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Jay Austin and Lauren Geogehan

In August of this year, I wrote Theory vs Reality, the tragic story of Jay Austin and Lauren Geoghegan.  Bicycling in Tajikastan, they were murdered by Islamists.  I wrote in part:

Because this is a New York Times story, it will not surprise you, gentle readers, to learn–according to other news accounts–that the Islamist thugs had not killed Austin and Geoghegan by running them over.  They used knives to finish the job.  How would the Islamist killers have known they were not believers? Western bikes, western clothing, they looked the part of infidels.  That would have been more than enough.  Kill them first and let Allah sort it out. The NYT couldn’t avoid at least partially identifying the killers, but one just can’t make Islamist beasts look too beastly, now can one? [skip]

Austin, and to a probably lesser degree Geoghegan, were progressive globalists.  I pray for their souls and mourn their passing, but there are lessons to be learned in their fatal mistakes.  The kind of theory-based obliviousness that ultimately put them in places they were almost certain to be killed is a conceit of western democracies, places where there are few to no physical consequences to believing such dangerous nonsense, and great emotional and social rewards.

Understanding evil as I do, I do not go anywhere I cannot go armed, if I can help it, and I do everything I can to be sure I need not go to such places.  Traveling by bicycle in remote areas in America is inherently dangerous for a wide variety of reasons.  I do not take training rides in my small Texas town unarmed.  I would probably be safe if I did not go armed, but evil is no respecter of good intentions and a life kindly lived.  Traveling in third world, Muslim countries, unarmed, without resources, armed only with the firm conviction no one will hurt you because you love them, you really love them, you recognize their inherent goodness and humanity, and you share their hatred of Israel, is an almost certain way to be killed, and certainly not humanely.

Sadly, those that will not learn from history are doomed to repeat it, as Fox News reports:

Louisa Jesperson, forever 24

The attack on the two Scandinavian backpackers in Morocco could have had a terrorism motive, according to reports.

Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, 24, from Denmark, and Maren Ueland, 28, from Norway, were brutally murdered while camping in the Atlas mountains.

A day after arresting the first suspects authorities believe the horrifying attack bears some of the hallmarks of terrorism.

Maren Euland, forever 28

Oh really?  And why would one think that?  Perhaps because one of the young women was decapitated, and the other, nearly so?  Because the sub-human thugs filmed the murders and have posted it on the Internet?

The killers filmed the vile slaying and a video of the incident is circulating on Moroccan social media sparking outrage in the country, Morocco World News reports.

No terror group has yet claimed the responsibility for the killing.

It’s thought the three suspects from nearby Marrakech may have stalked the pair before attacking them while they slept on Monday.

The Sun adds relevant detail:

Unnamed Islamist murderer #1

It is alleged after committing the murders they fled, leaving their tent in which was a forgotten ID of one of the arrested men.

The suspects were also filmed on CCTV moving towards the spot where the women were camping.

They are now being hauled back to the scene of the crime to explain how the killings happened, according to a source.

A source told Morocco World News: ‘The suspects were camping in the same area that the murder took place.

Witnesses saw the group at night as they were heading to the camp area.

Unnamed Islamist murderer #2

This is particularly sad—and infuriating:

Maren’s mum told Norwegian broadcaster NRK that her daughter was a ‘warm and engaged’.

She said: “Her first priority was safety.

‘The girls had taken all the precautionary measures before embarking on this trip.’

I’ll address this shortly, but she apparently has very different ideas about what constitutes “safety” for two young, blonde women traveling alone and without support in a Muslim country.

Unnamed Islamist murderer #3

Both were students of ‘outdoor activities and cultural guidance’ at the University of Southeastern Norway.

They had reportedly set up a camp near Imlil which is a popular tourist destination at the foot of the Toubkal peak which is the highest in Africa.

Let’s get this bit of reality and unpleasantness out of the way now: they were surely raped, though I doubt any media outlet will report that.  One can’t expose Islamists for the barbarians they are.  That would be judging other cultures, and as we all know, all cultures are equally valid, moral and good.

How do I know they were raped?  Islamists would see two young blonde women, uncovered, wearing modern clothing and freely speaking with everyone they met as whores.  Islamists generally treat their wives, sisters and daughters little better than cattle, committing genital mutilations and honor killings even in America, as I wrote here in April of 2017.  

Safe in their own country and secure in their barbaric culture, they stalked the young women and slaughtered them in their sleep.  Do you, gentle readers, really think they would deny themselves the fun and spiritual blessings of raping two infidel whores?

The media, who have not identified the “alleged” killers as this is written, have carefully noted that one of them might possibly be a radical of some sort.  It’s that kind of insightful reporting that makes the media what it is.  One might also consider that taking part in such heinous crimes at all might be somewhat radical.

