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How dare you punish criminals?!  And you’re all racists and climate criminals too!

The second second Democrat debate of the 2020 election cycle was dull, deadly dull.  Those that suffered through it saw one of the most common scenes of the wild playing out on the stage of the Fox–there’s irony–Theater in Detroit: the elderly, failing alpha wolf, attacked by the pack.

As with the first second debate, it’s absolutely clear there is no longer any such thing as a Democrat “moderate,” and the very possibility of a Democrat loyal to America, already a remote proposition, is fast fading into the the past. The heirs apparent are Communists, the remainder, various stripes of Socialist, all heavily leaning toward Communism.

This second round of debate/debacles also made clear how utterly colorless, how completely lacking in charisma, every single Democrat candidate is.  These are small, inconsequential people.  Donald Trump has always been skillful at using the media and connecting with others. His time in office has only sharpened and heightened those skills.  No one in the Democrat field can hope to equal him.  These are angry, disturbed people, and they have not a single kind thought for the Americans they seek to rule–not represent, never represent.

About the first 40 minutes of the event were a free for all on health care, with every lunatic plan one might imagine–Medicare for all, free everything for illegal immigrants–bandied about.  Add in the idea of a guaranteed income, free this and free that, and any Democrat administration imaginable is promising to utterly bankrupt America, and much of the world with it, in very short order.  They don’t want to retain Obamacare; they’re above that, beyond it.

Obviously smarting from their failure to so much as mention Russia/Mueller/Collusion, in the first/second debate, the CNN moderators raised the issue, but it quickly fizzled.  Don Lemon continued to ask questions that assume President Trump is a horrible racist, and anyone supporting him is worse.  The candidates continued the theme of the first/second debate: America is a horrible racist country filled with horrible racists, and they are the only people who can sufficiently suppress or eliminate the deplorables.

They hit on all the Democrat insanities of this cycle, but after the health care discussion, the lunatic idea that received the most emphasis was climate change, which they all see as the most deadly existential threat facing America and the world.  Unless we spend the world into bankruptcy and return human civilization to a pre-industrial state–not them of course, they’ll still need their limos and private jets to save us all–we have, at most, 12 years left.

Also interesting is how much the contenders attacked Barack Obama and what remains of his socialist legacy.  One would almost think their messiah is–gasp!–no longer their deity, but of course, this is politics, and no one is better at throwing previously revered figures under the campaign bus than Democrats.  Obamacare has been replaced by Medicare for all, so perhaps Obama is no longer useful.

On to the contenders:

Gropin’ Joe Biden:  Biden was more awake and practiced this time, but he still looks every day of his 76 years.  His attempts to be folksy and reasonable failed, and he looked tired and frustrated, though he was better at fending off the constant attacks of the ankle biters surrounding him.  By that measure alone–he didn’t fall completely apart–he was arguably the winner, though of course, Donald Trump was the ultimate winner.  Perhaps second is his media team.  These debates are providing gold for campaign ads, making their jobs easier.  Biden spent most of the night assuring everyone his will be a third Obama term. He’s not overtly for open borders–he tried to present a “reasonable” front–but he’s an old-style Democrat who hides the depth of his socialist insanity, exposing it only after he’s safely elected.  He constantly raised/praised Obama, who has declined to support him, but this caught up to him too. His delivery was often halting and confused, and he actually interrupted himself several times.  At the end of his closing statement, he urged the public to “go to Joe 30330”–he was trying to tell people to text that number which apparently doesn’t exist–and warned everyone about eight more years of Trump.  One could only hope…

Cory Booker:  What an angry, nasty piece of work he is.  A reflexive race baiter, I finally hit on why he looks so mean: he’s constantly frowning–glaring–and exposing his teeth, and not in the manner of smiling, it’s much more feral.  He looks like the kind of guy who is always a second from attacking everyone near him, the mean drunk no one in the bar wants to provoke by so much as looking at him the wrong way.  Booker warned about Democrats attacking each other, and then repeatedly attacked Biden, at one point scoring heavily when he told Biden he couldn’t invoke Obama when it was convenient, but ignore him when it wasn’t.  Booker really enjoyed that, one of the few times he smiled–smirked really–and poor Joe looked sad and lost.  Booker won’t get the nomination, but he’ll be around to hector others, and raise his public, anti-American profile for awhile. Speaking of hectoring, the audience actually heckled him, which was well deserved.

