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President Trump’s campaign commercials are writing and filming themselves.

I failed you, gentle readers.  I just couldn’t watch the whole thing. Fortunately, I didn’t need to watch the whole thing to get the essential message of the Democrat candidates: America is a terrible country full of racist terrible people, and every facet of American life is infected with the legacy of racism.

Rational people would not think this the kind of inspiring rhetoric that would cause Normal Americans to vote for Democrats.  Democrats don’t care.  They no longer so much as pretend to care about half the country, obviously thinking them deplorable and irredeemable, fit only to be ruled with as much force as required.

The “debate” was held in Detroit, which is actually doing much better economically under President Trump, but of course, Trump can be given no credit for anything, and Democrats are still in control of the city to limit the success of anything Mr. Trump does for Detroit residents–those few that still live there.

Ultimately, a large part of the problem is there are virtually no congressional Democrats willing to actually work with President Trump. Their entire legislative program appears to be nothing more than opposing anything he’s for, so as to deny him a “win.”  Trump Derangement Syndrome, you know.

The candidates, and CNN moderators–Don Lemon is quite insane and race-obsessed, injecting racist assumptions into his questions–ignored the Mueller Report.  There was nothing on Russia! or Collusion!, although all were more or less unified in their desperation to unseat Donald Trump, and all were the best qualified to do just that, particularly Buttigieg, because he’s gay, you know.  The moderators were immediately and roundly attacked for failing to keep the Russia/Collusion narrative alive: 

CNN flounders now, they’ve no idea what the best anti-Trump message is, given the total meltdown of the Russia narrative, post-Mueller,’ a CNN employee told Fox News on the condition of anonymity. ‘My internal read is honestly that they’re in despair. They so believed in a Mueller smoking gun. I think they’re slowly realizing that Trump wins again, and they almost can’t fathom that outcome.’

Conservative strategist Chris Barron told Fox News that CNN’s decision not to ask about the Mueller probe ‘speaks volumes about how little political currency Mueller or the Russia hoax has even among Democratic partisans’ at this point.

‘It is fascinating that Mueller, who Democrats have spent two years making the centerpiece of their efforts to undermine the President, was conspicuously missing from last night’s debate,’ Barron said.

Remembering that these are the standard bearers of the contemporary Democrat Party,one must conclude that there is no such thing as a “moderate” Democrat, although that’s what the media would have us believe.  The only people that have a real shot at the nomination in this particular bunch–Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders–are full blown Communists.  Asked to sort of defend capitalism, Warren answered by explaining why she’s best qualified to destroy it.  The rest: various shades of Socialism.  The idea of “the loyal opposition” is dead.  The Democrat Party is an anti-America, American hating revolutionary party, determined to get power, and once seizing it by any means necessary, doing whatever is required to keep it–permanently.

Even MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, a to-the-death Trump enemy, is alarmed at the revolutionary fervor: 

Scarborough agreed that candidates who are also supporting free health care for illegal immigrants are not in line with most Americans’ views.

‘You come into the United States illegally and some people on the debate stage are saying you get health care for life, free health care for life, free education for life. I mean, free everything for life. I’m sorry, some people on Twitter may not like to hear this. That ain’t going to sell in Youngstown, Ohio, that ain’t going to sell in Macomb County, Michigan, and that ain’t going to sell in Wisconsin!’ he said.

When you’ve lost MSNBC… All of these people want to “fundamentally change” America.  Unlike Barack Obama, they are not hampered by the clinical narcissism that prevented him from going full Marxist, not that he didn’t make considerable progress in that regard.  These are true believers, people who think the march of Socialist/Communist progress inevitable, and they’re just the people to lead us into that bright, totalitarian future.

I’ll provide three primary examples from the debate that clearly illustrate the Socialist/Communist divide:

Health care:  they are all going to impose a government mandated single payer system.  The only debate was over whether they’d admit that–including abolishing all private insurance–up front.  The Communists are full-bore, in your face about what they intend. They’re going to destroy private insurance and make everyone a serf, and they don’t care how much it costs.  The socialists are still concerned about what the rubes think, and want to achieve the same result, but more gradually, and only after they gain power.

Immigration:  they all want open borders.  The debate was whether they’d admit that up front rather than achieving it more stealthily.  The Communists are now framing it as “de-criminalizing illegal entry,” while the Socialists at least give lip service to the idea of some sort of border control, but their argument is one of timing rather than intention.

Climate Change:  actually, there is virtually no difference between any of them on this issue.  All recognize it’s the best way to control the entire economy, so any differences are a matter of how best to lie to the deplorables.

