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Who is Ilhan Omar, and why is she in the news? She’s a Somali Muslim recently elected to the House seat vacated by fellow Muslim and racist Keith Ellison, now Minnesota’s Attorney General.  Powerline has been instrumental in exposing both Ellison and Omar as virulent anti-Semites, and also delineating Omar’s disreputable past, including marrying her brother to get around American immigration laws.  Powerline’s Omar articles may be found by goggling “powerline omar.”  As soon as she arrived in Congress, Nancy Pelosi appointed her to the Foreign Relations committee, where she has direct access to national security secrets, and has equally immediately, and repeatedly, shown herself to be a typical Jew-hating Islamist.   Philip Klein at The Washington Examiner reports:

Democrats seeking the party’s 2020 presidential nomination are starting to come out in defense of Rep. Ilhan Omar, and in the process, they are normalizing anti-Semitism.

Leading Democratic candidates Sens. Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren have all come out defending Omar and pointing fingers at her critics, despite a series of statements she has made targeting American Jews.

Omar has been unrepentantover statements she made lamenting the influence of Jewish money in politics and questioning whether Jews were more loyal to Israel than America. The bigoted statements perpetuated classic anti-Semitic stereotypes, but that is now what’s considered acceptable in the Democratic Party— as long as it gets subsequently laundered as mere criticism of Israel.

Omar’s tweets and comments are short on criticism of Israeli policies, and long on libel of Jews in general.

[Senator Elizabeth] Warren also went a similar route, declaring, ‘Branding criticism of Israel as automatically anti-Semitic has a chilling effect on our public discourse and makes it harder to achieve a peaceful solution between Israelis and Palestinians.

Considering Israel is the only Jewish nation in the world, criticizing Israel might reasonably be considered anti-Semitic, particularly the way Omar, and many of her fellow Democrats do it.  The only thing making peace between Israelis and Palestinians difficult is Palestinians, whose reason for being, written in their foundational documents, is the obliteration of Israel and the extermination of all Jews.  As I’ve often said, if Muslims lay down their arms in the Middle East, there will be peace.  If Jews do the same– genocide. Klein agrees:

This, of course, is rubbish. Omar was not criticizing specific Israeli policies when she said, ‘it’s all about the Benjamins.’ She wasn’t talking about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when she said, ‘I want to talk about the political influence in this country that says it is okay to push for allegiance to a foreign country.’ She was spewing out hatred for Jews. [skip]

What’s especially amazing about the Democratic Party’s excuses for Omar is that she has actually improved her standing within the party by being more unabashedly anti-Semitic.

So what are her Democrat colleagues in Congress doing about her racist statements?  Aren’t Democrats supposed to be the party of tolerance, inclusion, diversity and acceptance? Well sure, as long as it doesn’t include Jews.  That’s stretching their moral and intellectual superiority past the breaking point.  Last month, Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer, old-time Democrats mindful of the need to keep 70%+ of Jews voting for Democrats, said:

Congresswoman Omar’s use of anti-Semitic tropes and prejudicial accusations about Israel’s supporters is deeply offensive. We condemn these remarks and we call upon Congresswoman Omar to immediately apologize for these hurtful comments.

“Israel’s Supporters” would be some Jews, and honest people of all nations and faiths that thought the Holocaust a bad thing and don’t want to see another.

Yet, after she followed up with more anti-Semitic comments, instead of coming down harder on Omar, Democratic leadership is backing off. Pelosi is now pushing the idea that Omar’s comments were not  ‘intentionally anti-Semitic.’ Yes, I’m sure she just accidentally stumbled upon statements that happen to echo longstanding anti-Semitic tropes about Jewish money and influence, and Jewish dual loyalty.

I’m sure Pelosi’s new view is correct.  After all, why would an Islamist intentionally want to insult and harm Jews? Why would a Congressman support a foreign country like Israel?  Perhaps because it’s the only Democracy in the Middle East?  Because Israel is our strategic and moral ally?  Because America isn’t big on genocide?  Because Israeli scientific discoveries and the work of the Mossad materially contribute to American national security? Because most Americans–Democrats obviously excepted–really are tolerant and accepting or other faiths? The people of Minnesota’s 5thcongressional district want Omar to be an Islamist Jew hater?  Actually, they sent her to Congress, so they probably do.  So much for “Minnesota nice.”

