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In 2020 Americans will, once again, be voting for someone to represent the United States of America.  Leftists?  They’ll be voting for someone to represent America’s enemies. 

What criteria should any rational, normal American apply when deciding for whom to vote?  Here are just a few:

1) Someone who loves America and Americans;

2) Someone who will preserve present liberties and expand on them;

3) Someone who will uphold the Constitution and the rule of law;

4) Someone who believes government is the servant of the people, and who is willing to act on that belief;

5) Someone who is for America first, last and always.

Who, gentle readers, among the “Democrat” candidates, can claim adherence to a single one of those criteria?  Go ahead; think about it; I’ll wait…  That’s right: not one.

Trump Derangement Syndrome?  They’re absolutely infected with that, and it’s terminal. But in their death throes, they have revealed their hatred goes far, far beyond insane rage over Donald Trump.  It took Independence Day, 2019, to reveal, for the world to see, their America Derangement Syndrome.  On July 4, 2019, the American Left broadcast their hatred for our flag, our military, normal Americans and America.  That shot was sure heard around the world.

In a way, it began–overtly rather than covertly–with Barack Obama, who said America was the greatest nation in the world, so vote for him to fundamentally change it.  Millions did–twice, even though his first four years witnessed the overt birth of the social pathology that is leftism today.  It was always there, hiding under the radar, but Obama gave leftists permission to say what they really, really felt and really, really wanted to do–to us. The voted for him, foolishly, because they thought it might somehow expiate whatever collective racial guilt remained, it might finally satisfy race hustlers and the perpetually aggrieved. They were wrong, tragically wrong.

Make no mistake, gentle readers, their hatred for Donald Trump is a focused adjunct of burning hatred for us.  They believe Hillary Clinton was too kind when she called us “Deplorables” and spat that we were “irredeemable.”  Their hatred for us knows no bounds; Trump is merely a convenient focal point.  They hate us so much they’re willing to do anything to spite us, even turn the streets of their cultural redoubts–the Democrat-controlled cities–into medieval disease-infested cesspools, knee deep in human feces and urine, used syringes, garbage and overrun with crime.  In the bruised and bloodied bodies of innocents in Portland, we see what they’d love to do to us everywhere–what they plan to do to us everywhere.

Consider our July 4thcelebration in Washington DC. Leftists screamed it was threatening, it was intended to intimidate them.  TANKS IN THE STREETS!  DICTATORSHIP!  THIS IS NOT WHO WE ARE! THESE ARE NOT AMERICAN VALUES!  TRUMP IS POLITICIZING A HOLIDAY!  WE HATE THE HOLIDAY AND AMERICA AND TRUMP, BUT HE’S POLITICIZING IT!!!!!!!

Was any of that, and more, true?  There were two tanks–M1 Abrams–two Bradley Fighting Vehicles, and one Hercules Tank Recovery Vehicle on static display on the mall.  Some of our most advanced aircraft flew by.  That is who we are, the military might that saved Europe, and the world, twice in the first half of the last century, that preserved the world by winning the Cold War in the second half, and that in large part upholds and pays for the defense of Europe today.

Peace, in human history, is rare, and to the degree we have enjoyed it, America is largely responsible, because we believe peace can only be achieved by the strong.  As strong as we are, we choose not to use that strength against the weak.  Those are American values.

And did Mr. Trump politicize the occasion?  He delivered a speech even leftist media outlets–at least some of them–had to grudgingly admit was not at all political.  Unlike the former president, it was not all “I,” and “me.”  It was “us”–Americans.  It was a celebration of America, and they hated it, and him, and us.

The greatest American value, who we really are, is belief in the necessity of, the God-given, unalienable right to, individual liberty–the sovereignty of the citizen over the state.  Leftists won’t even defend our territorial sovereignty, because they want to import people who will overwhelm our votes so they can overwhelm our liberties.

