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Do walls work?  Congressional Democrats claim they are entirely useless, antiquated, even immoral. This while people like Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama live behind high security walls, protected by armed security.

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Walls do indeed work–just ask the Israelis–which is why, in concert with armed security and technical means (cameras, sensors, drones, etc.) an appropriately designed and constructed wall at America’s southern border will bring the flood of illegal immigration and drug and sex trafficking to a trickle.

This, along with Trump Derangement Syndrome, is why Democrats viciously oppose the wall.  It will dramatically improve national security, reduce crime and expose them as racist charlatans.  There are, of course, other reasons, as the indispensable Kurt Schlichter explains:

Liberals need pliable, reliable replacement voters to buy off with your tax money, and the captains of industry want a pool of eager serfs. The illegals themselves just want to get out of the crummy countries whose policies Democrats expect they are willing to vote for here in El Norte. Gosh, it seems the only people who want the tsunami of illegal aliens to subside are us Normal Americans. But then, as with the elite’s endless wars and ruinous social experimentation, we Normals get stuck with the check for the costs and have to pay it with our money and our blood.

Kate Steinle. Jamiel Shaw. Mollie Tibbets. Now Corporal Singh. Oh, and let’s not forget the tens of thousands of our sons and daughters ODing on the fentanyl that flows over the wide open border. But all that death means nothing.

It’s much more important for the Dems and Never Trumpers to score some points on Donald Trump…and on you.

Democrats are not solely responsible for damaging national security and allowing the drug and illegal immigrant crime epidemics to run riot.  There are far more supposed Republicans than there should be.  Actually, even one is far more than there should be, but these are the times in which we live.  However, Democrats are most of the problem, and they are very determined to prevent a wall and the enactment of any necessary changes in our insane immigration laws–over our dead bodies:

No wall, no matter how many American citizens have to die.

Every day that they refuse to allow the man we elected president to fulfill the most basic function of a national government – securing its national borders – they make a deliberate choice to accept more dead Americans. Oh, and more crime, poverty and welfare costs too. They are willing to let it all happen because their power means much, much more to them than your prosperity, your security, or your life.

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What means even more is seizing complete governmental power, amassing illegal immigrants, criminals and dreamers and once they accomplish this, they will do whatever is necessary to ensure normal Americans never again make the mistake of voting for the wrong people.  If they again seize power, they intend never to relinquish it.

They believe they can make President Trump blink.  They think Americans are upset that a small portion of the federal government is shut down.  After all, what could possibly be worse?  Illegal immigrants killing our loved ones, damaging our economy, overburdening our schools and social services, eating a huge portion of our wealth, filling our streets with poison, committing innumerable crimes, or some government bureaucrats who would never in a million years vote for any republican, and who loath normal Americans, not getting a paycheck for awhile?

Normal Americans are not in the least upset the government is closed. They know the bureaucrats will get every dime of the money and benefits due them when the shutdown ends, but in the meantime, they’re not blaming President Trump, they’re saying “shut the whole damned thing down!”  Politicians and bureaucrats actually think without the federal government trying to run everyone’s lives, the world will come to an end.  Normal Americans know better.

How do we know the Democrats don’t care about us, about America? The Daily Caller reports:

Democratic lawmakers brought a border security briefing at the White House to a screeching halt Wednesday, refusing to even listen to Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, a White House official tells The Daily Caller

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy echoed this version of events to reporters outside the White House immediately after the briefing, saying, ‘Once the secretary started, Schumer interrupted her and didn’t want to hear it.’

Republican and Democratic lawmakers after the meeting indicated little progress was made toward ending the partial government shutdown and that they agreed to reconvene Friday. The White House official says there was a consensus in the room that negotiations would be put on hold until Pelosi officially assumed her expected role of Speaker.

The White House official told TheDC that both Pelosi and Schumer refused to hear out Nielsen’s briefing and instead advocated for two solutions to end the government shutdown. Neither of the Democratic options would provide the additional funding for border security requested by The White House.

‘Democrats in the room either don’t care that there is a humanitarian crisis on the border or just prefer ignorance. It was incredibly disheartening that they don’t want to know the facts when making policy,’ DHS Spokeswoman Katie Waldman said in a statement to TheDC.

Representatives for Pelosi and Schumer did not respond to requests for comment.

Now there’s a surprise.  I’m sure that Friday’s meeting will accomplish nothing more, so here’s my modest proposal: go entirely around the Democrats and make a deal with the American people.  Do it in a nationally televised address, and if the media refuses to televise it, use any media outlet, including Twitter, that will.  It’s going to be so revolutionary, so yuge–as Mr. Trump would say–the media won’t be able to resist it.

