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Television has long portrayed the FBI as staffed with brilliant, dedicated and near-supernatural profilers and investigators who always catch the bad guy, arrive in the nick of time, know all there is to know, and are paragons of virtue. Recent events suggest that fictional portrayal of the FBI is, well, fictional, as Reuters reports:


According to an FBI report, the 64-year-old gunman, Stephen Paddock, was not unlike many other mass shooters who are driven by a complex mix of issues, ranging from mental health to stress, and want to die by suicide.

The report also found no evidence that any ideological or political beliefs motivated Paddock, who also wounded more than 800 in the shooting rampage on Oct. 1, 2017.

‘There was no single or clear motivating factor behind Paddock’s attack,’ the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit said, echoing a report issued by Las Vegas police in August.

Paddock acted alone when he planned and carried out the attack, firing more than 1,000 rounds during 11 minutes from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. As law enforcement officers assembled in the hallway outside his hotel room, he fatally shot himself.

Right. No motive.  Where are the penetrating intellects of the storied FBI? PJ Media comments:

No clear motive. Do you believe this? I do not, partly because this was such a large-scale operation that I find it hard to believe not a single email, internet browser visit, or comment to friends, family or associates could shed light on this monster’s motive. And then I am skeptical partly because the FBI is a clown operation that has employed jackasses and conspirators like Peter Strzok and ‘Andy’s office’ McCabe. We have no idea how many Strzoks and McCabes have not yet been exposed and are currently working on important cases. Maybe they worked on the Vegas case?

Readers who have been reading my work on the Erik Scott case, or have purchased License To Kill: The Murder Of Erik Scott, know of the corruption that infiltrates every facet of life in Las Vegas. They know also that whenever the Metropolitan Police are justly criticized, various designated spokesthugs try to downplay that corruption: “That’s bullshit!  What you’re saying would mean every agency in Las Vegas would have to be corrupt.  They’d all have to engage in a massive conspiracy!”

And so they do, as License To Kill unassailably proves.  A brief list of the corrupt agencies involved in the Scott case:


Public Administrator’s Office

Coroner’s Office

Prosecutor’s Office

The judiciary

There are more.  Regular readers, and/or anyone familiar with Las Vegas, knows that no one can take anything officials say, particularly law enforcement, at face value.  Cover ups and lies are their daily currency, for some, matters of survival.  Las Vegas corrupts every public entity; it is the very nature of the place.  It’s in the air and the water.  And we can now add the FBI to the mix, as The Baltimore Post-Examiner’s Doug Poppa explains:

Las Vegas Township Judge Melanie Andress-Tobiasson told the Baltimore Post-Examiner that in 2017 FBI agent Kevin White told her he was ordered not to talk to her about Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department police corruption.

The judge was providing information on dirty cops and prostitution.

White said Special Agent-in-Charge Patrick Brodsky ordered him not to take the information, she said.

The FBI agent said Brodsky claimed Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Assistant Sheriff, Todd Fasulo, contacted Brodsky and wanted the agent to stop talking to her, she said.

Brodsky was the second in command of the FBI Las Vegas Division at the time. His boss was Aaron Rouse, the Special Agent-In-Charge.

Fasulo retired from the LVMPD in December of 2017 and went to work for Wynn Resorts Las Vegas, as an executive in security. Brodsky retired in April 2018 and he also went to work at Wynn Resorts as an executive in security.

The Las Vegas FBI Division, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, the United States Attorneys Office and the Clark County Nevada District Attorney’s Office were all contacted in 2018 by email and asked specific questions relating to what the judge told the Baltimore Post-Examiner.None returned our requests for comment.

Readers of License To Kill also know the usual retirement package for high-ranking Metro cops is a cushy, high-paying job in security for a casino, but only if they’ve played along during their police careers.

Poppa interviewed Tobiasson, who said:

Melanie Tobiasson

This all started about in the summer of 2015. I had a case in front of me where a judge’s daughter was a victim of a brutal beating by two female defendants. It turns out that those two defendants worked for a pimp by the name of Shane Valentine, as did the judge’s daughter. The pimp who was at the scene of the initial beating was actually directing the girls to inflict the beating on this judge’s daughter, was never charged.

One of the two girls whose name was Sophia, died prior to the preliminary hearing. She was the daughter of a guy by the name of Vinny who went to federal prison with a guy by the name of Rick. Vinny is a reputed Bonanno Crime Family soldier, which was interesting considering his daughter was a prostitute for Shane Valentine, who initially I thought was just some thug.

