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Welcome, gentle readers, to the Sunday Funnies. There was, perhaps, more to mourn than to laugh about in recent days, and I’ll address the PA attack and the faux-bomber–again–this coming week.  In the meantime, let’s try to start the week with a laugh or two.

I Knew it!

And more reliable too!

There are a few things here for which we can all be thankful:

SMM is all about providing public service information:

I knew high school could be competitive, but…

But hey, violent, inflammatory rhetoric is only dangerous when it’s directed at Democrats.  With Republicans it’s different because shut up.

Don’t you dare challenge their patriotism:

We can always count on Hollywood starlets to be consistent and thoughtful:

That’s a good idea:

If you’re not reading Day By Day Cartoon, you’re missing some of the best commentary out there.  With President Trump, America is growing in all kinds of unprecedented ways:

But the media told me vote fraud just doesn’t happen:

Well, you can’t be so stricken you don’t have the right t-shirts to support the leftist narrative.  People have to have priorities!

Well, yeah, and who’s paying for all the logistics?

The media informs me this has never been tried the right way:

You know, I was just wondering this myself…

Regardless of what the FBI Director says, these seem suspiciously like non-bombs…

Some things never change:

One just can’t underestimate the importance of diversity:

Bad dog!

Look in the dictionary under “Fake News” and you’ll find the CNN logo, along with Jeff Zucker’s photo…

Just remember children, criticizing the media is the same as destroying democracy!


But the science is settled!

If only…


Thanks for stopping by, gentle readers, and I’ll see you next Sunday (and every day, I hope)!