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All woke people know Donald Trump is a racist Nazi and a white supremacist.  Not only that, everyone that works for him, everyone that voted for him, everyone that ever had a kind word for, or thought about, him, and everyone that is not woke are all racist Nazi white supremacists, because woke people say so, because reasons, and mostly, because shut up you racist Nazi white supremacists!  And now the woke have proclaimed President Trump is a rapist because E. Jean Carroll says so, via–where else?–The Washington Post:

E. Jean Carroll, a New York-based writer and longtime women’s advice columnist, accused President Trump of sexually assaulting her more than two decades ago in a dressing room of an upscale Manhattan department store, an episode detailed in a book excerpt published Friday in New York magazine.

In an interview with The Washington Post on Friday afternoon, Carroll reiterated the allegations, saying that during a chance encounter with the then-real estate developer at Bergdorf Goodman in late 1995 or early 1996, Trump attacked her in a dressing room. She said he knocked her head against a wall, pulled down her tights and briefly penetrated her before she pushed him off and ran out.

Hmmm.  That seems a little odd, for a variety of reasons, but it’s in The WaPo, so it must be true… Take the link to the New York Magazine story.  I suspect you will not find it helpful to her credibility.

She said she hoped that telling her story ‘will empower women to come forward and not feel bad. . . . I blamed myself and I was silent and I felt guilty. I beat up myself terrible.’

She’s a writer and she “beat myself up terrible”?  Oh well, she’s trying to empower women, so she must be telling the truth.

Carroll, now 75, said she told two close friends about the episode at the time. One of them told The Post on Friday that Carroll described the incident to her shortly after it occurred and that she had unsuccessfully urged Carroll to go to the police.

Hmmm.  I wonder why she didn’t go to the police?  And what does Mr. Trump have to say about it?

Trump vigorously denied the accusation, calling it ‘fake news.’ He questioned why there was no video footage of the incident or witnesses in the store.

‘I’ve never met this person in my life,’ the president said in a statement. ‘She is trying to sell a new book — that should indicate her motivation. It should be sold in the fiction section.

But is there any proof Mr. Trump had a relationship with her?

The New York magazine piece includes a photo provided by Carroll of what appears to be Trump pictured from behind, standing with his then-wife, Ivana, and Carroll’s then-husband, John Johnson, at what Carroll said was an NBC party around 1987.

Well that settles it then.  There’s a picture–it’s in the NY Magazine story–of someone and the back of them “appears to be Trump,” and it was taken at a party 32 years ago.  As we all know, if anyone who might have appeared in a 32 year old photo maybe appeared in a photo, they must be well acquainted with everyone else that appears–or might appear–in a photo.  Everyone in any photo, whether they’re actually in the photo or not, must intimately know everyone in that photo..  And of course, everyone present at a party must know everyone else present there, especially parties 32 years old. Could this be a political attack?  Just askin’…

Carroll, a registered Democrat, said she voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. She donated $1,000 this cycle to Emily’s List, which supports female candidates who back abortion rights, and $500 to President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign in 2012, according to campaign finance records. On Twitter, she has posted several sharp remarks about Trump and retweets of satirical and critical articles about him.

‘This is not political,’ Carroll said of her decision to talk publicly about Trump. ‘Sexual violence is not political.

There you have it, so shut up you racist, white supremacist anti-women haters!

Carroll, a longtime advice columnist for Elle magazine, is among 16 women who have publicly accused Trump of sexual misconduct over the past several decades. Most spoke out just weeks before the 2016 election, after The Post published a recording of Trump bragging during a 2005 ‘Access Hollywood’ interview that his celebrity gave him permission to grab women by their genitals.

Not quite.  Mr. Trump, in a private, one-on-one conversation with Billy Bush, observed that women tend to throw themselves at wealthy men, and welcome their advances, which is true.  He expressed it indelicately, but guys tend to do that sort of thing.  Actually, I’ve heard quite a few women doing that sort of thing too, but I’m a racist, Nazi, woman hating, white supremacist, so what do I know?

