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Why is the deep state, the Democrats in and out of Congress, the FBI, DOJ, Robert Mueller and his 13 angry Democrats and the Media after Donald Trump?  Why is there a daily drumbeat about his supposed, but ephemeral crimes, even though it seems none can be found or proved? Why are congressional Dems promising to exceed their previous wretched excess?  

A new report from the Department of Justice Inspector General suggests the corruption of the Obama DOJ and FBI is far from eradicated.  Disgraced former FBI agent Peter Strzok and disgraced former FBI lawyer Lisa Page are, unsurprisingly, involved.  Most tellingly, so is Special Counsel/witch hunter Robert Mueller.  Fox News explains:

In a comprehensive report issued Thursday, the Department of Justice’s internal watchdog blamed a technical glitch for a swath of missing text messages between anti-Trump ex-FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page — and revealed that government phones issued by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office to Strzok and Page had been wiped completely clean after Strzok was fired from the Russia probe.

The IG was first told—in 2017–Mueller’s people just couldn’t find Page’s phone. More than a year later, it miraculously was found, but it had, like Strzok’s phone, been wiped.  What a coincidence.

The DOJ’s Inspector General (IG) said that, with help from the Department of Defense, it was able to uncover thousands of missing text messages written by Strzok and Page and sent using their FBI-issued Samsung phones from December 15, 2016 through May 17, 2017, ‘as well as hundreds of other text messages outside the gap time period that had not been produced by the FBI due to technical problems with its text message collection tool.’

But when the IG went looking for the iPhones separately issued to Strzok and Page by the Mueller team, investigators were told that ‘[Strzok’s] iPhone had been reset to factory settings and was reconfigured for the new user to whom the device was issued.’

The records officer at the special counsel told the IG that “as part of the office’s records retention procedure, the officer reviewed Strzok’s DOJ issued iPhone” on September 6, 2017 and ‘determined it contained no substantive text messages’ before it was wiped completely — just weeks after Strzok was fired from Mueller’s team for anti-Trump bias and sending anti-Trump text messages.

So “it contained no substantive text messages.”  Right. If you or I, gentle readers, did this sort of thing, we’d be facing years in prison for destruction of evidence and obstruction of justice.  Of course, the law is just for the little people.

The officer wrote a note in an official log after reviewing Strzok’s phone: ‘No substantive texts, notes or reminders.’ But the officer told the IG that she did ‘not recall whether there were any text messages on Strzok’s phone,’ although ‘she made an identical log entry for an iPhone she reviewed from another employee on the same day that she specifically recalled having no text messages.

Isn’t it interesting, gentle readers, how evidence that could destroy Democrats keeps coincidentally disappearing? By all means, take the link and read the rest of the article.  The DOJ IG’s report is available here.  

What’s going on is a coordinated smoke screen. Democrats, never Trump Republicans, and other assorted swamp creatures are doing their best to keep pressure on President Trump to hide their own, voluminous crimes.  They have able, daily help from the almost entirely corrupt media, and the DOJ, FBI and a variety of other deep state organs.  For nearly two years they’ve been screaming “Russia! Collusion! A good article on that farcical unicorn hunt is here.  Now that narrative is quickly and quietly being abandoned, replaced by “campaign finance,” or “Trump Foundation!”

The Flynn case now threatens to blow up in the collective faces of swamp dwellers.  What should have been a routine sentencing has turned into the very real possibility that the judge may, due to prosecutorial and FBI misconduct, dismiss all charges, and declare Flynn not guilty.  An up to date summary of that debacle is here.  

This article by Kimberly Strassel provides more detail on the unethical and corrupt practices of Mueller and his thugs, and the DOJ and FBI.

What we’re seeing is a concerted attempt to prevent President Trump from effectively managing the government, from doing what he is constitutionally empowered to do, what he was elected to do.  It is a slow motion coup that will continue until he leaves office through impeachment, or when his term in office runs out. Even so, Mr. Trump, in only two years, has accomplished an extraordinary amount of good for America and the American people.  This too has enraged the swamp dwellers, and they’re determined to prevent him from doing more.

These people are doing enormous damage to American’s faith in government, and the institutions that must be non-partisan and scrupulously law-abiding to keep us from descending into civil war.  They are more than sufficiently stupid to think none of this matters. If they can get rid of Trump, they’ll regain complete control, control they’ll never again surrender.  They’re setting our house on fire, thinking they’ll never get burned. They’re wrong.

Mueller is not going to end his investigation. He’ll keep it alive until the run up to the 2020 elections, and drop an October Surprise.  It most likely will have no evidence of crimes on Mr. Trump’s part, but it will be full of innuendo and unsupportable accusations.  This is no surprise.  None of the left’s attacks are legitimate.  All of it is a political hit job, a cold civil war on most of America. Donald Trump is merely symbolic of their disdain and hatred for us all.

All that remains to be known is how long we will endure as a constitutional republic.  The alternative looks very much like Venezuela: great for the tyrants, dog and cat stew for the normals.

UPDATE, 12-15-18 1615 CST:  Formal federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy, who has done great work on the Flynn case, and on the get Trump witch hunt,has produced a new article.  https://www.nationalreview.com/2018/12/michael-flynn-investigation/  His conclusion: Flynn lied.  By all means, take the link and read the whole thing.

However, before you do, keep in mind these facts:

1) Whenever the police use the Soviet tactic of beginning with someone they hate, or want to use, and then trying to find, or manufacturing a crime, the police, like the press, are enemies of the people. Their actions are un-American and cause enormous damage to the public’s respect for the rule of law and the police.

2) It is only a crime to lie to certain federal agents.  It is not a crime, in and of itself, to lie to virtually any state or local law enforcement officer.  It should not be a crime to lie to any police officer. It’s arguably a violation of the 5thamendment, and it encourages unethical cops–it appears the FBI has many of these–to manufacture crimes with which to charge the innocent. It’s much easier and safer to do that than to pursue real criminals.

3) Ethical police officers know there is an enormous difference between a knowing lie, a failure of memory, a statement provoked by a faulty question, a misstatement, or a lie told about something unrelated to the crime. In this case, there was no crime.  There was no legitimate reason to interview Flynn.  The charge against Flynn was a classic case of entrapment, done in bad faith at the order–he has admitted it–of the Director of the FBI.

4) Ethical police officers produce comprehensive reports–in the FBI, a “302” immediately–within a few days at most–of any interview or action.  In this case, there is apparently no 302 about the Flynn interview, probably because the agents admitted Flynn didn’t knowingly lie about anything.  The 302 turned over to the court on Friday was written some seven moths later, and its subject was disgraced Agent Peter Strzok. This kind of funny business with reports is a sure sign of corruption/cover up.

5) Even the hint of a political motive or bias in any investigation should invalidate that investigation and required the dismissal of any charges brought.  The stench of a political coup hangs over the FBI, DOJ, and particularly Mueller and his Democrat thugs.