Those responsible for the murders of these lovely young women are the three Islamists, and anyone else who might have been involved.  They deserve the most severe punishment man can devise, but because they are Muslims in a Muslim country, don’t bet on it.  They might be convicted of something and tucked out of sight for awhile—have to appease the infidels that send their taxpayer bucks–but when the media moves on—like tomorrow—they’ll be released and lauded as heroes.  Even now, they are doubtless secure in the belief they’ve earned their place in paradise for dispatching some infidels that dared to soil sacred Muslim soil.  One can be certain a large portion of the Moroccan populace thinks them splendid examples of Muslim manhood.

Disclosure: Are all Muslims this way?  Of course not.  These are, and that’s all that mattered to Ueland and Jesperson in their final, blood-soaked moments of terror.

The greatest irony is and continues to be the refusal of so many in the civilized, western world, to recognize the benefits and sacrifices of those who have labored and sacrificed for millennia that we may have running water, toilet paper, air conditioning, and the rule of law, such that beautiful, blonde young women don’t suffer a near certain chance of being raped and murdered whenever they go out in public.  None of this is certain in much of the world.

There are places in America, and in the rest of the supposedly civilized world—like Paris—where normal Americans would be ill advised to go unarmed, alone or not.  In such places, unarmed young women are seen as juicy treats, and last about as along.

Louisa Jesperson

I can’t say it enough: evil exists.  It is out there, everywhere, waiting its chance, and it will take advantage of every opportunity to do what evil does.  We are assured the young women took “all precautionary measures.”  Did they have a cell phone?  In a nation with spotty cell coverage at best?  Did they carry passports?  Perhaps they had a phone numbers for the Norwegian and Danish consulates?  Surely they had no weapons, nor did they have connections in-country with which to obtain them.

How is it that two young college women, presumably intelligent, did not understand that backpacking, alone and unarmed in a Muslim country was likely to result in their deaths?  How is it their parents didn’t understand this?  Their friends?  Did no one tell them their plans were, at best, incredibly naïve, and at worst, deadly?  Was there no place else to backpack?  As I understand it, Scandinavia has some rather nice outdoor activities, though the current Muslim influx there might make even that a bit dicey.

All too often the beneficiaries of western civilization forget it was won, and is maintained, because rough men and women stand ready to do violence on behalf of those forgetful sheep.  They are allowed their dangerous delusions of universal peace and love because there remain enough realistic, rational Americans—and some others—willing to sacrifice to ensure we do not descend into the reality of most of the hell-hole countries on this planet.  President Trump is right about that.

National sovereignty matters. America is the safest, most advanced, most free nation in history because it was built by people who recognized the difference between good and evil, reality and theory, and had the character to do something about it. America will remain so only if her inhabitants understand that process never ends.

I mourn the loss of Louisa Vesterager Jespersen and Maren Ueland.  We are all diminished by their deaths, and I pray for their souls and the comfort of those that loved them.  But we will lose more and more good people, people who could have enriched the world–unlike their killers–if they continue to refuse to understand that not everyone is good and kind.  Some people are purely evil.  Some cultures are very much more valid and valuable than others, and there are places—many places—in this world, brave, skilled and well armed men wisely prefer not to go, even in force.

Civilization endures only so long as we see the world realistically.  There are millions upon millions out there that would delight in returning the world to the 7thcentury.  They really do hate us, and they are more than willing to kill us.  Two young Scandinavian women may have understood that in their last moments.  Perhaps their families and friends do now, but at terrible cost.

The old commercial tag line: “friends don’t let friends drive drunk,” may be relevant here.  “Friends don’t let friends travel where they’re sure to be killed by Islamist savages.”

UPDATE, 12-21-18, 1800 CST:  PJ Media helps clarify the motive:


A horrific video apparently showing the killing of one of two female Scandinavian hikers murdered in Morocco this week, recorded by one of the killers, depicts another killer stating the murders are revenge for the killing of his ‘brothers’ of the Islamic State in Syria.

One of the men now in custody was known to be connected to ISIS, the prosecutor general’s office said yesterday.

Today, a video that appears to show the men pledging allegiance to ISIS appeared on social media:

#BREAKINGExclusive video of the four men who attacked two tourists in #Moroccogiving bayah to al-Baghdadi pic.twitter.com/cPmOCAVnXs

— Wikidawla (@wikidawla) December 20, 2018

A video taken by campers near the murder scene shows the suspects hastily leaving in the middle of the night. This video helped law enforcement identify the men. Moroccan authorities said three men were in custodyearlier today after their arrest at a bus station in Marrakesh.

The mighty jihadists were bravely running away. The social media post appears to identify them, not that knowing their names will much matter.