Kamala Harris:  Also a nasty piece of work.  A smile might crack her face and reveal the real Kamala underneath. After the second first debate, various pundits all but had her in the White House.  This time, she was attacked, had no response, and did herself no favors. She suffered from her constant flip-flopping on health care, something Biden easily used against her, and despite having considerable talking time, provided nothing about the costs of her plan–whatever it might be today–because she also provided no specifics. She was certain, as were the rest, that any criticism of their fairy dust and unicorn policies amounts to Republican talking points.  “We must have and adopt a new green deal.”  She won’t get the nomination, but she too will be around for awhile.  Roger Kimball has some pertinent thoughts:

The ‘wealthy’ — really anyone who is not a ward of the state — was one common enemy of the millionaires on the stage tonight. Two other enemies: insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies. Why? Because they turn a profit — a least the ones that are still in business do. ‘Profit’ was one of the evening’s dirty words. Those evil insurance companies, according to Kamala Harris, earn their profits ‘on the backs’ of the people they serve. Can you believe it? She seemed outraged that an insurance company actually had to charge people premiums and that pharmaceutical companies, having invested tens of millions of dollars in researching and testing a drug, declined to give their products away. Amazing.

Thank goodness the Dems are fighting against such outrages!

Tulsi Gabbard:  She absolutely nailed Harris by attacking her work as California’s Attorney General, an attack that left Harris essentially speechless:

Gabbard told Harris: ‘When you were in a position to make a difference and an impact in these people’s lives, you did not and worse yet in the case of those who are on death row, you blocked evidence from being revealed that would have freed them until you were forced to do so.’

‘There’s no excuse for that and the people who suffered under your reign as prosecutor, you owe them an apology,’ Gabbard added.

Her theme, repeated by others in general and to attack Biden, is anyone daring to enforce the law, is somehow un-American, and must apologize to the vicious criminals they thus abused by holding them accountable for their crimes. This has become a Democrat article of faith, criminals being a major Democrat constituency, and many feckless Republicans are also adopting this deadly stance.  She’s also going to bring all our troops home, which, if memory serves, Mr. Trump is already doing.  She’s attractive, reasonably well spoken, and actually seems to have some semblance of humanity, which means she doesn’t have a chance in hell of getting the nomination.

Julian Castro:  Look in the dictionary under “racist” and you’ll see his photo.  He too is an unsmiling, angry, nasty piece of work.  He whined “open borders is a right wing talking point.”  Did you know, gentle readers, this is a terrible economy? Coincidently on the very day of the debate, The Wall Street Journal reported 99% of Americans have seen their wages increase in this terrible economy.  Democrats routinely assert that the economy isn’t working for everyone (what economy every has or will?), but Castro goes the extra, lunatic mile.  Simultaneously, Barack Obama is largely responsible for the success of the economy, which is terrible.  He is, of course, for open borders, but he wants a “20thcentury Marshall Plan,” which means pouring billions into Central America, which will solve our border problems and stop family separations.  He is for decriminalizing all immigration crimes, but he’s not abandoning our sovereignty, no sir.  He’s going to make all the crimes civil matters.  He is a perfect example of the modern Democrat/Socialist/Communist, but he is not going to be the nominee, though I’m sure President Trump would love to run against him.

