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It should go without saying that partisan politics have no place in public education.  Teach the kids about our political system, about the bphilosophies of major political/economic movements, about the Constitution and its unique and invaluable place in history, and above all, teach them the dangers of politicizing that which must never be politicized, to be sure, but don’t take sides.  The College Fix illustrates the point:

A large announcement sign at a middle school in North Carolina was photographed last weekend with the message ‘FUCK KAVANAUGH’ on it, a reference to recently seated US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Blogger A.P. Dillon broke the news after a reader contacted her with an image of the South Charlotte Middle School sign. Dillon then contacted the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District … and was informed that the story was ‘fake news.’

In fact, Dillon writes, the district put out its own tweet showing a blank marquee. This enraged Tracy Lundell, the person who sent Dillon the original (profane) picture, so she took to Twitter herself:

Ms. Lundell’s account was corroborated by Brendan Bailey, who had also snapped a photo of the sign.

Eventually, district officials admitted their mistake:

Tuesday morning [Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools spokesman Tracy] Russ confirmed: The message was real. Someone apparently altered the school’s sign, which Russ said had another message on it and should have been locked, to reflect dissatisfaction with Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

‘We thought it had been fake. It turns out it was real,’ Russ said.

Hmm.  If that’s so, perhaps school officials might have actually done a bit of research prior to issuing a denial?  The school district assured one and all they have a policy against obscenities on marquees—how thoughtful!  Do they have this problem often?–but didn’t mention how that might apply to people supposedly “vandalizing” their signs.  They are also checking security video.  Not everyone was convinced:

Dillon responded to an Observer query Tuesday by saying the CMS response was ‘perhaps a bit too hasty.’

‘I think the citizens in the area and parents of children at that school would like to know how the sign was vandalized in the first place,’ she said.

Some are suggesting the photos are not of the same sign, or have somehow been altered, but because the available photos were not taken from the same angles and distances, and particularly since the school district has admitted the non-fake newsness and reality of the “fuck Kavanaugh” message/incident—they had to discover and remove the letters after all–one can safely retire that issue.  One can also retire it because there is no need whatever for anyone—unlike with most “hate crimes”—to fake a “fuck Kavanaugh” sentiment, such sentiment rolling out of the Democrat side of the United States Senate like a mighty river of sewage inundating the nation.

There remain a few pertinent, unanswered questions.  If the sign was supposed to be locked, who failed to lock it?  Such things are a pretty simple, binary issue: lock on the sign—unlocked or locked? Unlock to change the sign, relock after changing the sign.  Simple, or supposedly so.  Who was the last school employee to use/change the sign, and more importantly, do they want to “fuck Kavanaugh”?

Perhaps most pertinent is who has the type and precise size of “fuck Kavanaugh” letters on the homestead’s kitchen countertop such that they can say to themselves “self,” they would say, “let’s take these letters of the necessary type and size inexplicably here on the homestead kitchen countertop, and which just happen to spell ‘fuck Kavanaugh’, over to the middle school marquee, which I happen to know is conveniently unlocked, and display them to the mirth and amusement of all!”

What’s more likely, gentle readers, that scenario, or a school employee, with access to the letters, lock and the sign, deciding it was their civic duty to “fuck Kavanaugh” and let everyone in the area know about it?

I report; you decide.  I would not, however, recommend holding one’s breath waiting for the results of the school district’s investigation before making that decision.