On to impressions of the candidates:

Sanders (L), Hickenlooper (R)

Bernie Sanders:  Bernie was mad as hell and he isn’t going to take it anymore.  Wild eyed, raging angry, constantly shouting–the moderators had to tell him to tone it down–his usual wildly dramatic gestures even more wild and dramatic than usual, he projected an aura of “how dare anyone argue with/disobey me?”  He’s making no effort at all to conceal his Communist intentions.

Elizabeth Warren:  She and Bernie had more than twice as much talking time as the other candidates–CNN isn’t bothering to conceal their preferences. She is completely open borders, Medicare for all, and doesn’t care who knows it.  She claimed Democrats can’t win without “big ideas” like that, which according to here, only Republicans have, and when the Socialists actually suggested Democrats shouldn’t be seen as the Party trying to take things like private health insurance away from Americans she damned them for using “Republican talking points.”  Compared to the rest of the pack, she was the winner, though many leftist commentators thought Bernie won.  Actually, President Trump did, but you get my meaning.

NOTE: Semi-rational, lower level socialists argue trying to impose health care schemes that would bankrupt the country will lose the election. Communists argue the only thing that will lose the election is if they aren’t Communist enough.  They must act on “big ideas!”

Amy Klobuchar:  A non-entity, though she did stake out the “I’ll take away your guns” position for the night (of course, the rest were all for it too).  Dems definitely want to take away everyone’s guns, but she has no chance for the nomination.

Marianne Williamson: President Trump is a “dark psychic force,”  causing “emotional turbulence.”  She’s kind of endearing, and entertaining in a pot haze, loopy, granola munching kind of way.  She’s crazy Aunty Maryanne who has never really left the 60’s.  She’s nice and harmless, but you wouldn’t want to rely on her for anything of consequence.  She has no chance for the nomination.

Bernie, still mad as hell (L), Delaney (R)

John Delaney:  The former Maryland Representative tried to depict himself as socialist-lite, actually daring to say Bernie’s health care plans are as insane as they really are.  That didn’t work out well for him.  He came off as rational as any democrat is going to be in this election cycle, and more people know his name now, but no mere Socialist is going to get the nomination this time around.

Beto O’Rourke:  Who?  He looked lost, and striving to be as Communist as possible, was overshadowed by the Communist glow of Sanders and Warren.  His primary message: REPARATIONS!  AMEERICA IS COMPLETELY RACIST!  His weirdly disjointed gestures, not at all coordinated with what he is saying, continue to be as alarming as they are amusing.  He has no chance for the nomination, though he’s going to be on the debate stage for awhile longer.

Pete Buttegeig:  He’s the “elect me because I’m gay, and like every other Democrat mayor, I’m destroying my city” candidate.  In terms of actual presence and debating skill, he was perhaps best; he actually seemed the adult in the room, but again, that’s an adult in comparison with the rest of the Democrat nursery school.  His primary public service was in blatantly telling the world if elected, he intends to wipe away any and every part of the Constitution that would in any way hamper Democrats, or keep them from enacting their agenda.  He implied he wouldn’t bother with annoyances like an amendment process.  After all, if the Constitution is keeping America racist and terrible, why bother to use it in eliminating the Constitution?  The rest, not quite ready to be so unsubtle, have the same intentions, but Pete is going overt.  According to Pete, if a Christian does not fully support socialist policies, they’re not a real Christian like Pete, who is uniquely qualified to determine such things.  He did say “The racial divide lives within me,” so apparently he’s just confessed to being a racist.  Pete will not be the nominee.  He probably won’t be reelected Mayor of South Bend.  Being gay doesn’t seem to be solving that city’s problems.

Steve Bullock:  Montana’s Democrat governor, he hopped into the race late, apparently suffering from delusions of grandeur, or perhaps he thinks there is something the current crop aren’t saying, some election winning niche he can fill.  He’s wrong. He criticized loony socialist economics, but the race already has a socialist pretending to be a moderate in Gropin’ Joe Biden.  He did wear cowboy boots–have to show the rubes back home he’s one of them–but he will not be the nominee.

Tim Ryan: (D-Colin Kaepernick), he began by refusing to put his hand over his heart during the national anthem.  Obviously, CNN played it to help the Democrats pretend to be patriotic, but Ryan is above all that.  He played at being a moderate.  He will not be the nominee.

John Hickenlooper:  flat white wall paint.  He will not be the nominee.

Overall, an entirely predictable, distressing look at a future America that adopts all the worst aspects of every failed socialist state in history, which these revolutionaries see as “progress” and/or “moving America forward.”  I’ll add a follow up article after the Wednesday night Biden/Harris grudge match.