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Looting In Ferguson
credit: st.louis.cbs.local

On August 9, 2014, in Ferguson, MO, 18-year old Michael Brown was shot and killed by then Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.  The SMM Brown archive is here.  His death was not quite on the heels of that of Trayvon Martin–the SMM Martin archive is here-on February 26, 2012 in Sanford, FL, but both occurred during the Obama Administration, during the DOJ reign of Eric “my people” Holder, so the Michael Brown case was a useful, blunt political weapon to use against American police officers, and the American people not in bed with Obama Administration policies.  That many of them happened to be white was merely a useful talking point, because how could anyone who opposed Barack Obama be anything but racist?  Both deaths were cynically used to maximum political advantage and gave birth to the “Black Lives Matter” movement, which is hardly a proud moment in the history of civil rights.

Upon the anniversary of Brown’s death, Democrat presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren dutifully pushed the socialist narrative:

Not to be outdone, Kamala Harris added her false two cents worth:

In February of 2019, I addressed the Martin and Brown cases:

 Race relations in America circa 2019 are, to put it mildly, fractious. If one listens to the Left, it’s all President Trump’s fault.  He’s a racist!  He’s a hater! He’s, he’s TRUMP!  Just look, he’s TRUMP!  Can’t you see that?!  He’s established a climate!  A climate of race and hate and TRUMP!

It matters not that there is no actual evidence of racism, or even of the all-encompassing hate.  Under Mr. Trump’s policies, in a scant two years, he has reduced Black unemployment to the lowest level ever.  Minorities of all stripes are more prosperous than they’ve ever been, their opportunities dramatically expanded.  In 2016 Barack Obama claimed it would be impossible, it would take a magic wand, for the future GDP to be higher than 2 percent.

Mr. Trump has apparently found that wand as the GDP betters 4 percent with no signs of abating.  Even so, Mr. Trump continues to hatefully appoint—as the saying goes—‘people of color’ and women to positions of authority.  Sometimes even women of color.  Past Republican presidents did too, but they were racist haters so it doesn’t count because shut up and Trump.

In that article, I explained the falsity of the Democrat/Socialist/Communist’s–D/S/C–racialist narrative.  By all means, take the link and see for yourself.  But for the moment, let’s examine the reality of the Michael Brown case, also from that February, 2019 article:

The Social Justice Martyrdom Narrative:  Michael Brown, a ‘gentle giant,’ was stopped for no reason by a huge, racist, brute of a white cop, who screamed obscenities at him and his friend.  The racist cop murdered Brown in cold blood while his hands were up in surrender as he was pleading, “don’t shoot.”  Some versions of the narrative have Brown on his knees at the time, as the racist cop brutally executed him.

Michael Brown
credit: the political insider.com

The Facts:  Brown, 6’4”, nearly 300 pounds, a recent high school graduate, was a shiftless, unemployed drug user who smoked pot daily, first thing in the morning and throughout the day.  At the time of his death, he too [like Trayvon Martin] had THC in his bloodstream. His social media presence, like Martin’s, featured obscene gestures, thug themes, and drug use.

After hooking up with his daily pot smoking friend, he went to a local convenience store, where he stole a handful of cheap cigars to make blunts—his apparently preferred method of pot use—and roughed up the much smaller clerk.  In so doing, he committed robbery–a felony.

Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson was in the area on another call, and chanced upon Brown and his friend, walking down the middle of a busy street.  They matched the description of the robbers.  Even without that information, Wilson had more than enough probable cause to stop them for violating traffic laws.

Wilson, without getting out of his vehicle, asked them to walk on the sidewalk.  Brown obscenely refused, and Wilson parked.  As he was getting out of his vehicle, Brown slammed shut the door and reaching and leaning through the open window, began punching Wilson, who, trapped behind the steering wheel, could not effectively defend himself.  When Brown tried to pull Wilson’s handgun from its holster, Wilson wrestled it away from him and in the struggle, a single shot was fired that grazed Brown’s hand.

