution and faithfully execute the law.  It happens every day throughout the country; when parents are arrested, children can’t be jailed with them.  They’re innocent; they’ve committed no crime.  It’s the law and the right, moral thing not to do.  When we’re dealing with illegal immigrants, things are a bit different. The kids usually have no relatives, no solid adult with which to place them.  We don’t blame children brought into the country by their parents—generally—but we’re also obligated by law, and simple morality, to care for them, which we do.  Oh, and the photos of children in cages were from the Obama era.  Oooopsie.

However, as a consequence of the policy of releasing illegals within 20 days, actual child abuse, in part in the forms of child and sex trafficking, has become a growth industry at the southern border. Children are rented and sold to non-related illegals as a means of gaming the system.  Twenty days in clean and safe accommodations, and they’re released into the interior promising to show up for a hearing at some time in the future.  Damned few do.

Now President Trump is trying to address the screamer’s demands.  He’s proposing keeping families together—in detention—for up to 60 days so they can have their hearings.  No more children torn from loving parents—or temporary non-parent’s—arms, no more child abuse. Oh, and no more skipping out on hearings and remaining, illegally, in the country forever. Democrats/Socialists/Communists can’t take “yes” for an answer, so they’re suing, apparently to keep children and pseudo parents separated, to keep children in cages, and to help the evil Trump keep abusing them.  Oh, and to allow illegals to remain, forever, in the country, the better to vote for Democrats.

This is called “social justice.”

But what of the continuing crisis that wasn’t a crisis, but which D/S/Cs have, for some time, admitted is a crisis, on the border? How is that tide of illegal diversity so vital for the health of our nation working out?  The Washington Examiner explains:

Federal arrests of noncitizens have jumped over 200% in the last 20 years and now account for 64% of those arrested, according to the Justice Department.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics said that federal arrests of non-Americans rose 234% from 1998-2018. For U.S. citizens, the percentage rose just 10% over those 20 years.

The newly released statistics feed the Trump administration’s narrative that an increase in immigration, especially illegal immigration, has fed a spike in crime.

“Narrative”? It would seem to be a mere recitation of fact.  Narratives are what D/S/Cs produce to try to force their made up reality on normal Americans.

Immigration expert Jessica M. Vaughan said the increase in arrests is due to increasing prosecution of illegal entry and re-entry by migrants. ‘Experience has taught the immigration agencies and DOJ that this works to reduce recidivism – in other words, when illegal crossers face some more severe consequence than just being sent back home, they don’t keep doing it,’ she explained.

This is known as common sense, also reality.

Justice was very pointed in comparing U.S. citizens arrested to noncitizens. For example, it noted that while they make up just 7% of the U.S. population, noncitizens account for 15% of the arrests by federal authorities, 24% of drug arrests, 25% of federal property arrests, including 28% of all federal fraud arrests.

Hmmm. Maybe all those illegal immigrants (irony alert) really aren’t diverse, law-abiding people anxious to live within the law and build a diverse, sustainable, equitable and warm and fuzzy America?

 20 years, 95% of the increase in federal arrests was due to immigration crimes. From 1998 to 2018, federal immigration arrests increased 5-fold (from 20,942 to 108,667), rising more than 50,000 in one year from 2017 to 2018,’ said the Justice Department.

Vaughn again:

Opponents of immigration enforcement are obsessed with trying to establish that illegal aliens and legal immigrants commit fewer crimes than Americans, and so, as their narrative goes, local law enforcement agencies should not cooperate with ICE and should adopt sanctuary policies. This is first of all not true, but is off-point and a dangerous conclusion. What these numbers show is that there are certain types of crime that are disproportionately associated with illegal aliens: drug trafficking, certain gang crimes, and identity theft and document fraud,’ she told Secrets.

Who coulda thunk it?  Actually, anyone not living in a D/S/C Bizarro World reality.  But this is of a piece with D/S/C—and some credulous Republicans in name only—efforts to decriminalize crime in general.  They do this not only in name—we can’t hurt criminal’s feelings by calling them criminals; calling them “justice-involved individuals” will better fight crime—but by refusing to enforce the law, and punishing police officers for daring to try.

So as night turns into day, D/S/Cs sue President Trump for keeping his promises and enforcing the law he is sworn and required by law to enforce.

This too is called “social justice,” brought to you by the S/S/C Party, the media, and willing and/or gullible Republicans in name only.