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Bernie Sanders:
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The number of socialists in American politics is becoming better known. They’ve always been there, but until the advent of the trailblazer, Bernie Sanders, put a washed-up Leftist face on it, most hid the depth of their socialism.  More are coming out of that particularly blood soaked closet, though some, to get elected, still hide their beliefs, like Democrat Andrew Gillum, running for Governor in Florida, exposed by Project Veritas. 

But let us, gentle readers, journey to a worker’s socialist paradise, where socialism has had a full opportunity to work its magic, every opportunity, and plenty of money, to finally, at long last, do it right this time: Venezuela. The story is unusual in that it appears in Time, which has a long history of loving them some Leftists.

In Venezuela, a large fry costs at least $126 dollars.
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Desperate people in Venezuela don’t rob stores or banks. There would be no point; cash machines have been mostly empty since early this year, when hyperinflation transformed the bolívar into a worthless piece of paper.

But desperate people in Venezuela do rob restaurants.

As the country creaks into its fifth year of economic crisis, hunger is on everyone’s minds. Nine out of 10 households say they don’t have enough moneyto buy food. Nearly two-thirds go to sleep hungry at night. Catholic non-profit Cáritas calculatesthat a family would need 98 times the minimum wage to afford a basic food supply.

Locals call the lack of food, ‘The Maduro diet,’ after President Nicolás Maduro, who since 2013 has led Venezuela’s increasingly authoritarian government and driven the country into humanitarian crisis.

Venezuelan grocery store
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I’m sure we recall that Venezuela was one of the most oil and natural resource rich nations on Earth, until it was taken over by socialists, who doing what socialists do, and following socialist policy, turned Venezuela into a nation that has eaten its zoo animals and has essentially no toilet paper or medicines.

Today, as Maduro refuses to lessen his grip on power, Venezuelans are facing brutal political repression, crippled health and education systems, and never-ending economic decline. But it is hunger that has most profoundly transformed daily life, says photographer Ignacio Marin, who traveled to the Venezuelan city of Caracas in May. ‘You can survive a week without school,’ he says. ‘But you can’t survive a week without food.

I’m sure this is because true socialism by advanced, highly intelligent socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has never been tried in Venezuela, though it has been tried.

Venezuelans fleeing the country
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The average Venezuelan lost 24 poundsin 2017 and hundreds of thousands of children areat risk of death from malnutrition.

‘We’re talking about families that had jobs, that were middle class, no longer being able to afford food,’ Marin says. Many people spend hours each day in lines outside grocery stores, looking for the few products that have made it on to shelves and scraping together enough bolivars to pay their inflated prices. Those who can access dollars use them on a black market for food. Others look through bags of trash, or loot restaurants and grocery stores.

The government is giving away some food, from time to time, but have weaponized even that. If one doesn’t support Maduro, no food. I’m sure these reports are wrong. Socialists, who love and live for “the people,” would never do anything like that.  Would they?

Maduro blames his people’s suffering on ‘an economic war’ waged by Western powers who want to destroy the socialist revolution. Marin says attitudes toward the president in working class neighborhoods like Petare, once bastions of support for his predecessor Hugo Chavez, are mixed. ‘Some people believe him, some don’t,’ he says. ‘Others still call themselves supporters because they’re afraid of the risks.

Well, everything else is Trump’s fault, so why not?  On the other hand, this is one of the primary tactics of Leftist.  Socialism cannot possibly be wrong or fail, and when it is wrong or failing, that must be the fault of evil capitalists who spoil the paradise of socialism for everyone.

As one might imagine, failing to be supportive of Maduro can be deadly, and a growing number of Venezuelans are taking to crime for mere survival.

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Others do not make it to prison. U.N. observers say police are compounding Venezuela’s chaos with massive abuses of power, including extrajudicial killings during crime-fighting operations.In May, Keiber Cubero, a 25-year-old government-employed street cleaner, was shot and killed by police as he exited a restaurant he had just robbed. Local media reported that he was involved in organized crime. But his family told Marin that Keiber was just trying to get enough food to feed his wife and young daughter.

As we all know, in socialist paradises, there is wonderful medical care for all, which is one of the great features of socialism; just ask socialists:

Gregoria Aular, a mother of two, told Marin she was in treatment for leukemia. ‘She said she had survived death to raise her children, so they wouldn’t be alone,’ he says. Her sons, aged 15 and 17, had began stealing cars to pay for food and medicines, she said. The police shot them at their house one morning. ‘She died four or five weeks after that,’ Marin says. ‘There was nothing left to live for.

It appears that may soon be Venezuela’s epitaph.