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All women must be believed, unless they’re accusing a Democrat, which is different because shut up you whore and Trump.  But at least we can count of the finest minds in America in Congress, like AOC:


So what’s your point?

He’ll definitely be a hands on President…


What, just because he doesn’t want to turn America into a bankrupt socialist disaster–er, not that much anyway.  He has to keep enough money for Secret Service protection so can swim nude for the entertainment of the female agents…


How come I’m never around when this sort of thing happens?

Hmmm.  I’m not aware of that particular fetish…

Well, it’s more accurate than Obama and Clinton…of course, that’s no real feat…

Yeah!  Why shouldn’t people who would kill and rape actual voters vote?  Don’t they have a stake in helping Democrats write laws that turn them loose to pursue their vital vocations?

You’re not suggesting Bernie is a hypocrite, are you?


If the Spartans were holding the pass today…

My favorite is the guy who got a tattoo that read: ”no regerts.”

Build The Wall!

Fairfax is the Lt. Governor of Virginia, “credibly accused” of rape.  Believe all women! Stop the rise of Fairfax!  On second thought, Biden/Fairfax, 2020!

Yes they do.  What’s your point?

I’m sensing this might not have been a normal marriage…

“San Francisco, open your golden showers…”

Where’s “The Far Side” when you need it…

Context is everything…

And in the just because it’s cute department:

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I hope to see you here next Sunday, and every day in between.  A merry heart makes it all bearable.