Brown and his friend retreated, but Brown quickly turned around, and made a head down, berserker charge at Wilson.  Wilson repeatedly ordered Brown to stop as he briefly retreated and through the charge, but fearing for his life—Brown was enormously strong and overpowered Wilson—fired multiple shots, finally stopping Brown, essentially at his feet.

Multiple witnesses came forward to claim Wilson murdered Brown, but all were proved to be liars, and particularly bad liars.   Many eventually admitted they didn’t see the event at all.  One claimed to have a relative in the FBI and tried to destroy the agent’s tape recorder. Fortunately, honest witnesses, all Black, also came forward.

The local prosecutor convened a grand jury and presented all the evidence, including lying witnesses.  The grand jury declined to prosecute, and the prosecutor released all the information involved.  The Obama DOJ opened criminal and civil rights investigations, but admitted there was no evidence of a crime or of civil right violations—Wilson, doing his duty, acted in self-defense–and dropped their investigations.  They clearly wanted to figuratively hang Wilson, but the evidence was so clear and powerful, they had to retreat.  In a bizarre and ironic coda, members of Brown’s family got into a street fight over the hawking of Michael Brown themed T-shirts and other merchandise.

Unlike Sanford, Black residents of Ferguson, and outside race baiters, rioted, burned and destroyed, leaving property values in Ferguson to this day, virtually worthless.  They all but destroyed their own poor community, making their lives immeasurably worse.

 I concluded, in part, with this:

 The racist social justice narratives were, and are, lies. In both cases, the evidence did not remotely support the SJ narrative, but did exonerate Zimmerman and Wilson.  It was not close in either case, and even the racialist Obama DOJ, which would have loved to prosecute Zimmerman and Wilson, had to admit it. The DOJ sent a little-known cadre of race baiters to keep the pot stirred in Sanford and Ferguson.  With the acquittal of Zimmerman, their efforts ended in Sanford, but if stirring up hatred, violence, arson and destruction counts, they were successful in Ferguson.

But forevermore, willingly aided by the socialist Media, Martin and Brown will be innocents viciously murdered by racists because they were Black. And wearing a hoodie.  And carrying Skittles. The truth doesn’t matter.  Evidence doesn’t matter.  Race baiters—the Left—know that if Black Americans one day realize America is the freest, most multi-cultural and accepting nation on Earth, a nation with limitless opportunities for all, a nation where white people, with very few exceptions, bear them no ill will, and are even glad for their successes, the Democrat Party would never again win a presidential election, and race baiters would have to get honest jobs.

The party of slavery, the party of segregation, the party that turned police dogs and fire hoses on innocent Black men and women, that used dynamite to blow up Black churches and murder little girls, the party that actually lynched Black people, the party that viciously resisted the Civil Rights Movement and civil rights laws, continues to draw some 90% of Black votes.

Surprisingly, President Trump broke through that previously impregnable Black voting wall, and every indication is he’ll do even better in 2020.

The Martin and Brown cases were arguably the beginning of contemporary race tension.  When Black Americans, particularly, decide to take yes for an answer, when they decide white Americans long ago adopted Martin Luther King’s admonition to judge them on the content of their character, racial strife will, almost entirely, end.  Unfortunately, it is to the benefit of socialists to ensure it doesn’t.  A great many socialists were blatantly, publicly disappointed Jussie Smollett perpetuated a racist hate crime hoax.   They wanted white supremacists in MAGA hats to have attacked him.  They wanted America to be full of racists. They wanted their narratives to be true, because if they aren’t, they’re going to lose votes, power and fortunes.  Their entire social justice mythos will crumble around them.

Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, young wannabe thugs no one should admire or emulate, will always comprise much of their false and hateful argument for racism that isn’t there.  When their martyrdom ends, so may racism.

Like so much of what the Democrat/Socialist/Communist candidates for President have to say, the Martin and Brown narratives are blatant, easily provable, lies.  One doesn’t build equality and peace on that kind of foundation.