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TX Gov. Greg Abbott

The usual anti-liberty cractivists–hereinafter “ALCs”–are in full demagogic cry following the August 3-4 attacks at a WalMart in El Paso, TX and outside a bar in Dayton, OH.  South Bend, Indiana Mayor and Democrat Candidate Pete–I should be elected because I’m gay–Buttigieg is among them, as Fox News reports:

Mayor Pete takin’ it to the street…

This is terrorism and we have to name it as such,’ Buttigieg said, specifically calling it ‘white nationalist terrorism’ in a conversation with host Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday.”

‘We need to acknowledge that this is a problem.’ Buttigieg said, claiming that white nationalism has been ‘condoned at the highest levels’ in Washington.

‘Right now you see it being echoed by the White House and there is a measure of responsibility that you just can’t get away from,’ he said.

Sorry; not seeing white nationalism here…

Of course.  Everything is President Trump’s fault, and since “racist” isn’t working anymore, the socialist/communist left has adopted “white supremacist” and “white nationalist.”  There is no evidence that Mr. Trump ascribes to such odious ideologies, quite the opposite, but when one has nothing else to contribute…  I’ll address the issue of “terrorism” shortly.

The NRA no longer speaks for gun owners, it speaks for gun corporations,’ he said.

The Democratic candidate stopped short of calling for repealing the Second Amendment, but indicated that it should not be used so broadly as to prevent the government from protecting Americans.

Of course the NRA, which is America’s foremost gun safety organization, and which defends a fundamental, unalienable right against ALCs like Buttigieg, must also be responsible. The government’s role in “protecting Americans” is best summed up by President Ronald Reagan, who said:

The most horrifying words in the English language are: ‘I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.

We know, as is common with such things, relatively little as this is being written.  First, El Paso:

A gunman killed 20 people and injured 26 others Saturday after he opened fire at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, state and city officials said.

‘Texas grieves with the people of El Paso today,’ said Gov. Greg Abbott at an evening news conference following one of the deadliest mass shootings in America. The casualties were the highest number since 2017, when gunmen killed 58 and 26 people, respectively, in Las Vegas and Sutherland Springs, Texas. [skip]

Chief Allen said investigators were examining a manifesto that may have been written by the suspect and would indicate a ‘nexus to a hate crime,’ but declined to offer details. The suspect will likely face capital murder charges, Allen said.

We know that the police arrived six minutes after the initial call was received, which means the shooter, who began shooting outside the store and continued inside, must have been shooting for some minutes prior to that first call.  The suspect used what appears to have been an AK pattern rifle, doubtless semiautomatic, and wore earmuff-type hearing protectors.  He “surrendered” to police and was apparently uninjured.  There are some reports that suggest the shopping mall in which the WalMart was located is a “gun free zone,” but we don’t know if the WalMart was posted to prevent concealed carry.  Most Texas WalMart stores are not.  There is no current evidence anyone there was armed or opposed the shooter.

The shooter was apparently a 21-year old, who graduated from high school in Plano, TX in 2017.  Plano is in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex–North Texas.  His connection, if any, to El Paso is currently unknown. Despite the supposed “hate crime nexus,” no motive is known, perhaps not knowable.  His identity is known, but SMM generally does not post the names of such vermin.

Texas is a death penalty state that actually executes murderers.

Fox News also reports on Dayton:

Nine people were killed and dozens were hurt when a suspect wearing body armor opened fire outside a bar in DaytonOhio, early Sunday before responding officers shot the armed assailant to death less than a minute into the rampage, according to officials. [skip]

The Dayton Police Department said on Twitter the incident unfolded at 1 a.m. in the city’s Oregon District near downtown, but officers were nearby and ‘were able to respond and put an end to it quickly.

We know that the shooting took place outside the bar in the early morning hours, and the suspect used a .223 caliber rifle, which suggests it may have been an AR-pattern firearm.  As this is written, 9 are known to have been killed, and 27 injured. The suspect was stopped in less than a minute from the first shot because multiple police officers happened to be nearby, heard the shots, ran to the scene and immediately shot and killed him, despite his body armor, which was most likely only a bullet resistant vest.

The shooter is a 24-year old, apparently a local resident. His sister was among those he killed,  which may or may not provide a motive.

It is likely the bar was a gun free zone.  The shooting took place in front of the bar, but the shooter surely was aware it was unlikely anyone there was armed.  There is no known evidence anyone opposed the shooter.  His body armor might suggest he intended to survive the attack, at least long enough to do some damage.

Ohio is a death penalty state, but the implementation of the death penalty has been suspended as state officials look for a nice way to execute murderers.

