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It has been a difficult week.  for many Americans, the Nonabomber and particularly the Pittsburgh synagogue attack were reminders that evil is not just an abstract concept that can be eliminated with the right progressive policies.  For others, they were just another opportunity for political advantage.  Let us, gentle readers, take our own opportunity to consider the serious and the silly.

If one were to believe the media, this shouldn’t be possible:

This should be in the dictionary to illustrate “gotcha,” or perhaps, “you’re a moron”…

Number one on the list of “things that horrify socialists”…

Connect the dots to see the real thing:

Caption contest:

And they can’t understand why people don’t trust them:

Have you noticed how quiet the media has been about this?


Uh, I don’t recall the press dishing up 90+% negative coverage of Barack Obama…but I can look at and listen to Dana Loesch all day:

Were I thinking of a way to motivate people to vote, the first thing I’d come up with is photographing nude women covering their naughty bits, because what says “vote for Democrats” more than that?

OK.  I like naked women–I like them a lot–but I’m still not getting the connection, particularly since they’re really angry women who would probably try to do bad things to me…

Deep thought…uh-huh, and we’re supposed to be angry at the photo. I’m sure they value all opinions, except those of anyone that disagrees with them or who, viewing this photo, says “these are angry, not-quite-naked leftists; where’s the art?”

 During my police days, my agency built a new evidence facility. Every door was numbered like this, but above the doorframes.  Really tall blind policemen are bad enough, and I’m all for diversity and inclusion, but this?

Still not getting it, and no one’s naked…

Speaking of naked, why am I never around when this sort of thing happens?

When you wish, upon a star, makes no difference which tribe you are…

How dare Trump enforce the law? He’s demolishing our way of society (I don’t get that one either)!

That’s gonna leave a mark…

So…Trump is more hitlerier than Hitler, or Hitler was an all-around admirable guy?

Captain Obvious?  This one is General Obvious:

That and we’ll raise your taxes and make Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House again–good days–is pretty much their platform…

Don’t you love childlike honesty?

And finally, why not?  They’ve tried everything else?

See you next week!  Let’s all hope it’s better than the last, and VOTEVOTEVOTEVOTEVOTEVOTEVOTEVOTE!!!!!