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UPDATE, 08-11-19, 1230 CST:  Submitted for your approval, gentle readers, a few thoughts:

credit: darlene enbocek.com

Q: Why did Epstein get such a sweetheart deal to begin with?  He didn’t even have to register as a sex offender.

A: He was rich and connected, but that, alone wouldn’t be enough.  Alex Acosta, the Trump labor secretary who resigned over the Epstein scandal, and the prosecutor who gave Epstein such a great deal, may, like many Leftists, have been prone to think criminals, particularly sex criminals, victims of a cruel and unenlightened society, but that too wouldn’t be enough.

What’s most likely is Acosta represented a great many powerful men–perhaps even some women–who had everything to lose.  Many, perhaps most, were of the same political philosophy, which would have, by itself, been powerful motivation to go easy on Epstein, but even that would not have been enough.

Q: What would have been enough?

A: Epstein ran in wealthy and political powerful circles, and there is substantial evidence not all of his wealth was accumulated ethically, perhaps not even lawfully.  This means Epstein survived by being smart, feral, street smart.  One must assume he took steps to document the failings of those who traveled on the Lolita Express and partook of the pleasures of his private sex island.  Almost certainly, he would have secretly recorded video of his “friends,” and their dalliances.  No one in his position could have trusted anyone not to have a conscience, no matter how small, or to attack him if it was politically useful.  He had to have insurance.

Keep in mind, gentle readers, I have no direct evidence of this. I’m merely speculating based on what I know of human nature, more specifically, criminal nature.

If Epstein had such evidence, he would have taken steps to safeguard it, extensive and redundant steps.  There would be more than one copy–much more than one copy, and all would be secreted in such a way that no one could hope to get it all.

When he was caught the first time, all it would have taken was whispering in a few carefully placed ears.  He need not tell everyone he had on tape.  Certainly, it would be smart not to do that.  Let them all sweat, and that alone would cause them to do whatever they could to keep him out of jail, and to keep him in the underage sex business. No matter how smart Epstein was, that was always his greatest weakness, the compulsion that drove him over the edge, which is why he needed the kind of “insurance” the FBI thought it had against Donald Trump.

Q: So what about Trump?

A: That’s where the insurance failed.  Trump never partook of the pleasures Epstein offered.  In fact, he kicked him out of his club when Epstein stepped over the line years ago.  There have already been attempts to link Trump to Epstein; all have failed.

Q: But that doesn’t mean there isn’t some evidence against Trump that just hasn’t been found yet, right?

A:  Correct, but that’s highly unlikely because Under Trump, with Bill Barr as AG, Epstein’s insurance finally ran out.  Trump could be certain there was no evidence against him, and Barr is apparently among the rarest of the rare in Washington: an honest man whose loyalty is to the Constitution and rule of law.  Barr could pursue Epstein, more than willing to let the chips fall where they may, and Trump surely agreed.  This doesn’t mean the deep state and Democrats won’t try to lie about things–that’s what they do–but nothing is going to stick, because, just like the Russia hoax, it will have to be a hoax.

Q: But why kill Epstein now?

A:  He was facing life in prison, not to mention the seizure of every asset ever involved in his virtually unlimited crimes.  Those with everything to lose surely knew Epstein was ready to talk–there may already have been a deal on the table–and they must have known, or at least believed, he had the evidence–not just he said/he/she said individual testimony–that would destroy them.

Q: How would anyone know about such things? Isn’t that kind of thing kept secret?

A: You’re joking, right?  You think the FBI and Justice Department, or corrupt prison officials, aren’t leaking such things for the benefit of the politically connected?

Q: But if Epstein had evidence they couldn’t get to and destroy, why kill him?

A: Panic.  These are people used to getting their way, used to thinking themselves above the law, because until now, they have been above the law.  They probably thought that without Epstein, they might be able to weather any possible evidence storm.  Sure, it might damage their reputations, but they might not end up in jail; they might not lose their connections and corruptly amassed fortunes.  Besides, if they’re Democrats, they know the media and other Democrats will reflexively protect them and blame everything on Trump.

Final Thoughts:  Again, gentle readers, I may be entirely off base, but someone with Epstein’s compulsions doesn’t much care about public opinion.  He was incapable of shame.  If he could do a few years in a country club prison, his billions ensuring his safety, and resume his activities thereafter, he would have no reason, none at all, to kill himself.  All he’d need to do would be to flee the US to somewhere with no extradition treaty, and rape little girls to his heart’s content, protected by corrupt officials only too willing to look the other way.  Billions mean Epstein didn’t have to worry about the social consequences of conviction.  A man like him would have been convinced there was a way out.  He would have been inconvenienced for a time, sure, but he’d come out on the other side able to carry on as always.

If I’m right, and if there is evidence out there that can’t be ignored, we can be certain Epstein took measures to see that it was properly disseminated if anything happened to him.  He had to know innumerable desperate, powerful people would want him dead, and if they killed him, why would he do anything to protect them? People like him aren’t the forgiving kind.

Posthumously courtesy of Jeffrey Epstein, a great many of the self-imagined elite might soon find themselves living in interesting times, very interesting times indeed.

Pass the popcorn.