We had the preliminary hearing and in the middle of the preliminary hearing, four guys come in and sit in the back row and start staring at the judge’s daughter who testified, and I kicked them out of my courtroom and had them escorted out of the entire courthouse.

One of those people was Shane Valentine. At the time my daughter was a sophomore at Bishop Gorman High School here in Las Vegas and she was very good friends with a girl, also a sophomore, whose dad was a police officer with Metro. This girl from what I understand, and I didn’t know at the time, was actually working as a prostitute for Shane. We got a judge’s daughter and a police officer’s daughter. Shane Valentine becomes aware that I have a daughter and within about two weeks of that hearing, my daughter is introduced to Shane Valentine by the other girl, the police officer’s daughter, that was her friend.

About July of 2015, my daughter starts hanging out at a place, what we call Chinatown here in Las Vegas, called Top Notch. It was a hip-hop clothing store that when I looked into, realized it was not really a clothing store, it was a front for an unlicensed club and also on a regular basis, had young, local high school girls hanging out in the club dancing. There were stripper poles in the back of the club. There was a full bar. There were, at night if you watched the alley behind the club you would see the people come in. You know typical Mercedes, Range Rovers, Bentleys, Rolls Royce, whatever. They would all pull in and you would see the people getting out and you could see exactly what was going on. They would go in through the alley back door, and it was, in fact, an unlicensed club.

Tobiasson is being a bit kind.  The club, like many others in Vegas, was a front for prostitution and all that accompanies it.  In fact, it’s well known that Metro officers have helped provide underage girls—even runaways–for such operations, and also provide protection.  Tobiasson was foolish enough to think that her position as a judge, apparently one of the few honest judges in Vegas, meant something:

In July of 2015, I started contacting detectives in Vice, asking them about this particular establishment. They tell me they have no knowledge of it whatsoever. I gathered some additional information, find out that the two men running this club, both are convicted pimps and one of whom is having a case in front of me. He was a 34-year-old. I take that information to the police and say listen, these guys have young girls from you know, local high schools hanging out in here every night and from my understanding, they’re entertaining in this unlicensed club. And at one point one of the vice officers apparently walked through there about two o’clock in the afternoon. I can assure you there was no activity going on and reports back to me that it definitely appears to be suspicious. That’s the only thing that was ever done in the entire year and three months or so that I was giving information to vice. They never follow-up or do anything else.

Regular readers will not find that in the least shocking.  Tobiasson’s daughter began working at the ”club.”  Despite Tobiasson’s best efforts, there was nothing she could do:

It’s interesting enough the first time I took the information to the police, I wasn’t so concerned because I figured within a week, the place would be shut down. Well, clearly that didn’t happen because I subsequently learned that not only did the police know about this place when I first started giving them information, they knew about a lot of places like this, and they were kind of untouchable.

There were certain pimps that were untouchable and then there were certain pimps they would go after. The pimps that were untouchable from my understanding were the pimps who would play the game. They would pay the price, they would, you know, offer their girls, and they would get to do whatever they wanted, despite the fact that they were targeting, you know, judge’s daughters, cop’s daughters, etcetera.

Where does the FBI come in?  Here:

BPE: Did you ever contact anybody from the FBI and tell them what’s going on?

Tobiasson: We’re getting there. Yes. The answer to your question is yes. And when Metro found out that I was talking to the FBI, oh what’s his name, he just retired, anyway, yes, I did, and I spoke to somebody for a lengthy period of time and we spoke on burner phones, because we were so afraid that the other FBI agents and Metro would find out that we’re talking because he knew that there were people that he worked with at his agency that if they found out that we were talking he’d be shut down. If Metro finds out…

BPE: Why was that?

Tobiasson: that I’m talking to the FBI and an assistant sheriff contacts the head of the FBI Las Vegas field office, who they called in the agent that I was talking to and tells him he’s not to talk to me anymore, that I’m a problem and that Metro’s concerned that I’m going to go public with my story. Yes, that’s what happened.

BPE: Who was the assistant sheriff?

Tobiasson: I can’t remember his name right now. He just retired. He retired because he had a DUI that Joe Lombardo covered up.

Joe Lombardo is the current Metro Sheriff, the handpicked successor of Doug Gillespie. No one becomes Sheriff without the blessings of the real powers of Las Vegas.  Let the suckers think their votes matter.

Todd Fasulo

BPE: You’re not talking about Todd Fasulo? [former LVMPD assistant sheriff].

