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The breathlessly predicted blue wave of the 2018 mid-term election has crested at mid-calf level.  There was no historic blow out, no 63 pickups in the House of Representatives like that suffered by Barack Obama.  Democrats have retaken the house by a modest—by historic and rational standards—margin.  As this is written, Senate Republicans have picked up enough seats to render obstructive Senators like Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski essentially irrelevant.

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Unlike Democrats, Republicans will not be barking at the moon like mad dogs, nor will they collapse in the streets screaming nooooooooo! This is politics.  In our republican system, both sides are capable—in fair and lawful elections—of winning majorities.  This is the way it must be.  There will be no gnashing of teeth or rending of garments.

The public has spoken.  They’ve put Democrats in charge of the House, apparently looking forward to getting what Democrats have so clearly promised.  We’re all going to get it: good and hard.

A few general observations:

*Jeff Sessions, obviously waiting until the election was over, has resigned.  He is, by all accounts an honorable man, but he was not the man the nation needed as Attorney General the last two years.

*What remains to be seen is whether House Democrats will reach even new heights of crazy as they have promised.  Maxine Waters in charge of a committee? Impeachment?  Multiple investigations for the sole purpose of paralyzing the Executive branch and halting a functioning government?

*Let us not forget, gentle readers, a secondary purpose of these investigations—actually, perhaps the primary purpose—will be to conceal Democrat crimes and cover-ups, and to protect criminals in the CIA, FBI, IRS and other agencies—past and present—from exposure.

*I suspect Democrats, drunk with power, will be unable to restrain themselves.  They will go full bull-goose, feces-flinging loony, and in so doing, all but guarantee a second Trump term.

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*What is truly extraordinary is that Republicans did so well, and Democrats did so poorly, considering the huge amounts of cash left-wing billionaires pumped into the election.  Beto O’Rourke raised more than $70 million dollars.  His was the most expensive senate race in history, and despite his non-Hispanic heritage and inestimable cool, he still lost.

*With a substantially larger Senate majority, President Trump can continue to staff the federal judiciary with judges willing and able to honor their oaths to uphold the Constitution.  Barely conscious Republicans may even see value in seating as many of them as fast as possible.

*The Senate, many of whom know where congressional bodies are buried, may very well institute investigations of Democrats to exhume those stinking corpses.

*If Mr. Trump is willing to spend huge amounts of money on things like infrastructure, he may be able to work with House Democrats.  It’s even possible some Democrats may vote against their party as they realize Democrats that voted against Judge Kavanaugh, and Mr. Trump, were electorally slaughtered, but that is far from a sure thing.

*Any rational immigration reform is dead.  On the other hand, Democrat’s insane attempts to replace the American electorate with illegal immigrants will not succeed.  The sad truth is the flow of illegals/Democrat voters will continue, but at a reduced pace.

*Good news: The fake Hispanic, Beto O’Rourke, now has all the time in the world to demonstrate how cool he is, and can skateboard in Whataburger parking lots to his heart’s content.

*Bad news: “Beto 2020” bumper stickers and lawn signs. Hey, why isn’t he engaging in cultural appropriation with that fake Hispanic name?

*Scary news: I’m thinking of calling myself “Jorge McDanielez” and running for office.

*More good news: Hillary Clinton is still not POTUS.

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*More good news still: the American public may get more of Nancy Pelosi than anyone can stand.

*Even more good news: Senator Ted Cruz (it rhymes!)

*Ruth Bader Ginsberg is clearly trying to hold out until a Democrat becomes president.  I wish her no ill fortune, but age catches up with us all, and she is 85.  Mr. Trump may, even in the next two years, have a chance to appoint a solid majority of judges that will rule based on the Constitution and the law rather than progressive policy desires.

*Great news: President Trump is endorsing Nancy Pelosi for Speaker Of The House.

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*Who says this guy doesn’t have great political instincts?  President Trump is endorsing Nancy Pelosi for Speaker Of The House.  Me too.

*Tomorrow is another day, and hoo boy, does all of this give me material for SMM.

UPDATE, 11-08-18, 2130 CST:  I’d no idea the frailty of Ruth Bader Ginsberg would so dramatically be made apparent, but she has fallen in her office and broken three ribs.  She’s hospitalized, but apparently not in real danger.  Of course, for an 85 year-old, any broken bone is a serious matter.  I trust, gentle readers, you’ll join me in prayers for the Justice.