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The big news of the weeks was the continuing vote counting–“until every Democrat vote we find or make”–is counted. In some places, it worked.  In others, maybe not, but hey, everything is fair in love and elections, right?  As long as the Democrat wins, that is.

A reminder of just how much Democrats appreciate our military:

Make sure every American can legally get as much pot as possible?  What could possibly go wrong?


Which proves the previous point:

Which proves the previous two points:

Which proves the pot point:

Don’t you love our noble and honest media, gentle readers?

Don’t you also love Day By Day Cartoon?  

Yup squared:

Welcome to reality!

Wait…encouraging the rape and murder of children is a bad thing?

But Bruce Jenner–or whatever he/she is called now–did it!

But he’s not an anti-Semite. He’s anti-termite.  He said so himself, so it must be true.

To be fair, the other day I was rehearsing the Vivaldi Gloria, and my cat meowed at me and fled…

Here’s a tasty principle:

This kind of thing really puts a damper on fairy tales…

Just because he won the election doesn’t mean a thing; I’m sure they’d use little nucs; wait a minute…weren’t Democrats the founders of the KKK, and didn’t they fight tooth and nail against civil rights and integration?

Don’t be a science denier…

You have to be a scientist to figure that out?

Isn’t it nice to see professionals in charge of education?

I’d hurry, though…


This just tears at my heart…

See you next Sunday, gentle readers.  Have a wonderful, and full-filled Thanksgiving.  As insane as some things are, we have much for which to be thankful.