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credit: zerohedge.com

I last visited the rapidly deteriorating City of Baltimore on October 26, 2018, hoping it might be, after 56 articles, the final installment of the Freddie Gray case.  In that article I noted that Baltimore gained the distinction of replacing Chicago in having the highest homicide rate (they’re Number one!), and had the second highest violent crime rate in the nation.  Way to go, Baltimore!  The SMM Freddie Gray case archive is here. 

Two events have caused me to add to the archive with this brief update:  The scandal involving Mayor Catherine Pugh that caused the Baltimore City Council—no strangers to corruption—to unanimously demand her resignation.  She, of course, has refused, which is what Baltimore corruptocrats do.  Man, when you’ve lost the Baltimore City Council…  Zerohedge.com reports on the second, related, issue:

 New evidence from ADT security study that examined FBI statistics shows the town is now the “most robbed” city in America.

Baltimore had the most significant number of robberies per capita – 95.87 for every 10,000 people.

Note the number of Robberies for Rapid City, SD, where I last served as a police officer. A variety of geographic and demographic factors combine to ensure the town has always had a high crime rate, and my former comrades confirm it’s worse than ever.  Any city appearing on this list has a real crime problem, but Rapid City is a Girl Scout picnic compared to Baltimore:

While robberies worsened in Baltimore, they declined nationwide, dropping by 28% between 2008 and 2017.

Some of the safest streets in America are in Boise, Idaho where 2.26 people are robbed per 10,000 people.

Robbery is the taking of anything of value from a person, by threat of violence, actual violence, or through the use of weapons.  It is often confused with burglary, which also involves the taking of things of value, but from homes, vehicles, etc.  Usually, criminals take pains to ensure their victims are not around when they commit burglaries, because they know most people own guns, and they prefer not to get seriously dead.  However, when criminals commit “hot” burglaries—burglaries where people are home—they are uniquely dangerous, and usually armed and willing to harm others. The same is true of robberies, where the chance of injury or death to victims is greatly enhanced.

credit: hellobeautiful.com

As I’ve been noting throughout my coverage of the Freddie Gray case, the legacy of prosecutor Marilyn Mosby, and the entire corrupt Democrat establishment at the local and state levels, is Baltimore’s current state of decay.  The Baltimore Police Department has been so persecuted they are no longer able to enforce the law, and particularly not laws that might cause the arrest of violent Black criminals.  As a result, since 2015, every officer that can has been fleeing Baltimore for more rational jurisdictions where the rule of law is observed, and the BPD is having a terrible time recruiting new officers.  They have even dramatically lowered their standards to include drug users and people who have committed crimes that would absolutely disqualify them in professional agencies.

The blue flight is based in reality.  As I noted in Update 56, Mosby has learned nothing from the past or present, and stands ready to again arrest and persecute innocent police officers for doing their jobs.  Any officer working there would be insane to try to actually enforce the law.

Freddie Gray continues to have an effect on Baltimore. He lived as a petty criminal, and in his name, Democrats, by protecting and exalting dangerous criminals, have turned Baltimore into a war zone.  This is not happening only in Baltimore, but around the nation in other Democrat controlled cities, like those in the chart.

There’s a lesson in there, somewhere…