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I often write about the things contemporary schools do, and more specifically, about what they should not do.  Schools fulfill a vital function: preparing children to be functional members of society, and most importantly, citizens who see the value of America, who would see the Constitution upheld and defended, who would pay any price for the triumph of liberty.  Schools should not merely perform the Pledge of Allegiance, but ensure kids understand it is more, far more, than rote recitation.  America is unique, unlike any nation in history, because we consider everyone important, equal under the law.  To keep that distinction, young Americans must grow up believing they need to belong to something greater than themselves, and nothing is greater than America.  But not in Portland, as Victoriataft.com reports:

Public documents obtained by a Portland attorney reveal that Portland Public School staff, planned, executed and paid for what the media and the school district branded as a ‘student’ anti-Second Amendment protest last March 14th.

Willamette Week reported at the time:

‘Portland students at Roosevelt High School in North Portland, Lincoln in Southwest, Cleveland in Southeast, Franklin in Mt. Tabor and Sunset High in Beaverton were a few of thousands around the state, and nation, protesting for an end gun violence.

Many of the morning’s demonstrations included sitting for 17 minutes in silence—one minute for every person shot in the Florida school shooting. At Lincoln High, where Mayor Ted Wheeler was present, 17 desks were situated with 17 roses on them.

It was followed up by another one in April in which students were given time off to protest.’

Portland’s protest community, or as I call them Portland Professional Protesters, Incorporated,™ permeate the community, especially in government – teaching – and quasi government non-profit jobs. I wouldn’t be too far off in suggesting that they leave school on Friday afternoon to join a drum circle by 4pm and then don a balaclava for the evening’s Antifa destruction. There is no chance they don’t bring their far Left politics to the schools. No chance. This is the state that adopted the law – offered by a teacher – to register underage voters. They call it “pre-registration.”  Gee, I wonder what political organization they align with.

Virtually nothing is as important to teachers as class time.  Yet every year, more and more time is wasted on all manner of diversions having little or nothing to do with education.  One might argue, and I’m sure some do, that civil disobedience—protest—is immeasurably valuable.  Leftists call protest the highest form of patriotism, but only when it serves their purposes, which usually means trying to destroy the Constitution, in this case, the Second Amendment.  School children have more than enough time–outside school hours–to grow up to join the ranks of those who know no history, have no honor, and would destroy the Republic that makes their self-absorbed nihilism possible and profitable.

The Oregon Firearms Federation, a civil rights and education group, said that the local attorney who obtained the records found that the district had orchestrated everything:

In response to a Public Records Act request, PPS has now released documents showing that the demonstrations were organized by PPS, and involved a massive dedication of school resources.  From the School Board (which passed a resolution calling for a ban on the possession of all semi-automatic weapons) on down to the individual schools (which reprogrammed class bells to create a special protest period, so no one would have to be marked absent from class), the entire Administration organized itself to undermine the core of our Constitutional republic.

Attorney James Buchal, who also serves as the Chair of the Multnomah County GOP, told VictoriaTaft.com that the school staffs are using kids as political human shields:

‘The Portland Public Schools exploited students to manufacture political pressure for gun control, camouflaging their own anti-gun agenda as private speech by students.

Bachal is seeking parents willing to participate in a civil suit, but in a place like Portland where Antifa thugs destroy, burn and assault at the drop of a mask, that may be a difficult task.

Praising their Leftist Messiah, Barack Obama. About as creepy as it gets…

Manipulating children for political purposes, is not only fundamentally dishonorable, it’s a betrayal of the public trust, of every educator’s honor—should they have any.  When elementary aged children are manipulated—who can forget a class singing Obama’s praises?one can argue the children didn’t understand; they were merely trying to please their teachers.  With older kids it’s different.

Older kids, particularly of high school age, often don’t much care about pleasing their teachers, and do have at least a rudimentary understanding of the abstractions that are political philosophies.  However, they can’t truly understand such things, nor can they predict their consequences.  Teachers manipulate them no less than elementary kids, just in different ways. The Left has always known the way to win the future is to warp the present, to indoctrinate children. Normal Americans generally argue for America, and do not tend to participate in protests—certainly not during school hours, and not with children.

It is reasonably certain John Adams said:

A boy of 15 who is not a democrat is good for nothing, and he is no better who is a democrat at 20.

The point is that when young, one is easily swayed by emotion, so they tend to foolishly buy into emotional leftist slogans and arguments.  Once they are older and have experience in life, if they aren’t conservatives, if they’ve successfully ignored reality–they have learned nothing—they’re fools.

But high school kids aren’t entirely foolish.  Many of those gleefully participating in those protests could not have cared less about the political purity of school officials or their ideology.  They just wanted to skip school—for any reason. Many released surely didn’t attend the protests; they did what they wanted while they could.

This is but one reason why letting kids out of school—unsupervised—for any reason, is particularly stupid.

Any school administrator, any teacher, who participates in this kind of betrayal—for the furtherance of any political philosophy–should be fired, their teaching credentials revoked.  Any school board member who authorizes this or abides it should be voted out of office at the earliest opportunity.

But this is Portland. That won’t happen.  More’s the pity for Portland’s children.  More’s the pity for America’s future.