Bill De Blasio:  It’s obvious why the NYPD hates the guy so much.  He’s an out and out Communist/anti-white racist/America hater without any of the prickly charm of the rest of the pack. He too attacked Biden on Obama’s deportations, leaving Biden to weakly respond that he really didn’t have any power and Obama tried to fix immigration.  There’s no evidence of that, but what the hell?  It’s an article of faith among the D/S/C Party that nothing is more evil than the rich and particularly, corporations.  Accordingly, he made several promises threats, among them: “We will tax the hell out of the wealthy to make this a fairer country.” He, of course, means he’ll tax the hell out of the middle class; he, and many on that stage, are “the wealthy.”  For a particularly lucid exposition of the wisdom of taxing the hell out of the rich–and everyone else–visit this classic Bill Whittle video.  De Blasio too was heckled, and he richly deserved it.  What a terrible human being.  He won’t get the nomination, though Mr. Trump would love taking him on, particularly since De Blasio recently proclaimed Trump unwelcome in NYC when his term in office ends.

Andrew Yang:  Uh…  He seems a decent, earnest fellow, but his ideas are earnestly loony.  He’s going to give everyone $1000 a month, for free! From where will that money come? From all the savings his policies will create.  This is in the AOC “just pay for it” class of economics, but we need to do it because it will solve virtually all of our economic problems, particularly “the devastation of automation.”  Right. Why didn’t I think of that?  He’s also going to pay people to stay out of jail.  Why didn’t I think of that too?  I should be due millions in back pay for staying out of jail all these years.  His climate change solution? Actually, it’s already too late, so he wants us to “move to higher ground.”

Kirsten Gillibrand:  She’s desperately treading water.  This time she didn’t constant interrupt and played reasonably well with the others, but she’s constantly trying to be all things to all people, which means she can’t possibly be leftist enough for this election cycle.  She tried to attack Biden over an ancient supposed stance against women, but that blew up in her face in one of his few effective zingers of the evening.  In her closing she presented herself as a Communist with bold ideas, and simultaneously a pragmatic socialist.  Right.  She won’t be missed.

Michael Bennett:  He actually smiled, and was certainly earnest. He desperately tried to be the voice of middle of the road–socialist–sanity, but that’s the position Gropin’ Joe claims.  Bennett doesn’t have a chance.

Jay Inslee: Whodat?  “We can no longer allow a white supremacist to be in the White House.” Bye Jay.  Don’t let the screen door whack you in the ass on the way out.

Final Thoughts:  The putative Democrats have universally proclaimed President Trump an existential threat, a lawless president who is shredding the Constitution, and destroying America.  He’s absolute not who Americans are.  We’re better than than that.  Simultaneously, every policy they embrace, to the extent any of them make the slightest bit of sense, would eviscerate the Constitution, obliterate the rule of law, abandon national sovereignty, bankrupt the nation and reduce America and Americans to third world squalor.

More and more, 2020 is a choice between American constitutionalism–individual liberty, government for, of and by the people–and Socialist/Communist despotism.

For the moment, the D/S/C choice is between Gropin’ Joe Biden, who promises a third Obama term occupying an even more socialist path than that trod by Obama, and Fauxcohontas, Elizabeth Warren, an angry, pitiless zealot who will force feed us Communism.  She won’t hesitate to use the power of the state against anyone that so much as disagrees with her.

Democrats have a real problem.  Socialist Democrats–virtually all of them–will support who or whatever the party nominates.  However, If the nominee isn’t Warren or Sanders, a substantial portion of the Democrat lunatic Communist, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, revolutionary base very well may not support Biden who they will surely see as insufficiently revolutionary. Would they sacrifice a chance to take the White House to retain revolutionary purity?  Rational people wouldn’t; they might.  The upshot is it’s likely only the most Communist candidate can possibly win the Democrat nomination this cycle.  Since the DNC is purging its ranks of people who might conceivably be at least marginally rational, this is more likely than ever.

The most horrifying thought is is: one of them could win.