What’s their version of “who we are?”  Most Americans are racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, and worst of all, they vote for the wrong people.  The Betsy Ross flag flag is racist; our current flag, which they love to ignore, slight and desecrate, will surely be declared racist at any moment.  Absolutely open borders.  No deportation for anyone illegally in the nation, including the most sadistic, depraved criminals.  Free health care, and every other benefit of citizenship for illegal aliens.  Free college for them, and for every crazy gender and LGBTQWERTY studies major.  Forced busing for children to achieve their racist, political purposes.  Rights and privileges above and beyond those of the Constitution for alternate sexual preferences and however many genders they’ve discovered at any given moment.  No private gun ownership.  No free speech.  Slavery reparations.  Single payer health care.  The elimination of all private health insurance.  Free abortions for men pretending to be women.  Massive, unprecedented tax increases.  Full voting rights for felons, virtually all of whom will be released from prison.  Universal voting: vote early, vote often, and in as many states as possible.  Voting rights for the dead, who tend to vote Democrat, and the list goes on and on and on…

In other words, America is awful, and the normal Americans that live there, that think it the greatest nation ever, are worse.  They must be subdued and ruled by those moral and intelligent enough to tell them what’s good for them, a good their debased, childish minds cannot comprehend.  America–and Americans–must be fundamentally transformed.

credit: thenewrepublic

The current Left thinks Barack Obama didn’t go far enough. They were sure Hillary Clinton would do better, if for no reason other than that she is a doddering drunkard they could manipulate and control.  They believed with four–or eight–more years, they could truly fundamentally transform America such that nothing and no one could ever again threaten their hold on power.

And then came Donald Trump.  The theory is he was elected as a reaction to Obama, and to the left’s attempts to transform America.  If so, wouldn’t Democrats be dialing back the leftism, trying to convince Americans they were the party of freedom and prosperity?

Surely, revulsion for the Obama years played a role, but Hillary Clinton was a truly wretched candidate because she is a terrible person. Denigrating half the electorate is hardly a winning strategy, at least until now.  The current Democrat field apparently thinks it’s the wave they’ll ride to victory.  Leftism can never be wrong, so not only is there no need to moderate it, they must double down.

And so we arrive at the 2020 election race where “Democrat” candidates are racing each other to the communist left.  Various polls–to whatever degree one can trust them–indicate many of the young think socialism a utopian ideal.  If so, this is merely the fruit of the Left’s long march through American education, a journey that continues today.

We are told  prosperity is poverty, the rule of law is dictatorship, and America’s allies hate us because Mr. Trump is demanding NATO members pay their agreed share of the common defense.  Anti Semitism and a desire for the destruction of Israel infects the Congress and much, if not most, of the Left.  We must once again embrace an insane deal that provided Iran with billions to finance terrorism against our allies and us, and that guaranteed Iran would have nuclear weapons–even if they adhered to the letter of the agreement, which they have never done.  We must once again embrace a climate accord that will drain our treasury while accomplishing nothing.  We must remain in trade deals that damage us while enriching our enemies and competitors. We must do away with the development of fossil fuels that have made us energy independent.  We must turn our cities into third world shitholes, and redistribute the wealth to those more worthy than us to have it.

This is the future Leftists promise us.

In a sane political party, no politician would dare speak such fundamentally transformative desires aloud, but they dare.  They hate America and Americans.  They will make us far less free in every imaginable way.  They promise to abandon the Constitution and institute social justice.  They believe government–them–to be the master of the people, and they’re more than willing to act upon that belief.  Finally, they are willing to blame America, first, last and always.

Soon, gentle readers, soon, we’ll see whether enough sane Americans remain to preserve liberty, to preserve America for at least another four years.    One can only hope Democrats continue to be seen as the totalitarian lunatics they are. If not, we’ll be seeing much more of actual tanks representing actual threats, and not just in Washington DC.

Donald Trump’s election deranged the left beyond recovery, but it did expose their fellow pseudo-Republican travellers.  It also removed all their inhibitions, and we now see they’ve gone well beyond Trump Derangement Syndrome to America Derangement Syndrome.  They’ve felt that way all along, but our final betrayal–to their warped way of thinking–in electing Trump, who dares fight back as we do, opened their floodgates of rage and hatred–for normal Americans.

They’re telling us exactly what they plan to do to us, and how they plan to give it to us: good and hard.  If we let them, we deserve it.