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This, gentle readers, is absolutely hilarious. Before I launch into it, however, keep in mind that socialism, progressivism, statism, Democrats, leftism—whatever term you prefer—constructs its own reality and tries to force everyone else to live in it.  It recognizes the law and other trivial realities only to the extent they support and enable the maintenance of the socialist narrative/reality.  As with Barack Obama, everything they say has an expiration date, often occurring before they say it.  Normal people, living in actual reality, call this “lying.”  We travel to Dan Walters at Cal Matters:

Let’s assume, hypothetically, that an independent journalist working in Washington somehow obtained a confidential FBI report on the death of a prominent Trump administration official that described its lurid circumstances, including the presence of a woman not his wife and the use of illegal drugs that caused, or at least contributed to, his demise.

Let’s also assume that the Justice Department responded to the disclosure by raiding the journalist’s home and confiscating computers and other tools of his trade, hoping to learn who leaked the report.

Democratic politicians and civil libertarians would erupt in outrage at a heavy-handed government act intended to discourage journalists from delving into areas that officialdom considered off-limits.

So where is that outrage about the San Francisco Police Department’s May 10 assault on journalist Bryan Carmody, who had obtained a police report about the death of San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi under exactly those unbecoming circumstances?

Where is the outrage about outrages committed by socialists?!  In California?!  One is tempted to think Walters a satirist, but no, he’s serious.

Carmody, an independent journalist, sold the information to three SanFran TV stations.  They actually went public, making Adachi–a leftist hero–look bad.  Actually, Adachi made Adachi look bad, but one doesn’t quibble about such things in CA. They blame it on Trump, or deplorables in general, even though the reporting was entirely accurate.  In any case, one just doesn’t do that in CA.  So the police, with a warrant, conducted a SWAT-style raid on Carmody’s home.

The Mayor, London Breed—don’t you love that name?—supported it, claiming it was all properly legal and stuff.  Judges approved the warrants!  Long experience suggests one can find judges in CA to approve pretty much anything.  That narrative didn’t work so well for Breed, who then sort of didn’t support it:

It was the sort of wishy-washy, have-it-both-ways positioning that makes ordinary citizens despise politicians.

Some city supervisors didn’t like it—journalists are their allies and spies, after all—and it has raised something of a scandal, at least as scandalous as things get in in the People’s Republic of California.  Remember high-speed rail to nowhere?  Crumbling roads and other infrastructure, city streets littered with “homeless,” feces, urine, abandoned syringes, rats, and the return of medieval, third-world diseases?  It takes quite a bit for CA media to think anything scandalous these days.

Don’t get me wrong, gentle readers, I have little sympathy for what passes for journalists these days, however, we’re not talking about national security secrets.  They’d sell those out in a second after getting the information from Congressional Democrats, the CIA, FBI or DOJ, however this was merely a local corruptocrat being exposed to definition of character.  But this is what I really love:

We’ve come to expect harassment and even intimidation of journalists in places like Vladimir Putin’s Russia or Nicolas Maduro’s Venezuela, but in supposedly enlightened and liberal California?

Yes, Mr. Walters.  That’s exactly what one expects in “enlightened,” “liberal” people’s republics, where one does not dare challenge the enlightened and liberal when they behave like the stupid, totalitarian thugs they are.

It used to be said: “as California goes, so goes the nation.”  God forbid.