The deal is simplicity itself: sufficient money for the wall and everything else necessary to close and control the border once and for all.  From that time forward, no illegal immigration.  This will include not only a wall, but additional manpower and technology necessary to ensure it is virtually impossible to illegally enter America.  In addition, real immigration law reform that does away with chain immigration, birthright citizenship, catch and release, and anything else that allows illegal immigration in any way, shape or form. No one comes in unless they are the kind of people that will contribute to America–the people normal Americans want.

In return, the Dreamers get to stay, but they must become Americans.  They not only must speak the language well, they must assimilate fully, a melting pot, not a salad bowl.  Not only that, set a date, say January 1, 2019.  Anyone that illegally entered America after that date will be deported, and not considered for reentry for ten years.  Everyone that has illegally entered before that date, all ten or eleven million of them, get to stay, but they too must fully assimilate and fulfill al obligations of citizenship by a date certain, say January 1, 2022.  If any of them illegally vote or vote harvest, or violate the law in any significant way in the interim, deportation with no possibility of ever crossing the border again for any reason.  If they fail in any requirement, such as English proficiency, permanent deportation.

Think of all the jobs that would create!  A great many Americans would be immediately employable to teach English, American history and culture, government, etc.

To make the deal even sweeter, no fines for these people, and they immediately start paying federal income taxes, past unpaid taxes forgiven.

Normal Americans will never go for it, the racist haters!  Of course they will.  Americans–not the self-imagined elite–are among the kindest and most compassionate people ever to walk the planet.  If they can be assured illegal immigration will stop, once and for all, unlike the false promises of the past, they’ll be glad to welcome new, honest Americans with open arms.

This puts the burden entirely on Democrats–and to a lesser degree, Never Trumpers and various other Republican Walter Mittys and similar invertebrates.  For a pittance in federal spending, probably far less than we spend on foreign aid in a single year, we can restore national sovereignty, reduce crime and drug abuse, and gain new Americans who are more than smart enough to realize who really cares about them, and who will immediately begin contributing to the economy.

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Democrats were in control of the nation under Barack Obama, and did nothing for these people. Donald Trump can change everything, and for the betterment of America and all Americans.

Let Democrats explain why spending pocket change from the federal budget for real border security, and giving them everything–and more–they’ve ever claimed they wanted for the poor undocumented immigrants is immoral, impossible and evil.  Let them explain why reduced crime, drug addition and enhanced national security is a bad thing.  No more children torn from their parents!  No more illegal immigrant children dying of disease and heat stroke! No more tearsgas used to repel violent attempts to breach the border!

Let all the immigration lawyers and organizations and activists, all the media talking heads, explain why giving them everything they’ve ever demanded–and much, much more–is unacceptable and racist!

But all these people will vote for Democrats!  Not necessarily.  These people aren’t stupid.  Like our military members, they know who really cares about them.  Let Democrats demonstrate, once and for all, that they don’t give a damn about these people.  They just want to use them as political pawns.  They want to keep them dependent on government, unable to succeed, unable to live the American dream they came here to pursue, a dream that will only be possible if normal Americans once again bring politicians–their hired hands–to heel.  Democrats want slaves, not free men and women.

It would be a win/win situation.  People who came here to work and improve their fortunes for their families will get to do just that.  They’ll become real Americans, not hyphenated Americans.  Those that refuse to assimilate get to return to the socialist worker’s paradises of their birth.  I hear Venezuela has quite a bit of free space these days, not much toilet paper or food or medicine, but hey, it’s the kind of place Democrats want to create here, so how bad can it be?

American businesses will still have a ready pool of cheap labor, but because they’ll be American citizens, because they will no longer fear deportation, their wages and benefits are going to have to rise.  The free market always wins.  Their productivity will add to the economy, and Democrat’s supposed fondest dreams for the dreamers and all illegals will come true!

Democrats are depending on their lies to convince illegals they care deeply for each and every one of them, that they are their saviors. Let President Trump, with actions, not words, demonstrate who really cares.  Let Democrats show themselves for the vicious racists and wannabe tyrants they are. Let Never Trumpers show themselves for the pathetic slugs they are.  They want all these people to become citizens?  Great!  Let’s do it! Let them all demonstrate they will not, under any circumstance, put America and Americans first.  Let them demonstrate they don’t want illegals to become citizens–they never did.

Build the wall and everything that goes with it, but let the public, including every illegal immigrant in the nation, see the Democrats for the liars and racists they are.  President Trump may be the man to force them to reveal themselves.  That’s why he was elected; he fights for Americans and America.

And in his televised address, his deal with the American people, Mr. Trump could do worse than quoting from Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address:

With malice toward none; with charity for all; with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in; to bind up the nation’s wounds…

Hand the Democrats and Never Trumpers the bandages and medicines, and see what they do with them.