We have to do something!  When will we realize enough is enough?!

What can we do?  Brian Cates, in the aftermath of these shootings, has several social media posts that align with what I’ve been writing for years:


The shootings we see in America, despite the wisdom of Gay Mayor Pete, are virtually never terrorist acts.  9-11 was a terrorist attack.  Ft. Hood was a terrorist attack.  The Oklahoma City Bombing was, arguably, a terrorist attack.  The rest, as Cates suggests, are almost exclusively the work of sociopaths, the insane, and/or nihilists seeking lasting infamy.  Cates also suggests it’s foolish to believe any social media manifesto such people post because they, particularly those that intend to survive, are doing it merely to watch the fun as the media and society in general attack each other.  These are people who hate everyone and delight in causing chaos.  Competent investigators always keep such possibilities in mind.

Such people act out of insanity, or simply because they’re deranged weaklings who want to hurt others particularly, and society in general, and see their names in lights.  They do it because they like it.  They have no political goals.  They seek no societal changes, they just want to set off the bomb and watch the chaos they’ve caused.  And there are always the purely evil, who destroy for the sake of destruction.

Such people cannot be deterred or stopped, except by good people, on the scene, with the means to stop them.  The El Paso attack followed the usual progression.  From the first shot, it takes time for anyone to understand what’s happening and to call the police.  It takes time for the police to understand and arrive, and time for them to find and engage the shooter.  If there are no good guys with guns present, a great many people are going to be wounded or killed until the shooter kills himself, decides he’s killed enough and leaves, or is stopped by the police.  The Dayton attack was unusual in that the police were actually close enough to quickly end the attack.  This is rare; the police seldom have a role in stopping such attackers.  If armed people had been present, the toll of wounded and dead could have been much lower.  All injuries might have been prevented.

What of laws?  What law can we pass to prevent such crimes? Keep in mind, gentle readers, everything the shooters did was already illegal, in fact, both of them committed multiple capital crimes.  What’s left: a double secret murder statute?  Undeterred by the death penalty, they committed multiple murders.  Will violation of a background check matter to such people?  What would conviction on any crime less than homicide matter? Even if ALCs could ban all guns and impose the death penalty for gun ownership–don’t doubt they’d love to do just that; it’s the one exception to the death penalty they’d likely embrace–it would have had no effect, nor would it have stopped any mass killer in American history.  All committed multiple capital crimes, and most intended to die in the attempt.  Put them on death row twice while weak-kneed politicians try to figure out nice ways to execute them more than once?

All criminal laws have only potential deterrent effect.  All criminal laws offer only the possibility of punishment if the criminal is detected and if a legal case can be built that will prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.  There can be no doubt the law does deter criminals, but we can never know just how effective such laws can be.

How about universal background checks?  All such laws would do is inconvenience the law-abiding, who threaten no one.  No such law would have prevented any of the known attacks of the past, and I’m certain the same will be true of the El Paso and Dayton attacks.

“Assault weapon” bans? The most deadly mass shootings in American history involving firearms were accomplished with handguns.  The most deadly mass attacks in American history were accomplished by means of explosives, not by any means exclusively military or even commercial grade explosives.  Very effective explosives can be made with common household and agricultural chemicals.

“High capacity magazine” bans?  Magazines can be changed in a second or two.  Banning them would make no actual difference, and would instead endanger the law abiding facing multiple assailants.  We shouldn’t make life easier for criminals for the sake of virtue signaling.

The ten-year Clinton “assault weapon” and “high capacity magazine” ban was allowed to sunset because it accomplished absolutely nothing for public safety.  Even ALCs were forced to admit it.

The most important point is that criminals don’t obey the law.  Who, planning to murder as many people as possible, particularly if they’re planning to die too, will be deterred because they might face an additional 10 years in prison for a gun, magazine or background check violation?

Some, usually the same people claiming President Trump is creating a “climate” that is causing attacks, claim we have to change “the culture.”  Which culture, pray tell, might this be?  Who among us, other than criminals, the insane or Islamist terrorists actually thinks mass murder a good thing?  ALCs want political power because they think they can, through the use of laws and coercive power, perfect those that don’t accept their enlightened brilliance. This too is a fool’s errand. Peace and harmony has never been mankind’s default state.  It never will be.

What can we do?  Abolish gun free zones.  Institute nationwide constitutional carry.  When killers understand they will face multiple armed and capable citizens wherever they choose to attack, there will be far fewer attacks.  Evil exists.  It always will.  We do not combat evil by disarming and threatening the good, and those who advocate it, do not have the welfare of mankind at heart.