The House is now bandying about a resolution that not only doesn’t condemn Omar, it’s fast turning into a mealy-mouthed pot of mush vaguely condemning genera not niceness and other mean things including Islamophobia.  See? It was the Jews and their supporters that made Omar do it!  It’s not her fault; it was the Jooooooz!  Omar is not mentioned in the proposed resolution, and she is certainly not being required to apologize, nor is she in any danger of being removed from the Foreign Affairs committee.  Rep. Jim Clyburn (D) sees her as a victim, of course; Democrats see everyone not normal Americans as victims:

Oh sure. I can see that.  What’s the Holocaust and innumerable rabid Muslims who won’t stop until they’ve finished what Hitler started compared to Omar’s tale of woe? The poor dear, she’s only been able to be elected to Congress.  The horror.  As usual, President Trump was on target:

I’d add only that it’s a dark day for the Congress, though future historians will note that it was Democrats, so supporting an Islamist anti-Semite was par for the course.

This continuing circus of horrors demonstrates the utter moral depravity of congressional Democrats. It seems the more racist and murderous the Democrat malefactor, the more support Democrats are desperate to give them. I was going to say that the Democrat Party has fallen from its previous humanity, but this is, after all, the party of slavery, segregation (now and forever!), lynching, turning fire hoses and police dogs on innocent Black men, women and children, bombing Black churches/murdering little girls, the Ku Klux Klan, and supporting Islamist murderers—individually and as states—that want to obliterate Israel, destroy America, and murder every Jew in existence.  Where’s the humanity from which to fall?

By all means, take this link and see my friend Bookworm’s article on this topic.  If she’s not on your daily “to read” list, you’re missing brilliance and exemplary humanity.

Omar has now learned she’s invulnerable.  In office only about two months and she has exploited the Democrat Party’s ever changing hierarchy of victimhood to her benefit.  She can say and do anything.  Can “death to Israel,” and “death to America” be far behind?

Democrats and anti-Semites might be wise to remember that when Israelis say “never again,” they mean it, and have the technological superiority and military might to back it up.  If Israel is ever in danger of being overrun, they will obliterate their enemies, once and for all, and be entirely justified in so doing.  They surely have contingency plans for that, and much else, just as we do.

Anti-Semites would also be wise to remember the Jews are God’s chosen people. I certainly can’t predict what God might do, but the Gospel suggests He takes such things rather seriously, so anyone messing with His chosen people will likely have occasion to learn what fearing God means.

The world will be better for it.

UPDATE, 03-07-19, 1940 CST:  The brave, willing to die for equity Democrats have passed a resolution regarding Omar’s anti-Semitism.  They just haven’t mentioned Omar.  Fox News reports:

After several days of infighting and a near-rebellion by rank-and-file Democrats, as well as a major last-minute revision, the House on Thursday overwhelmingly passed a bipartisan resolution that only indirectly condemned Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar’s repeated ‘anti-Semitic’ and ‘pernicious’ comments — without mentioning her by name.

The final vote was 407 to 23, with 23 Republicans voting no, and all Democrats, including Omar, voting yes. Iowa GOP Rep. Steve King, who faced his own bipartisan blowback for comments purportedly defending white nationalists, voted present.

The final draft of the resolution was expanded Thursday afternoon to condemn virtually all forms of bigotry, including white supremacy, in what Republicans characterized as a cynical ploy to distract from Omar’s remarks. Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert, speaking on the House floor to announce that he would vote against the resolution, remarked, ‘Now [the resolution] condemns just about everything. … Hatred for Israel is a special kind of hatred. It should never be watered down.

What you said, Mr. President.  What you said.  And now, what grace, what empathy, what humanity, what nobility…OK, I can’t do this anymore…

I’m sure they’re sincere…