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Most American colleges and universities these days are bastions of politically correct progressivism, or socialism or communism, or something left of those, etc.  They are constantly striving to stamp out the insidious forces that do not believe in inclusion and diversity, and who do all manner of micro aggressions.  Amazingly, for all that earnest effort, they never seem to defeat their foes.  Our institutions of higher learning are perpetually cesspools of racism, hatred, sexism, and every other ism one might imagine.  I recently spoke to this terrible state of affairs in Hate Crimes: Sneaky Normals. 

And tragically, gentle readers, I must, once again, inform you of the latest outrage, this time at Drake University of Des Moines, Iowa, courtesy of Legal Insurrection:

Three weeks ago, all hell broke loose on the Iowa campus of Drake University when a black student claimed to receive racist notes telling her to leave campus. Now it has been discovered that she was the author of the notes.

KIWA Radio News reports:

Drake University Racist Note ‘Victim’ Admits Writing Note Herself

Des Moines Police say one of the alleged victims of a racist note found at Drake University actually wrote it herself.

Two female Drake University students reported on November 15th that they had received harassing, racist notes that were slid under their dorm room door. The same students reported receiving a third note of similar nature on November 28th.

Des Moines Police say detectives and Drake University officials have determined that the third note was written by one of the alleged victims — an 18 year old female Drake University student. The student has admitted to being responsible for this note.

The noble struggle against nonexistent racism…

What?!  But they had a rally for justice and stuff, and everybody made signs!

Kathy A, Bolten of the Des Moines Register has more: [skip]

A Drake spokesman said officials are confident the four notes reported by the female student were hoaxes. A fifth note, received by a different student in early November, is not connected to the other four notes, now considered copycats, officials said.

The student responsible for four of the notes faces harassment charges, said Sgt. Paul Parizek, Des Moines police spokesman.

The student will also be subject to the disciplinary process outlined in Drake’s Code of Student Conduct, which may result in actions up to and including expulsion, Drake spokesman Jarad Bernstein said.

When news first broke about the notes, the campus exploded in outrage. A rally of thousands of students took place on campus to denounce the hate.

A Drake student nobly struggling against nonexistent racism…

This report from Kathy A. Bolten was published by the Des Moines Register on November 14th:

‘My life’s in danger here,’ Drake University student tells thousands at rally against racism

Speaker after speaker thanked the thousands of people who showed up Wednesday at a Drake University rally to support minority students and oppose recent racist actions on campus.

But Drake senior Maleigha Williams pointedly prodded the crowd of mostly students to reflect on what they would do in the days and weeks that follow.

‘Why do you only show up in times of crisis?’ asked Williams, president of the Coalition of Black Students. ‘Why do you only come when someone asks you to?’

‘Do you guys understand how serious this is? This is a threat on lives.

Well yeah.  She threatened her own life, more than once, so if she carried out the threat, she could get in a lot of trouble.  That’s serious.

Drake Students, Faculty and Staff Paint ‘Painted Street’ Black Following Racist Incidents

‘The students here have expressed that by doing this they feel seen, they feel heard and they feel valued. And they know that even though the people who have committed these acts over the last week have tried to sow division and discord and try to tell people they aren’t welcome here. This act today lets people know that every one of our students is welcome here,’ Drake Director of Student Engagement, Equity and Inclusion Tony Tyler said.

And they’re just the guys to do it.

Uh, aren’t streets pretty much, you know, black in the first place?  This kind of sounds like Animal House, with the immortal line: “I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody’s part.”  And Drake students are apparently just the guys to do it!

Though thinking back on my college days in the 1400s, if I told a professor I was going to miss class because I was going to paint a street black in protest…well, let’s just say they would not have been amused, and my grade would have suffered.  I know:  grades!  In College!  What an outdated, ridiculous concept! But like I said, it was back in the 1400s.

Such situations are always a prime opportunity for lunatic, irrational demands, and Drake students were also up to that intellectually demanding task:

– A request for a written and recorded statement from the university president committing to focus on equity and inclusion
– A commitment to work with students on student identified issues
– Create more visibility for existing equity inclusion groups
– Accessible information on students rights

So.  It was all a hoax.  Somehow, however, I suspect the Drake Administration will be busy answering these, and other demands, and the quest to cleanse our institutions of higher learning of wrong think and the horrible dangers to the very lives of special snowflakes represented by these hoaxes will continue until the final victory is won. And then they’ll do it–the quest–some more.

Gentle readers, I give you America’s future.

Pre-Posting Update:  And if that wasn’t enough, gentle readers, here we go again, this time at Goucher College, again courtesy of Legal Insurrection:  

Look, America, upon the face of white supremacy

WBALTV has more:

Baltimore County police said Fynn Arthur, 21, of Brunswick, Maine, has been arrested in connection with the racist graffiti. He faces two counts of malicious destruction of property. Police said Arthur, who is biracial, confessed to writing racially charged graffiti…

Arthur’s parents told the judge this behavior is totally out of character.

/I’m not sure I understand this case. Is he clamoring for attention?’ the judge asked.

‘We are surprised by this. He has not exhibited this type of behavior,’ Arthur’s parents said.

Arthur is a public health and biology major who classmates said is on the lacrosse team. He is one semester away from graduating. Goucher banned him from campus and will hold a discipline hearing on the case. The judge released Arthur on his own recognizance to his parents.

Some classmates find it hard to believe that Arthur is responsible because they know him.

‘I’m still in shock right now. I’m just processing everything with friends and my community here,” said Nailah Jones, a student.

Just as we saw at Drake University, Goucher College students responded to this incident with a protest before it was known to be a hoax.

Catherine Rentz reports at the Baltimore Sun:

African-American Goucher College students respond to racist graffiti, threat with ‘Black Out’

More than 100 African-American Goucher College students conducted what they termed a “Black Out” on the Towson campus all day Friday to protest the most recent episode of hate-filled graffiti at a Maryland school.

‘Hey hey, ho ho, this racist s— has got to go,’ they chanted in the Mary Fisher dining hall…

‘We are demonstrating today to ask Goucher to be accountable,’ said JaVaunte Neumann, 21, a junior majoring in political science. ‘I’ve seen white supremacy be tolerated. Now, students are angry. White supremacists are getting pretty bold now with Donald Trump as president. We are at the point where we can’t wait for the administration or Baltimore County Police.

Just another example of the woke creating the kind of racism they just know President Trump is inspiring, if only there were actual white supremacists to be sufficiently inspired to do it.  I was about to write that considering that virtually all of these incidents are hoaxes, it’s amazing that anyone would take them on face value without conclusive proof. But of course, no it’s not.

The problem isn’t President Trump or some enormous cabal of white supremacists, the problem is leftists who need to keep themselves and everyone else in a perpetual state of outrage, even if there is nothing about which to be outraged.