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How do you drive a journalist  crazy (yes, there is a punch line)?

David Zurawik,(R), and not so much…

It was Goucher College professor, and Baltimore Sun media critic David Zurawik who recently decried the terrible state of contemporary journalists. And what is so bad, I mean apart from people actually criticizing them for lying, and daring to think when they lie they are liars?  It’s TRUMP! Everything is TRUMP (there’s your punchline)!!!  In this case, however, Trump is forcing virtuous journalists to work so hard fact checking him they are exhausted!  Didn’t they know journalism might be a bit of work? Apparently not.

Of course, they might be exhausted because they’ve been checking The Babylon Bee, which is a genuinely funny Christian satire site. Journalists, having no sense of humor or irony of which they are aware, have actually been fact-checking satire.

An example of the Bee’s “reporting, ”wherein they quote a progressive who warns normal Americans if they don’t agree with everything progressives prefer, they will kill them:  

The progressive movement also issued a handy list of issues that you must agree with them on:

  • Abortion
  • Healthcare
  • Captain Marvel
  • Taxing the rich and eating their still-beating hearts
  • Universal basic income
  • Democratic communism
  • Donald Trump literally being Hitler reincarnated
  • The Last Jedi
  • Open borders
  • Gun control
  • Seizing the means of production
  • Eliminating the electoral college
  • Free college
  • Free everything
  • Everything else

‘If you don’t march in lockstep with us, we will call you a Nazi, reply to your every tweet, haunt your every waking moment, and mob you until you die.’

Zurawik also apparently asserted forcing noble journalists to do their  jobs is the way dictators win!  Hmmmmm.  The good professor might want to brush up on his history. Dictators win over journalists by bugging, torturing, imprisoning and assassinating them.  President Trump has not in any way exercised prior restraint, nor has he censored anything or anyone.  Unlike Barack Obama, he is not bugging their communications.  He is not torturing, jailing or killing journalists, though it’s a certainty many journalists consider Mr. Trump’s very existence to be torture.  He has criticized them, humorously and effectively, for lying about him and his policies, and reality in general, and he is always one step ahead of them. This is particularly rankling in that journalists consider themselves morally and intellectually elite, yet Trump is always two steps ahead of them.  Not only that, he is scrupulously following the Constitution, and restoring the rule of law.  The horror.

Despite real reality, journalist reality states any criticism of them amounts to destroying Democracy.  It that’s so, I’ll have a double helping please, waiter, and a side of “enemies of the people.”