The WaPo was able to speak with Carroll’s friend by phone, and her account was a bit…odd:

The friend, an author and former TV morning show correspondent, recalled Carroll was laughing slightly manically as she recounted what happened. ‘It’s not funny,’ the friend said she told Carroll. ‘He raped you.’ She said she urged Carroll to go to the police, but she said Carroll refused, saying it was just 15 minutes of her life and she wanted to move on. The friend said Carroll made her promise to never tell anyone.

Unlike most people, gentle readers, I have actually interviewed many sexual assault victims.  I have yet to see one laugh at all, let alone “maniacally.”  But maybe Trump can be brought to justice?

The alleged incident occurred too long ago to bring charges. Although the New York state legislature ended statutory limits on forceable [sic] rape in 2006, the new law applies only to crimes that occurred in 2001 or later.

But is there any real evidence?

On the cover of New York magazine, Carroll is featured wearing the black Donna Karan coatdress that she said she had on when Trump attacked her.

She said it has been hanging in the back of her closet since that day and that she has never considered testing it for DNA evidence. She said she has not had sex since the incident.

I’ll comment on Carroll’s credibility shortly, but let’s visit Paul Mirengoff at Powerline for a bit of additional information:

If Trump raped Carroll, it seems almost certain that she would have said so during the 2016 campaign when women were coming forward in droves to allege that Trump assaulted them. Carroll is a Democrat who supported Hillary Clinton, so she had no reason, politically, not to make her claim against Trump back then. Yet, she didn’t.

Carroll says she’s only coming forward now because the #MeToo movement has inspired her. That movement is said to have commenced in 2017. However, the date is artificial, as shown by the fact that many women were saying ‘me too’ about Trump a year earlier, during the presidential campaign.

But even if one accepts 2017 as a magical date, it is now 2019. Why did Carroll wait two years before coming forward?

The answer seems obvious. Carroll is out with a new book. It’s fair, I think, to infer that Carroll’s allegation is rooted in her desire to sell her book, not in an actual rape.

Obviously Mirengoff is a racist, Nazi, white supremacist, woman hating, rapist enabling hater.  But let’s take a  visit to The Daily Caller:

Columnist E. Jean Carroll said she did not expect the attention her sexual assault allegation against President Donald Trump would receive when she included it in her forthcoming book during a CNN interview Monday.

‘And you thought when you included those 11 pages in the book that it wouldn’t get this amount of attention?’  CNN’s Alisyn Camerota asked Carroll.

‘He was only one of 21 hideous men,’ Carroll said.  Carroll’s book revolves around the ‘Most Hideous Men of My Life List… a list of the 21 most revolting scoundrels I have ever met,’ she wrote in the excerpt published by New York Magazine.

Oh dear.  Now gentle readers, we have to decide if being included in Carroll’s list is shameful, or an honor.  One last stop on our way to assessing Carroll’s credibility, this time at The Washington Examiner:

CNN host Anderson Cooper moved quickly to a commercial break when the woman who has recently accused President Trump of assaulting her in the mid-1990s suggested that rape was ‘sexy.’

Cooper had asked writer E. Jean Carroll, 75, if she felt like she was a victim. During a discussion of her allegations with the CNN host, Carroll maintained that there was nothing ‘sexual’ about her alleged rape in the dressing room of a New York department store.

“I was not thrown on the ground and ravaged,” Carroll said, denying that she was a victim. “The word rape carries so many sexual connotations. This was not sexual. It just hurt.

Carroll described the alleged event between Trump and her as a ‘fight’ rather than ‘rape.’ Cooper responded by saying that most people would likely think of rape as a violent assault, to which Carroll responded that she thinks most people find rape ‘sexy.’

She said: ‘I think most people think of rape as being sexy. They think of the fantasies.’

Clearly uncomfortable, Cooper swiftly cut in and said they would take a quick break.

‘You’re fascinating to talk to,’ Carroll quipped as Cooper laughed nervously.

I’m sure he did.  Obviously, this was not the Trump “gotcha” moment Cooper was seeking.  And last, from Tucker Carlson on 06-25-19, when interviewed by MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, Carroll said she would not want to see Mr. Trump charged with rape because it would somehow dishonor the women being raped around the clock on the border.  Apparently Mr. Trump is somehow responsible for that as well.  He does get around.