Tobiasson: That’s who I’m talking about, yes I am.

BPE: Who now works for Steve Wynn.

Tobiasson: Who now works for the Wynn and guess what. The head of the local field office, the FBI, [Assistant Special Agent in charge, Patrick Brodsky] is about to go work there too because Todd Fasulo got him a job there. That’s the same head of the local FBI office who told his agent not to speak to me anymore and then I believe that they probably found out that we were still talking, and he got kicked out of the public integrity unit back to the opiate squad.

Also consider this:

BPE: Metro does not control the FBI?

Tobiasson: I’m telling you they control it at the local office. In fact, that FBI agent said that to me. He said, ‘If I was in any other field office in the country and a local police department called my boss and were upset about me talking to somebody they would tell them to go get fucked.’ He said this was the only field office in the entire country where the local police department can call and complain and get the agent to shut up. He specifically said that to me. So, with all due respect, you’re wrong on this one. The FBI agent personally said that. He then gave me a burner phone that he bought, because he didn’t want one in my name. We then spoke on burner phones, and now Joe Lombardo, one of the reasons for suggesting that I’m involved in drug trafficking, is because he knows I have burner phones and I said to the attorney, oh really, let me tell you something, I never had a burner phone in my life until I talked to the FBI. I said the only reason I ever had a burner phone is so that Metro and the FBI wouldn’t know I was talking to an FBI agent. That’s why I have a burner phone.

By all means, take the link and read the entire article.  I’m amazed Tobiasson is still alive, though she is being harassed and intimidated:  

On April 17, 2018 just four days after Tobiasson’s interview aired on Las Vegas television, Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson, along with Assistant District Attorney’s Robert Daskas, Christopher Lalli, and Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo, the head of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, had a secret meeting with Chief Judge Joseph Boneventure of the Las Vegas Justice Court.

The purpose of the meeting was to have Judge Tobiasson removed from the criminal calendar and re-assigned to civil cases, alleging that she was biased towards the LVMPD. Boneventure did not reassign Tobiasson.

And there is more:

Not satisfied with their first attempt of retaliation, Judge Andress-Tobiasson in November 2018 would once again face the ire of those in power, this time from the Nevada Judicial Discipline Commission.

In what I call the biggest load of crap ever to be dumped on anyone’s desk, the Commission alleges that Tobiasson improperly used her position as a judge to contact Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department vice detectives regarding her claims of sex trafficking at an after-hours unlicensed club, which according to Tobiasson was frequented by off-duty LVMPD police officers. Must have been the allure of the underaged girls the pimps had inside those clubs.

The Commission’s bullshit argument is that Tobiasson had access to speak to the vice detectives and make those requests to investigate the clubs because of her position as a judge.

And a judge is somehow not able to do what any citizen can do?  Report crimes to the police?  Judges are not supposed to be concerned with upholding the law, particularly when their children might be involved?  That’s Las Vegas/Nevada thinking.

And the FBI?

And what’s been going on with the FBI federal corruption probe of the LVMPD?

The FBI raided the Las Vegas home of suspected prostitution kingpin Jamal Rashid “aka Mally Mall” in April of 2014.

Almost five years later neither Rashid nor the suspected corrupt cops of the LVMPD have been indicted.

What’s going on Federal Bureau of Investigation?

What’s going on is what happens to everyone in law enforcement in Las Vegas. They quickly learn who is never to be arrested.  They quickly learn cops can get away with murder, to say nothing of lesser crimes. They quickly learn they will be rewarded, in some cases, handsomely, for ignoring and covering the crimes of others. They also quickly learn if they step on the wrong toes, they could end up buried in the desert.  Even an honest officer that fails to do something, or makes a mistake, is compromised, and there are always people surrounding them ready to remind them they’re compromised, and to make demands of them.

The same apparently happens to the FBI in Las Vegas, as the apparently honest FBI agent told Judge Tobiasson. Add a corrupt FBI headquarters—and the DOJ generally–to the corruption that rules Las Vegas, and it’s not at all a stretch.

If you haven’t read License To Kill, it may be found, direct from the publisher, hereor at Amazon. The book, in glorious paperback—the size of a hard cover book and easy to read—is $17.99 at either source, and Amazon has a Kindle version for $4.99. Everyone that has reviewed the book to date has given it 100% on Amazon—we’d love to have more reviews–and you’ll be impressed by their knowledge and backgrounds.  Perhaps more importantly, you’ll have a much better understanding of the reality of Las Vegas, and you’ll thank your lucky stars you don’t live there.