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These articles write themselves.  Stupid is abroad in the land.  My greatest difficulty is choosing between the mere daily stupidity and the national and world class stupidity.  We begin with a protector of Hillary Clinton, via Fox News:

credit: thenewrepublic

Jennifer Palmieri wants to spare her former boss the misery she would encounter in another presidential run… Palmieri served as communications director for former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election. During an interview on Thursday, Palmieri said she ‘loved’ Clinton too much to let her make another run at the Oval Office.

‘If Hillary Clinton ran for office again, I would do an ankle dive at the door to not allow her to do it because I love her too much,’ she said.Palmieri indicated that Clinton’s presidential bid showed politics was ‘all broken,’ claiming that it was difficult for her to run as a woman. ‘I wanted her to be the first woman president, but she’s going to be the woman who showed us that it’s all broken,’ Palmieri said.

I’m not sure which is most pathetic:Palmieri’s love for Clinton, the image of her “ankle diving” to save Clinton from what she wants most in life, or the idea that politics are “all broken” because Hillary Clinton was a horrible person and worse candidate.  And as Fox News reports, yes; this is CNN:

This is CNN? A photo editor for the struggling network resigned on Thursday night after vile, anti-Semitic statements that he tweeted prior to landing a gig at CNN resurfaced.

The now-former CNN employee, identified as Mohammed Elshamy, referred to victims killed in a terror attack as ‘Jewish pigs’ on at least one occasion that was unearthed by political strategist Arthur Schwartz.

“Mohammed.”  Hmmm.

Who would have ever suspected someone with that name to hate Jews?  Certainly not CNN.  And speaking of a CNN darling, lets see what Gerald Nadler is up to, courtesy of Fox News:

Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee said Friday they are proceeding with what they called an ‘impeachment investigation,’ as they insisted former Special Counsel Robert Mueller delivered damning testimony against President Trump in this week’s hearing despite concerns from many on the left that his appearance was faltering and broke little new ground.

In case you need a reminder of the substance and result of Mueller’s appearance, gentle readers:

Perhaps it’s a good idea to remember that Leftists are seeded into every facet of our society, as Fox, once again, reports:

An aide has been fired after President Trump took the stage at a Turning Point USAevent earlier this week in front of a doctored presidential seal that featured pro-Russianimagery and said ‘45 is a puppet.

The image was up for about 80 seconds before it was discovered.  The aide has been fired, and President Trump apparently never saw it.

The altered presidential seal read ‘45 es un titere,’ which translated from Spanish means ‘45 is a puppet.’ The authentic seal sports the Latin phrase ‘e pluribus unum,’ the U.S. motto meaning ‘out of many, one. 

And in insane “blame Trump” news:

According to CBS Baltimore, local police are investigating a break-in at the home of Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., which was reportedly broken into early Saturday morning.

Predictably, Twitchy and others reported that insane leftists are already blaming President Trump, who issued tweets critical of Cummings on Saturday.  Apparently, the low-information left actually think Trump is responsible for the reported crime. There’s only one problem, as CBS Baltimore reported:  The burglary took place ‘several hours before President Donald Trump tweeted criticizing Cummings and his district including Baltimore.

Yeah, well, it’s still his fault because TRUMP!  And speaking of Trump, did you know there is yet another Trump/Russia connection?  Fox again:

The Washington Post Magazine was ridiculed for publishing an online story Tuesday that ties President Trump to Russia because he enjoys hamburgers, which were sometimes served in the Soviet Union nearly a century ago.

Former Press Secretary Sean Spicer famously joked in 2017 that the media would find a ‘Russian connection’ if Trump put Russian dressing on his salad. Two years later, the Post took Spicer’s theory a step further with an article headlined, ‘Even one of Trump’s favorite foods has a hidden Russia connection.

The piece, written by journalist and cookbook author Deena Prichep, claims that hamburgers were once ‘embraced by the hammer and sickle’ because they were served in the Soviet Union. The article has been slammed on social media and many readers initially thought it was a joke.

A joke?  No, no, no!  The Washington Post is very serious about such things, which says pretty much all one need know about their journalistic integrity.

This one pretty much says it all: did you know men, despite lacking the plumbing, can have periods?  One assumes they get pretty cranky around that time of the month too:

The good folks at PowerLine tell us it has recently been discovered that Dr. Seuss is–wait for it–RACIST!

The New York Times “Style” section has an advice column called “Social Qs” that I never read (the wedding announcements—or what Charles Murray calls the “mergers and acquisitions” page—is usually all the Times comedy I can take), but an alert reader pointed me to one of yesterday’s questions and answers, which is destined to be a classic:

Did Dr. Seuss Lie to Our Kids?

My 12-year-old daughter had a sticker on her water bottle with a quote from Dr. Seuss: “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” A classmate told her the sticker was racist because many people can’t choose what they want to do because of structural racism. My daughter peeled off the sticker and threw it away. When she told me about it, I was at a loss. I believe structural racism is real and pernicious, but I also think we should teach children that they have agency. And my daughter and I like the sticker’s message. Help!

Answer: Twelve-year-olds are not famous for nuance.

 Amazingly, The New York Times actually wrote an accurate headline about something President Trump said, as Powerline Reports:

So the New York Times did what newspapers are supposed to do and used to do: Report the news in a straightforward and neutral fashion. Hence the Times lead headline about Trump’s speech yesterday:

Leftists went wild over the NYT’s inadvertent truth telling. Go here to the Daily Caller for a sampling of the angst produced by the NYT’s betrayal of socialist sensibilities.  Here’s the official Democrat Party spokesperson’s contribution (can’t have a Too Stupid article without her):

The Gray Lady quickly corrected it’s mistake of accuracy, sheepishly saying they only did it in the print first edition, not anywhere else:

And the media wonders why it’s about as popular rat droppings.

 Too stupid to survive.