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The Left hates America, and they hate Americans.  Some may mutter otherwise, but if their professions of regard are honest, why do they salivate to fundamentally transform—as their messiah urged—everything about America?  We now have a US Representative who calls herself a Palestinian, and is actively lobbying for Islamist causes, and another who is much the same.  This does not well comport with their oaths of office.  The Santa Barbara (CA) City College Board of Trustees decided no longer recite the Pledge of Allegiance because it is “steeped in expressions of nativism and white nationalism.”  A former teacher soon recited it to gross abuse at a board meeting, and an avalanche of bad publicity caused a rapid about face.  Perhaps it might be helpful to see America through the eyes of an immigrant.  They’re beloved of Leftists, aren’t they?  Military veteran Nolan Peterson explains at The Daily Signal:

Lilya Peterson, new American

KYIV, Ukraine—How do you measure America’s greatness?

By the size of its economy, or the strength of its military?

By the height of its city skylines, or the audacity of the moon landings?

Perhaps, by the heroism of the Marines who landed on Iwo Jima, or of the Army soldiers who landed on Omaha Beach?

Maybe. But America’s greatness is not always measured like in the movies or a campaign speech. Sometimes, an anonymous act of gratitude is proof enough, even if we, as Americans, don’t always see it that way.

In August, my wife, Lilya, and I were at dinner in Geyserville, California, with my younger brother, Drew, and his girlfriend, Gabrielle.

Lilya is Ukranian, and this was her first visit to America.

We’d been wine tasting all afternoon and had rounded off the day with a few cocktails to boot. Feeling a bit loosened up, my brother and I, as is our habit, slipped into a familiar topic of conversation—the war in Afghanistan.

You see, both Drew and I are U.S. military veterans. And, naturally, we get to talking about our wartime experiences whenever we’re together. Often a bit too loudly, as Lilya and Gabrielle gently suggested on that night in Geyserville.

In any case, as we wrapped up dinner and asked for the check, the waitress informed us that someone had already paid our bill. We asked who this person was, but he or she had already left, the waitress explained.

‘They asked me to tell you, ‘Thank you for your service,’ she said.

My brother and I were speechless. It is, after all, all too easy to assume the country has moved on and forgotten about our wars when so many of the things that divide us seem to occupy so much of the news.

On the walk back to the hotel that night, my wife, who is Ukrainian, told me, ‘I’m so shocked and impressed. I’ve never seen such a kind gesture by a stranger. It was magnificent.”

The United States is an inspiration for many people fighting for their freedom around the world, such as these Kurdish peshmerga soldiers outside Mosul, Iraq, in 2016. (Photo: Nolan Peterson/The Daily Signal)

On the walk back to the hotel that night, my wife, who is Ukrainian, told me, “I’m so shocked and impressed. I’ve never seen such a kind gesture by a stranger. It was magnificent.”

I was moved by the gesture, too. But it wasn’t the first time someone in America had bought me a drink for being a veteran. What I didn’t immediately understand is that from my wife’s point of view, it was a singularly unprecedented, characteristically American, display of gratitude.

The Petersons

A week later, Lilya and I were having a drink at a bar in my hometown of Sarasota, Florida. We chatted with the barman and it came up that I was a former Air Force pilot and a war correspondent.

When it was time to square up the tab, the barman said with a smile that he wouldn’t take my money.

‘Thank you for your service,’ he simply explained.

On our way out the door, my wife stopped, took my hand, turned to me, and said, ‘This is the greatest country in the world.

The Petersons at the Air Force Academy Chapel

Peterson is an Air Force Academy graduate.  He took Lilya to visit the Academy:

During our visit, I was honored with the opportunity to speak to a couple of classes, as well as with the faculty, to share my wartime experiences. During one classroom session, the professor put Lilya on the spot and asked for her impression of America.

Impromptu public speaking in a foreign language isn’t easy. But she nailed it.

Without missing a beat, Lilya replied: ‘This is the greatest country in the world. But most Americans don’t know it.

Leftists don’t know it, or choose to ignore reality and construct their own.  Living by a political code that cannot possibly be falsified tends to do that. Lilya says it well:

 I never thought that random people would be so kind to strangers just because they respect them’ Lilya told me.  ‘America really is the greatest country on earth.’

She paused for a beat and then added, ‘This trip changed the way I see everything, and I’ll never be the same.

This is why so many come to America: because anything is possible, America changes everything for men and women, just as it has changed the world for the better.  But Lilya Peterson is not alone in her appreciation of America.  S.G. Chea, formerly of Malaysia, is also able to recognize America’s virtues.  She writes at Medium.com

Recently, as I was reading about a protest in Malaysia against a United Nation’s treaty on racial discrimination, I am reminded again of why America is the greatest and most moral country I have had the fortunate privilege of leaving Malaysia for.

‘America is great because America is good’ Alexis de Tocqueville writes— a sentiment I wholeheartedly agree with.

