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It is something of an article of faith these days that miracles are, well, over.  The flashy New Testament miracles of Christ just don’t happen anymore.  Sure, occasionally we see a spontaneous remission from cancer or another surely fatal illness, but hey, these things happen. Miracles?  Nah.

And then there are stories like that of Katie Lentz.  I wrote about here in August of 2013 in The Eternal Battle Visits Missouri. 

Katie Lentz

Involved in a terrible accident–that’s what’s left of her car in the header photo–she was fading fast, and then… take the link, and tell me you don’t get a chill.

Katie And Fr. Dowling

I followed that article in September of 2013 with The Ineffable Quality Of Everyday Miracles, which commented, a bit personally, on the reality of miracles, and continued Katie’s story.  A contemporary update on Katie may be found here.  More recently, I’ve stumbled across this:

And this:

Coincidence?  That’s the great thing about Christianity, gentle readers, believing is up to you, but it pays eternal dividends.