Analysis:  a variety of women, in time for the 2016 election, accused Mr. Trump of various acts of sexual impropriety, but to my knowledge, none have ever accused him of rape, until now, some 22-24 years after the alleged fact–Carroll isn’t sure of the year, which is now, after the Kavanaugh affair, an accepted means of non-time sensitive accusation.  Sometime within a few years, or more, is just fine.  Rape accusations are often made where the conduct does not match the elements of the statute.  In this case, if Carroll is telling the truth, the conduct might be rape, as the rape statutes of the various states usually include as an element penetration with the penis, fingers, or any object.

If Ms. Carroll was sitting in my office, reporting a rape, I’d be very concerned.  We’ll ignore that the statute of limitations has run out, and let’s examine the available evidence.

NYC department stores are flush with shoppers and the staff are very security conscious.  Not only are the stores full of constantly monitored security cameras, all the sales clerks are also very much on the lookout for anything unusual if for no other reason that to prevent shoplifting.  We’re expected to believe that at some unknown date in some span of years, Donald Trump, who was very famous and recognizable even then, escorted Carroll over several floors of this store, accompanied her into a dressing room–that’s an immediate red flag for any sales clerk–and engaged in what she has alternately described as a rape and a fight, and that while both were fully clothed, Mr. Trump somehow managed to partially–or fully; she’s not sure–insert his penis into her vagina while she was struggling–presumably making noise–for some three minutes.  Oh yes: both were standing the entire time.

I would have a great many, very particular, questions  designed to have Ms. Carroll account for every second of the three minute “attack.”  Ms. Carroll is quite vague, which commonly means there were no details to report.  I would also wonder why the sales staff at this store were apparently unaware of Mr. Trump and Ms. Carroll before, during, and after, the supposed attack.  She said after the brutal fight/rape, frantic and disheveled, she rushed out of the store, though she can’t quite remember how.  Would people have really ignored the presence of one of America’s most well known people in a dressing room with a woman not his wife?  Would a frantic rape victim traversing multiple floors go unnoticed?

Is there any physical evidence?  None. Carroll claims to have not worn the coatdress (is that like a pantyglove?)  she was supposedly wearing that day since–until she posed for the media wearing it–and has hinted it might have DNA.

Witnesses?  Perhaps two after-the-fact ear witnesses, one of who claims she was told about the attack at the time–whenever that was–but has no other information, and another that has not, as this is written, been located.  If she is, she’ll be able to provide nothing more, other than “Trump bad,” of course.

What of Carroll’s credibility?  I’m being very kind in noting that her behavior is atypical for a genuine victim of sexual assault.  In her interview with Anderson Cooper, she claimed she was not a victim, then she was.  Cooper, stunned by her claim rape is “sexy,” was even more discomfited when she blatantly flirted with him, causing him to giggle in nervous frustration and immediately cut to a commercial.  He was obviously hoping to finally get the goods on Trump, as was O’Donnell, who called Carroll’s claim “beautiful.”

Her account is, again to put it as kindly as possible, not credible.  It has all the characteristics of a false report: late reporting, lack of detail, many contradictions, no witnesses despite occurring in a very public place, bizarre and counter intuitive behavior by the supposed victim, she’s so traumatized she hasn’t had sex for a quarter century, and the list goes on and on. No competent police detective, nor any competent prosecutor, would ever prosecute on such a claim, even if we overlook the fact that Carroll is a Democrat partisan, and she is making this claim coincident with the publication of a book.  Carroll is enormously flaky.  Any competent defense attorney would eat her alive, and no jury would believe her.

As regular readers know, I have often written about rape, explaining what a proper rape investigation and prosecution entails, and bemoaning the proliferation of politically motivated false rape reports. Women do indeed lie about rape, and people in general should be believed only if the evidence supports their stories, and only if they are credible witnesses.  E. Jean Carroll is not.  To find my writings on this subject, enter “rape” in the SMM homepage search bar, and go back at least one page after perusing the first.

Ms. Carroll is merely the beginning of a new torrent of rape accusations that will be lodged against Mr. Trump in the run up to the 2020 election. There are innumerable photos of Joe Biden pawing unwilling women, but apparently none of Mr. Trump.  That’s different, of course, because shut up you woman hating racist!  Voters took the measure of the women making such allegations in the past and elected Mr. Trump anyway, but Democrats never stop flogging a dead horse.