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As all right-thinking, enlightened people know, the self-imagined, intellectually and morally superior elite care deeply for their fellow man, barely sentient though they may be.  The death of anyone—except in Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, etc., particularly if they’re Black, and the criminals that killed them are Black—is of inestimable concern to them, and they’re ready to fight—FIGHT!—for any measure that will save even a single life from violence.  Unless, of course, that wouldn’t further their anti-liberty, anti-gun, anti-American narrative.  Fox News reports:

A ‘documented gang member,’ who police said ‘should have been in prison,” was responsible for a two-hour stabbing and robbery rampage in Southern California that killed four people and injured two, authorities said Thursday.

Garden Grove Police Chief Tom DaRé told reporters that Zachary Castaneda ‘could have injured or killed many other people’ had he not been apprehended as he walked out of a convenience store in the neighboring city of Santa Ana, dropping a knife and a gun he had taken from a security guard he had just killed.

Four, eh? That’s the threshold leftists always apply to determine a “mass attack,” but it appears such labels apply only when guns are involved, and when the criminal isn’t a Hispanic gang member, and as I already mentioned, if the attack occurred in a Democrat ruled urban paradise. Here are the Google results of the incident I found the day—August 7, 2019–after the attack:

Beyond those five were merely generic, knife-related results; they were the top five.  Notice what’s missing?  The networks that routinely, loudly plaster the blogosphere and airwaves with screaming headlines whenever someone uses a gun to achieve the same death toll.  I sampled Google again on August 13, but found nearly the same results.  Only ABC, CBS and Newsweek had brief articles on the first Google page.  There was nothing else thereafter.  Interesting how the networks that cover the slightest criminal misuse of a gun with such fervent and continuing detail have seemed to overlook this massacre. Perhaps they wanted to keep the focus on El Paso and Dayton? Or perhaps a Hispanic knife fiend and gang member with a criminal record just doesn’t fit the preferred narrative very well.

Police told reporters the violence appeared to be ‘random,’ with Garden Grove police Lt. Carl Whitney adding that Castaneda was ‘violent’ with detectives who attempted to interview him Wednesday night and was kept in restraints.

‘He never told us why he did this,’ Whitney said.

The night before he told reporters, ‘We know this guy was full of anger.

Do tell.  Whatever happened to “if it bleeds, it ledes”?  This may, in part, be why the media showed so little interest: the maniac was a violent, minority criminal–a major Democrat constituency:

Zachary Casteneda: the kind of guy you’d invite for dinner and perhaps marry your daughter.
credit: gardengrovepolice

Castaneda has a conviction for possession of meth for sale while armed with an assault rifle, police said, adding that investigators were still putting together his entire criminal history. Officials didn’t specify what crimes sent Castaneda to prison or when he was released, but the chief described the suspect as a ‘violent individual,’ who should ‘never have been considered for early release’ from prison.

But that’s enlightened criminal justice policy!  Springing poor abused criminals is the epitome of social justice!  It’s the only way to address the racism inherent in the system!  “Help, help! Come see the racism inherent in the system!  I’m being oppressed!”

Fox News has reviewed Castaneda’s court records in Orange County and discovered he has a long criminal history dating back to 2004, which includes convictions for child abuse, battery, car theft and prior drug offenses.

He was also accused of assault and battery last year, but pleaded not guilty. It was not clear if or how that case was resolved.

In June of this year Castaneda was charged with eight counts of vandalism on behalf of a criminal street gang but pleaded not guilty.

Yep.  Vital Democrat voter.  Exactly the kind of person Democrats work so hard to get out of jail.

Police said shortly after 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Castaneda drove up to a Chevron gas station, where he attacked a man pumping gas ‘for no reason.’

‘There was no robbery,’ said Whitney, who added that the victim was stabbed in the back and ‘his nose was nearly severed off his face,’

Whitney said undercover detectives tracked Castaneda’s silver Mercedes to the parking lot of the 7-Eleven in Santa Ana and within a minute of their arrival, the suspect, who police said was covered in blood, walked out of the store, carrying a large knife and a gun that he had cut from the belt of a security guard he allegedly stabbed to death shortly before.

Police ordered Castaneda to drop his weapons and he complied.

Pity, that.  Now the CA authorities will have to go to all the trouble to convict him just so he can be granted another early out, the better to atone for the sins of his victims and their ancestors.

The point, gentle readers, is this lunatic’s victims are just as dead and maimed as though they were shot, run over by a car, blown up, hit with blunt objects, or attacked in any other potentially deadly manner.  By the media’s own standards, this was a mass attack, but because they’re only interested in their narratives, not news, it has received scant attention, and certainly nothing at all like the attention any slaughter committed by a gun-wielding demon immediately and routinely receives, month after month, year after year.  This attack is already circling the event horizon of the memory hole.

These days, Hispanics, particularly illegal immigrants, are also essentially immune from criticism.  They can only be victims.

Where are the cries for knife control?  He apparently used a machete, arguably an “assault knife.”  Where are the editorials decrying our unique and sick American “knife culture,” and insulting everyone that owns a knife?  Why don’t they call for banning those?  What about blade length limits and comprehensive background checks?  How about banning the evil sheaths that make a knife concealed?  Aren’t four people dead?  Don’t those with evolved consciences and sensibilities care about them?

Or is it remotely possible they really don’t care about individuals?  The four killed in this attack are no more or less dead than if they’d been shot, or killed in any other way.  Their friends and families are no less or more grieved.  No one is saying: “well, they’re dead, but thank goodness they weren’t shot.  That would be really awful.”

Perhaps those deaths won’t be in vain if they serve to remind those willing to listen of the gross hypocrisy of the Media and the Left in general, and the undeniable fact they could not care less about the lives of anyone whose fate is not politically useful in their attempts to increase governmental power while decreasing individual liberty.