I would add to Tocqueville’s observation that America is great because it exemplifies all the great ideas of Western Civilization, but with one additional aspect which most of Western history lacks. That aspect is the American ideals of individualism, demonstrated in her sanctity for individual rights. The protection of individual rights is the remarkable aspect of America and is what makes the American experiment fundamentally different from the rest of the world.

It is this that the Left would destroy: respect for the individual, the sovereignty of each man and woman against the depredations of a totalitarian state. That American is truly fundamentally different than the rest of the world enrages them, for it is that difference that makes their despotic designs impossible.  They want the enforced regimentation common to all socialist regimes. They want the bold, socialist progress of Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea and every other socialist/communist killing field. They often couch it in bizarre rhetoric, alleging that individual freedom doesn’t represent American values.

Newly enthroned Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA), who is running for president, recently said of private health insurance ‘that’s not American.’  What is—to her–American, is mandatory single-payer health care that would eliminate all personal choice (and absolutely bankrupt the nation).  It’s the kind of totalitarian brilliance that sends innumerable Canadians to America every year to willingly pay to get the medical care the “freedom” of free universal health care can never provide at any cost.

Harris, and all like her, refuse to acknowledge the inherent goodness of the American people, something readily apparent to Tocqueville, as it was to Justin Korva of Rockwell, Texas, as I wrote in 2017 in Texas: American values.  

It is the story of Andy Mitchell, who seeing a young man walking miles to work in the heat of a Texas summer, gave him a ride, and found he was working to better himself and to one day have a car.  Mitchell wrote about Justin’s determination on Facebook, and hundreds of fellow Texans worked together to get Justin a good used car.  I wrote:

Why did they do it? Why would they give so much of themselves to a young man none of them knew? Because they all know what it is to have no car in the summer in Texas. Because Justin was working to better himself, and with him, the community.   Because that’s what Texans are; it’s what they do. That’s what Americans do.

I’ve lived my life in South Dakota and Wyoming, and the last 16 years in Texas. Like so many others, I wasn’t born here, but I got here as fast as I could. The story of Justin Korva is nothing new to me. I’ve seen it, in all its iterations, over and over again in South Dakota, Wyoming and Texas. Americans give of themselves because it’s the right thing to do, because their upbringing, their faith, and their values tell them to do it, and because it makes them feel good. Race, gender, none of that, enters into it. They see others in need, and if they can, give. Americans aren’t obsessed with such things as their self-imagined intellectual and moral superiors are. Such people think it’s government’s job to take care of others, using other people’s money, of course. Americans want government to stay the hell out of their lives. They’ll take care of each other just fine, thank you, and they won’t pick anybody’s pocket to do it.

Andy Mitchell is white.  Justin Korva is black.  That matters to the Left only in their determination never to mention anything good white people do for minorities, and their treatment of all Black people as victims under the eternal, condescending protection of leftists.  To normal Americans, race matters not at all.

And in Texas, Americans honor those who serve, as Legal Insurrection reports: 

On Saturday, Fuzzy blogged that a Texas cemetery asked the public to attend the funeral of Air Force veteran Joseph Walker out of concerns that no one will be there.

This shows the power of social media. It caught the attention of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and CNN’s Jake Tapper, who pleaded with people to attend the funeral.

Pleas were unnecessaryAll that was necessary was that they learn a veteran, a man that sacrificed to secure the freedoms–the virtues–of America that Lilya, Chea, and countless millions recognize, even as many of those born in American will not, had none to mourn his passing.

Circa 2019, we find ourselves on the path to irreversible conflict.  Leftists would have us believe our division the fault of President Trump, but that’s propaganda at which they excel. He is the lawfully elected President of the United States, who played by the rules and won election under the Constitution.  And that’s the problem.  His opponents, the opponents of all Americans that honor the Constitution, refuse to accept American constitutionalism, because it stands in the way of their totalitarian designs.

The invaluable Victor Davis Hanson explains: 

Presidential elections are now to be seen by the Left not as the end of a four-year political cycle. Instead, they are the beginning of an any-means-necessary, existential effort to reverse the proverbial will of the people and to remove or delegitimize the president. From now on, if the Left loses, then everything is in theory on the table: seeking removal of the victor by warping the Electoral College vote; or suing under the Logan Act, the emoluments clause, or the 25th Amendment; or cherry-picking federal judges to block presidential orders; or using the Congress to impeach the president; or unleashing a special counsel for years of investigation.

In other words, we are in a revolutionary cycle in which the old idea of Democrat or liberal is being superseded by progressivism — and then going well beyond even that. The new generation of Democrats no longer resents ‘socialist’ as a right-wing slur, and ‘Communist’ may well go through the same rehabilitation.

Standing in the way are Nolan and Lilya Peterson, S.G. Chea, Andy Mitchell, every Texan who helped him help Justin Corva, and every Texan who was moved to honor, in death, a man they did not know who served them—America–in life.  In their way too is every American who knows the Constitution is what makes America the beacon to the world, and the last, best hope of western civilization, of humanity.

To Kamala Harris and her ilk, everything that makes America invaluable is not American.  Everything that consigns millions to misery, oppresion and the grave, is.