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On January 31 of this year, I wrote Abortion: Socialist Monsters Of Virginia, the story of Governor Ralph Northam, he who couldn’t recall whether, in a picture from his college days, he was the guy in over the top blackface, or the guy standing next to him in full Klan regalia.  Choices, choices.  But that wasn’t the full story.  Northam, a physician, gained infamy when, supporting a bill in the Virginia Legislature that would allow post birth abortion—also known as actual rather than rhetorical murder—spoke in a radio interview of making the newly born baby “comfortable,” while the doctor and mother have a chat about murdering it, whereupon the baby would presumably become uncomfortable until it was dead. I wrote, in part:

None of this should be surprising.  Socialists/communists, by definition, character, and practice care nothing for the lives of individuals.  In their philosophy, there is no individual sovereignty, there are no individual rights, only privileges extended by the state as long as it pleases the state.  The worth of any individual resides solely in their current utility to the state.  The elderly and infirm, the developmentally disabled, the inconvenient child in the womb are all impediments to the people’s glorious revolution, and will be disposed of in the approved manner of such revolutions.

Tyrants easily weather the suffering of their people; they cause most of it, and many delight in it.  It’s how they keep power.  Take this link  to read Bookworm’s brilliant take on the American concept of liberty, a precious historical rarity.

Our new leftist masters to be, heady with new-found political power, have taken off their masks.  They no longer try to hide their designs.  Sarah Palin was right all along: all socialist systems employ death panels.  The power of life and death is the ultimate political incentive, thus socialist systems are inherent death machines.  There is no such thing as free, equal quality health care; it is always rationed to those most useful to the state.  There are entire classes of people of no utility to the state, and the state will not allow them to become a drag on the inevitable triumph of socialist progress.

We now know, beyond any doubt, the kind of socialist state they would construct if they could.  They’re proud of it, and their brilliance in proposing it.  They, and they alone, in all of history, are sufficiently morally and intellectually superior to do socialism right—to make it shine with it’s destined glory–where all before them have failed over the bodies of millions.  And most interesting is that they are not disavowing the traditional methods of socialism—torture, rape, starvation, mass murder—they only imply they’re sufficiently perfect to avoid all of that, because the people will be supremely grateful for all the free stuff, and all the workers will be happy, and grateful.  Did I mention grateful?

Steven Crowder

For a video primer on the glories of Canada’s socialized medical system, visit humorist and social commentator Stephen Crowder, an actual Canadian who speaks French, as he explores, first hand, the reality of that system. My favorite part is when a clinic worker refuses care, but offers it in an alternative–cash and plenty of it–lane, which is an unspoken reality of socialized medicine everywhere.  One should also note that each year, Canadians limp, are carried, are driven or are flown across the border to pay for American medical care they cannot obtain for free in their wonderful, free—did I mention it’s free?—socialist single payer health care system, where one routinely waits, in agony, many long months for routine surgeries.

We now, gentle readers, turn to Paul Mirengoff of Powerline who has more to report on the Governor of Virginia:

Last week, Ralph Northam, Virginia’s embattled governor, signed legislation that makes animal cruelty a Class 6 felony, punishable by a fine of up to $2,500 and a prison sentence of up to five years. That’s okay, I guess. Animal cruelty should be punished harshly in extreme cases.

But what about extreme cruelty to humans? Northam supports legislation that, as he described it, permits such cruelty in the form of infanticide.

Cruelty to animals should indeed be harshly punished.  Such acts denote dangerously bent people who need to have limits imposed upon them.  Mirengoff concludes:

If we’re really at the point where our country can’t agree that killing babies who have been born is always wrong, then it’s not easy to see how we remain one society, no matter how strongly we agree that cruelty to animals is wrong.

Harsh, but accurate, particularly as to immigration

And that’s the point, gentle readers.  As I’ve previously noted, I’m not at all comfortable addressing abortion in general. It’s a topic to which many dedicate their entire lives.  Knowing well the arguments, I find the attempt at debate seldom productive, and always exhausting.  The Virginia bill has not passed—yet.  That socialists there would finally reveal their true intentions, intentions they’ve always held, is an ominous sign of their designs for us all in their glorious socialist state.  It is a dream shared by all American socialists, which the Democrat Party has embraced.

An essential element of their designs is socialized medicine, currently being called “Medicare for all,” “a single payer system,” “universal health care,” and other infinitely fiexible euphemisms.  With Obamacare, they already have a foot in the door.  Adding unrestricted abortion will go a long way toward opening it even more.  It would be much easier to throw wide the door to fully socialized medicine.  When they do, America will experience the joys of socialized medicine: near complete governmental control over their lives.

