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Brown people racist against, uh, brown people?

Listen to Ayanna Pressley, gentle readers.  When it comes to racism, she knows whereof she speaks.  “People of color” are no longer allowed to be people of color unless they’re the right kind of people of color, with the right “voices.”  She “dont need” them.

I’ve often mentioned the absurdity of Black people not being allowed to merely be people who happen to be Black.  A Black doctor cannot be a doctor who happens to be black, he must be a Black doctor, someone for who the practice of medicine is secondary to the racial identity dictated by social justice warriors/race hustlers.  Now, according to the eternally lip flapping members of AOC”s “squad,” the same is true for Hispanics and Muslims, the latter taking on a much more sinister tone.

One can no longer be a teacher who happens to be Hispanic, or an American citizen who happens to be Hispanic, they must be a Squad approved Hispanic, first, last and always.  To our race do we pledge allegiance, second only to the Democrat/Socialist/Communist Party.  If one is Black or Hispanic, they must think and speak only as the D/S/C Party would have them think and speak–and vote–or they are not only not authentically Black and Hispanic people, they are surely racist too, and The Squad “don’t need” any of those.  Diversity is mandatory, except for Black and Hispanic people who don’t want to define themselves by race, and who might have an independent thought, then they’re racist haters.

But what of Muslims? That’s where Pressley becomes dangerous. Muslims are not confined to a single race, so they have a bit of a problem.  Obviously, they must pledge fidelity to the D/S/C Party above all, but what comes next? Their race?  Their religion?

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Even if Pressley doesn’t understand it, the Muslim members of The Squad do.  Islam is not a religion but a totalitarian, political philosophy/system with religious trappings. It is not a religion of peace, but an ideology of brutality, terrorism, torture, rape, genocide and conquest.  Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar are ardent supporters of Islamist/terrorist organizations, so one might reasonably think their “voices” Islamist. Pressley don’t need Muslim voices that seek only to live in peace with their neighbors of all races and faiths, no. They don’t need plumbers and Dentists who happen to be Muslim.  Pressley and The Squad need Islamists and they absolutely don’t need Jews and Israel.

What’s that?  I’m leaving out queers?  Believe it or not, there are plenty of “queer” people that happen to be queer. Being queer is not all they think about or talk about.  The situation in which Pressley places them is somewhat like that of Muslims, except now one has to deal with not only some 57 genders (at least that’s what it was last time I looked) and an infinite number of sexual preferences.  So one might be a Black-Hispanic one of 57 genders queer person who identifies as White and Muslim, but also Catholic on Thursdays, and is into BDSM, cross dressing, and performing abortions on men, and it’s just too hard to know just what Pressley and The Squad don’t need in that sort of case.  Even trying to sort it out turns one into a racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic hater, and an endless number of other phobics and ists.

The big question is: what about white people?  Do The Squad need or don’t need white people with white voices?  Maybe White people with Black, brown, Muslim or queer voices? It’s so hard to keep up these days.

But what abut brown people hating brown people?  Powerline reports:

A recent survey by Washington Post/Reforma of Mexican adults finds that they are deeply frustrated with the immigrants who have swarmed into their country from Central America. More than 60 percent of those surveyed consider the illegal immigrants a burden on their country because they take jobs and benefits that should belong to Mexicans.

55 percent say they favor deporting illegal immigrants to their country of origin. 33 percent favor giving them temporary residency. Only 7 percent want to give them permanent residency. (The remainder expressed no opinion).

Well, those must be the Mexican version of Deplorables, just stupid, uneducated, unenlightened, unwoke blue-state equivalent hater racist rubes, right?

Last week, the governors of three Northern Mexican states signed a document saying they could not accept any more immigrants.

Oh.  Maybe not then.

Now I’m really confused, brown Hispanic people–Mexican brown Hispanic people–don’t want illegal immigrants in their country.  So they must be nativist–brown supremacist?–racists.  But Brown people, and that surely includes Mexicans, are possessed of special virtue and are eternal victims, so they can’t be racists, can they? And if they think their country should have immigration laws that are enforced–the whole territorial integrity, national sovereignty, rule of law, citizenship-has-some-value thing–why shouldn’t we think the same thing?

I guess we’ll just have to ask The Squad. They know what we don’t need, which is probably white people, particularly male white people, which might seem racist to the unwoke, but obviously, white people can’t be victims, so we don’t need them either.