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Just how stupid do leftists think normal Americans are?  Unfathomably stupid, that much is clear, but what about the press? Do Leftists think them stupid too?

Ben Rhodes, Obama’s national security advisor, thought so: 

Ben Rhodes

Rhodes, 38, said in the article that it was easy to shape a favorable impression of the proposed agreement [the Iran deal] because of the inexperience of many of those covering the issue.

‘All these newspapers used to have foreign bureaus,’ he said. ‘Now they don’t. They call us to explain to them what’s happening in Moscow and Cairo. Most of the outlets are reporting on world events from Washington. The average reporter we talk to is 27 years old, and their only reporting experience consists of being around political campaigns. That’s a sea change. They literally know nothing.

And what, at the tender age of 38, were Rhode’s qualifications to be national security advisor?  Did he have a doctorate in international relations?  Fluency in multiple languages?  Years of experience in the military?  The State Department?  The CIA?  The Post Office?  No.  He was a failed novelist, but he was an ardent leftist and willing to worship his messiah: Barack Obama.

Barack Obama expressing his concern for the public…

Rhodes, and the rest of the Obama Administration, clearly hated the press–and normal Americans, of course–and thought them stupid.  They actually spied on reporters, and stonewalled them.  The Trump Administration has been far, far more transparent, even to the fake news press.  But because the media shared the political views and goals of the Obamites–they still do–they were more than willing to cover their scandals and mistakes, and mindlessly trumpet whichever lies they wanted to spread.

We find the same disdain for normal Americans and even for the press in the current Democrat clown car candidate field, as Politico reports:

Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg said Sunday that President Donald Trump’s administration has a completely backward approach to solving the rising influx of undocumented immigrants, focusing too heavily on criminalizing migrants.

Many migrants, he said, are not coming to the United States to pursue the American dream but to flee violence in Central America.

They’re not coming to pursue the American dream?!  They don’t know all they have to do is get here, evade the Border Patrol, or if caught, say the magic words, and they’ll be given welfare, free health care, jobs, and never have to leave?  Surely, there is violence in some of their–to quote Mr. Trump–shithole countries, and surely that’s part of their motivation, but reporters will uncritically report anything leftists have to say, and never ask them hard questions.

Oh, and when one enters America illegally, are they not committing a criminal offense, and does that not make them criminals, particularly when they commit repeated offenses by remaining here illegally and by committing, you know, other crimes?  And what of MS-13 and other vicious criminals? Aren’t they criminalizing themselves by committing horrific acts of slaughter, as well as their drug, prostitution and other offenses?  Mr. Trump called them “animals,” not others coming here illegally.  To Buttigieg’s way of non-thinking, it’s Mr. Trump that is “criminalizing” these people.

One would think that someone trying to become president would know that Presidents do not create law, they merely enforce it.  Of course, he’s a Democrat; they’re used to creating law without bothering with that messy legislative process–a pen and a phone and all that. But he should know better, and shouldn’t the press?  Isn’t his argument with the Congress, or perhaps with the people who break the law, for whatever reason?

But here’s the best part:

Buttigieg added the Trump administration is benefiting from a deteriorating situation at the Mexican border because it can be used as a political tool.

‘If immigration were solved, if we had comprehensive reform, this administration could claim it as an achievement,’ Buttigieg said. ‘But it’s more useful to them as a crisis unsolved than it would be as an achievement if they actually did something.

Ooooooooh!  Now I get it! president Trump forcing Mexico to help us stem the tide of illegals crossing our southern border is merely a clever ploy to keep the illegal immigration issue alive!  You know, the people that Buttigieg thinks aren’t illegal at all, but are criminalized by Mr. Trump.  Building the wall at the southern border by any means necessary?  That’s just Mr. Trump desperately trying to keep the crisis alive for his political advantage.

But wait a minute!  I thought all of this was a “manufactured crisis,” not a crisis at all, but a lie by Mr. Trump, yet here’s Buttigieg admitting it is a crisis.  It’s even deteriorating!  How can this be?  Why isn’t the press calling him on that?

And wouldn’t actually solving the border crisis that isn’t a crisis that is a crisis Buttigieg claims Trump is unethically keeping alive be an actual achievement?  Doesn’t Buttigieg want that too?  After all, it would deny Mr. Trump the issue Buttigieg claims he wants to cynically use to capture the presidency in 2020.  How could Democrats better deny him a second term than by simply enacting real immigration laws and enforcing them?  Crisis/issue gone, problem solved and evil Trump defeated!  Sunshine, the Green New Deal, lollipops, free health care, reparations, canceled college debt, huge tax increases–whoops! How did that get in there?–rainbows, unicorn farts and fairy dust for everybody!

But wait another minute!  Hasn’t Mr. Trump been trying to get Congress to enact comprehensive immigration reform?  Didn’t he give Democrats more than they’d ever asked for on DACA in exchange for a wall, and didn’t they turn him down?   Haven’t they refused to even talk to him about immigration reform and proudly announce their refusal?

Hmmm.  To normal Americans, it would seem it is Mr. Trump that wants to solve the border crisis, is actually working on it every day, is having some real success, and Democrats that don’t want him to succeed. Something about hating the current American electorate and trying to import one that will vote the right–left–way, as I understand it.

Rhodes was right: the press really doesn’t know anything, but they’re willing to regurgitate whatever know-nothings like Buttigieg feed them.

Normal Americans?  They know, and they’re not regurgitating for anybody.