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It is tempting to believe there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between Congressional Republicans and Democrats.  There is truth in the assertion.  But with Donald Trump in the White House, a great many of the self-imagined elite–particularly Republicans–are being forced to at least pretend conservative sensibilities.  They’ve even voted for things they wouldn’t have touched without his influence.  In fact, based primarily on Mr. Trump’s undeniably conservative results, helped along by the Dems grotesque behavior in attacking Judge Kavanaugh, and Mr. Trump’s steadfast support of the judge, even Never-Trumpers are grudgingly, very grudgingly, admitting they might—just might—vote for him.

Even Democrats are admitting the Party has gone too far to the Left, as Doug Schoen, a generally Democrat operative—he has been very helpful to Hillary Clinton, among other notorious Dems. in the past—notes at Fox News:

The Democrats have a problem, a serious problem, but one that they have yet to acknowledge fully – or frankly, at all.

What’s the problem?

Here it is: Democrats have moved so far to the left that Republican attacks on them for being extremist and too far in the clutches of their tired, out-of-touch leadership have been working. And working well, according to the recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll.

The Republican campaign now is simple: just focus on how far left the Democrats are, and how beholden its candidates – particularly Congressional candidates – are to the unpopular Democratic leadership in both the House and the Senate.

Quite so. Schoen essentially admits it, but it’s worth repeating: the Democrat Party is essentially indistinguishable from socialists and communists.  That’s not a good look for an American political party.  It puts the Party and its candidates and supporters in direct opposition to the Constitution and normal Americans.

But right now, as we head into the final two weeks of the election campaign, it appears that both the Senate and potentially the House races are tightening. And it appears that Donald Trump’s attacks on the Democratic Party for being out of touch with the electorate and too confrontational – as well as led by two failed leaders of the past – are working.

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Aww, who could be upset with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer?  They are, after all, paragons of virtue and honesty.  And out of touch?  Democrats?

Rest assured, the Republicans have failed to take advantage of what has been their principle opportunity, which is to run on the economy, and get political credit for something the voters themselves see as improving and beneficial.

They’re not called “The Stupid Party” for nothing.

That being said, the caravan currently moving from the Mexico-Guatemala border towards the United States gives Trump and the Republicans a chance to double down on immigration, an issue that the Democrats themselves remain vulnerable on.

This is an interesting issue indeed.  As any competent military theorist will attest, middling generals worry about tactics.  Great generals worry about logistics.  How do they get their soldiers where they need to be, in time, supplied with all the food, fuel, ammunition and other essentials they need to be combat effective when they arrive?

How is it all these people decided to march on the US at the same time?  Who is providing food and water every day for each of them?  Who has paid for the trucks necessary to carry all those goods?  Who is keeping the column together?  Who are the leaders?  Who is pulling their strings and paying them?

It’s a virtual certainty Dems. and their financial sugar daddies like George Soros. are involved.  This is a multi-million dollar enterprise.  Apparently they thought all these sympathetic future illegals marching for the US would be helpful in the mid-terms.  If so, they badly miscalculated.

Why are the Democrats vulnerable on immigration? Because they have not disavowed the attack that they are for open borders. Having a substantial number of their candidates supporting either the denuding or the elimination of ICE doesn’t help either.

They have not disavowed the idea they are for open borders because they are for open borders, and have become so arrogant, so convinced of the morality and invincibility of their policies, they see no need to so much as pretend to be against open borders.  They do indeed care far more about criminal illegals—not as individuals, but as useful political symbols—than innocent Americans of any ethnicity.

Again, I have argued elsewhere that the party should have embraced an immigration compromise where the wall would be built, in exchange for the pathway to citizenship for the 11 or 12 million immigrants not here legally.

Like President Trump’s exceedingly generous offer on the “Dreamers?”The one they indignantly rejected out of hand?

Their failure to do this – and in the absence of a centrist economic agenda that focuses on economic inclusion, as well as compromises on health care and immigration – has the Democrats’ being perceived as extreme. The loud agenda of their Democratic socialist wing and the utterances of many of their potential 2020 presidential candidates only compound this perception.

Again, that would be because they are extreme, and one would have to be a Democrat to be unable to realize this.

To put it bluntly, this is exactly the same problem that Hillary Clinton faced in 2016 when she lost Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin – and as a result lost the Electoral College to Donald Trump. Once again, Republicans are making the case that Democrats are too far outside of the mainstream to be trusted.

Which they are.

If the Democrats are unable to win one house of Congress, at a time when they traditionally should pick up seats, it would underscore the emptiness and indeed potential bankruptcy of the Democratic Party.

Not that they would be able to admit that should they fail, as now seems possible.

I would urge Democrats in swing districts to distance themselves from the party’s leadership, and to disavow impeachment, whether it be of Donald Trump or of newly sworn-in Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

I would urge them instead to focus on issues like the economy, jobs, health care, and immigration in a centrist and inclusive way that reflects the values and views of most middle-class centrist Americans who make up the bulk of swing voters now.

In other words, run as Democrats, but repudiate pretty much everything Democrats embrace. Yeah.  That’ll work.

To not do so in the final two weeks of the campaign puts the party at risk of marginalization, or worse. It is that serious.

Notice gentle readers:Schoen is essentially encouraging Democrats to lie about who they are and what they believe, which is essentially how one historically identifies a Democrat.  There is considerable evidence—Donald Trump being the most obvious example—that Americans aren’t those kinds of suckers anymore.  Schoen can’t shake Democrat ideals: nothing is more important than winning, and no tactic is out of bounds.

Democrats appear to be too focused on a primary electorate that has moved far to the left, and beyond that to the presidential primaries of 2020.

One can only hope so.

But the party will not be competitive in 2020 unless and until they win at least the House in the midterms, as well as holding their own in at least a few of the marginal Senate races. And they are not going to do this as long as the numbers are pointing to clear movement to the Republicans, no movement to the Democrats, and a party that is either myopic, out of touch or both.

Well, yes. The problem is whenever this sort of trend becomes obvious, Democrats think in terms of how they can change their messaging to better fool the rubes.  Republicans think of how they can avoid making the Democrats and media mad at them as they lose.

The point, gentle readers, is to GET OUT AND VOTE.  Early voting has begun in a great many states.  It is now entirely possible the vaunted Democrat “Blue Wave” is going to be nothing more than the flush of a toilet with that faux-antiseptic blue water, but not unless Republicans in unprecedented numbers vote, and cast enough ballots to overcome any Democrat cheating.

Too many Republicans are feckless, swamp-dwellers and hypocrites, but without a Republican majority in both houses, Mr. Trump will not be able to do everything he can to return us to the rule of law.  When the alternative is something between socialism and communism, and entirely anti-American, there really is no justification for staying at home, and less for voting Democrat.  So please, gentle readers, hold your noses and vote.

Beto immediately after a demonstration of Kennedy-like driving prowess.
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Note To Fellow Texans:  “Beto?”  It’s un-Texan, to say nothing of un-American, to let any white-as-Faucohontas Irishman adopt a vaguely Hispanic name and think he can put one over on Texans.