2 thoughts on “swalwell 1”

  1. 1706to1790 said:

    I am upset to see that it’s been two weeks and few of my sources (Mike’s blog and Fox News) has raised the serious issue of this DEMOCRAT AMATEUR AND INCOMPETENT (Salwell) implying or even thinking there’s a chance the Federal government would use nuclear weapons INSIDE THE UNITED STATES. Goddamit!! Why are so few people aware of the gravity of this??! Furthermore: an effective response is required. Let me be the first to suggest: Demanding a response from the Trump White House AND both the Democrats and Republicans in Congress (!!).

    Lets keep in mind the “regular” and negligent attitude from the Republican Party (et al): THAT is why the Democrats have gained control of the House and many state level seats and governorships. Goddamit!!

    If anyone happens to read this, they are probably aware that in football: one of the worst things that happen is when one team “hangs around” until the 4th quarter and then wins the game. We cannot allow the Democrats to continue to “hang around” IN OUR GOVERNMENT.

    Hold every Democrat responsible and that includes all 65 million party members who vote for Democrats. Salwell is the fumbled football WE MUST PICK UP to drive Democrats into permanent minority status.

    Contact your reps in Congress and contact the Whitehouse on this. Letting this slide by simply means you don’t really care about this. Leave one alternative only: immediate censure for Salwell the Dangerous Incompetent. Keep at it until it happens.

    • Dear 1706to1790:

      Censure? Swalwell merely made the mistake of saying what far too many Democrats think. Republicans censure Republicans. Democrats don’t censure Democrats. When they do it, it’s different, because shut up.

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