Fortunately, we have many models of that socialist utopia.  I’ve already mentioned Canada, and only recently have we learned that innumerable elderly in England are going blind because their socialist medical system refuses to save their sight.  The English National Health Service is infamous for allowing patients to die from dehydration, wallowing in their own feces and urine, and to perish from a wide variety of other forms of neglect, and this in actual hospitals.

Medical care in Venezuela was no great shakes prior to the advent of venomous socialism. Now, it’s an utter disaster, as The American Thinker reports:

Socialist Venezuela is now an exploding supernova of spreading disease vectors, with its three million fleeing refugees bringing measles, malaria, diptheria, typhoid fever, tuberculosis, AIDS, Zika, leprosy, dengue chikungunya virus and other diseases long thought to have been eradicated in the early 20th century, with them.

What an advertisement for socialism that is.

Socialists see such things not as bugs, but features. People  dependent on the state for everything, including their very lives, are so much easier to control, and the deaths of non-believers in the glorious revolution are nothing to be lamented, but inevitable if the revolution is to remain pure.

Can’t these people see the harm they’re causing? Can’t they learn from the examples, the misery, of others?  Rod Dreher at The American Conservative offers insight.  His article speaks of the near absolute socialization of the academy:

It recalled in fact an e-mail conversation I had last week with a liberal journalist friend who hates to see this closing of the left’s mind. My journalist pal said that he’s seeing on the left a moralistic refusal even to consider ideas, people, and data that contradict these leftists’ moral code. Understand: it’s not that this new breed of progressives disagrees (though they do); it’s that they believe, and believe strongly, that even to confront information that contradicts what they prefer to believe is intolerable.

Said my friend: ‘No wonder these people are always shocked by the latest developments in politics. They refuse to see the world as it is.

I’ve often made this point:  Socialists cannot see reality, because socialism—socialist thought and policy—cannot possibly be wrong.  When they call for “conversation” or “debate,” they’re merely virtue signaling, because their ideas of conversation or debate begin with the premise normal Americans are hopelessly sexist, racist, and terribly stupid and evil for not accepting Socialist dogma.  Such communication inevitably ends with accusations of sexism, racism, and a variety of other isms, often delivered in red-faced, screeching, spittle slinging, red-faced fury.  Their idea of compromise is total surrender to whatever they want.

Because socialist thought cannot be wrong, its inevitable failure and horrific consequences—more than 100 million dead in the last century alone—must be ignored, denied, or explained away. The usual explanations are that not enough time has been allowed for socialism to work its wonders, or not enough money has been spent, or non-socialists—in this case normal Americans—have been allowed to exist to oppose it, or socialism hasn’t been imposed with sufficient fervor.  Once it’s given to the deplorable normals good, hard and long enough,  everything will be right!

Socialists therefore must reject reality and impose their own reality, which results in Venezuela, and to lesser degrees, Canadians streaming across the border, and the British elderly going blind because socialized medicine always rations health care—when it is provided at all—and on many levels, it is used as a weapon to kill enemies of the state, and to force others to fall in line if they wish to avoid horrible suffering and death.

It will only be in a socialist controlled state that legalized infanticide can be imposed on normal Americans.  This is something less a desire to kill, than a socialist imperative to avoid inconvenience and any imposition on the state, though socialists never shy away from killing their enemies.  In such states, individuals have no value except as wiling serfs of the state.  Life is cheap.  And with infanticide, inevitably will come the extinguishing of all inconvenient people such as the disabled, the mentally impaired, the chronically sick, and of course, the elderly, all of who would place demands on the resources of the State, which under socialism dwindle in direct proportion to the increase of socialist leader’s offshore and Swiss bank accounts.  Besides, the state always has other, more important priorities.  There are always plenty of peasants.

Mirengoff is correct.  Legalized infanticide is yet another step on the downward path to civil war.  It can, at this point, be avoided, but only if normal Americans stop it. Socialists?  They live, perpetually, in their own reality, and in that reality, they conquer all lesser beings and rule over them, with all the horror that entails.

PRE-POSTING UPDATE: An investigation by Northam’s medical school has concluded that it cannot conclude that he is in the blackface/Klan photo featured prominently on his yearbook page.  Northam is now certain, as he was not before, that he is not in the photo:

I am not in the racist and offensive photo that appears under my name in the 1984 Eastern Virginia Medical School yearbook,’ the governor said. ‘That being said, I know and understand the events of early February and my response to them have caused hurt for many Virginians and for that, I am sorry. I felt it was important to take accountability for the photo’s presence on my page, but rather than providing clarity, I instead deepened pain and confusion.

So.  The Governor has apologized yet again for something he didn’t do, and for a photo that mysteriously, and apparently without his knowledge, appeared on his yearbook page.  It’s a photo to two mysterious people and no one knows who they are or how it got there.  The point, of course, is now the media can drop it, and the Gov. can continue to work for the murder of the fully born rather than the nearly born.

Socialism: non-falsifiable.