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Most mornings, I watch Fox and Friends as I prepare and quickly inhale my oatmeal.  By “watch,” I mean “catch snatches for 15 minutes or so as I perform morning rituals.”  In general, I find the couch chatter annoying and vacuous, and more so as I see more of it, but it’s far better than anything else on morning TV, which is indeed damning by faint praise.  I have begun to think I should forego it entirely on Fridays, because that’s when the couch is stained by the presence of Gerald Rivers, AKA Geraldo Rivera.

Look in my dictionary under “terminally annoying” and one finds Rivera’s ridiculously mustachioed visage.  His blather today was primarily to assure viewers the Kavanaugh affair was all about Roe v. Wade.

I admit some unease about abortion.  On one hand, women do—and must—have individual rights, and this particular issue speaks to a unique right, one men cannot in every particular claim.  On the other, each human life is precious and deserves protection if we are to be a moral civilization.  What’s required, what Roe,as imperfectly argued and drafted as it might be, attempts to do is balance competing rights.

Lindsay Graham finally cowboying up…

Those that suggest Kavanaugh’s confirmation will result in the deaths of millions are stupidly hyperbolic, particularly because abortion has arguably resulted in the deaths of millions.  Let’s not get into the quickening/conception arguments please, and just follow along for the moment.  They are somewhat less hyperbolic when they suggest Roe will immediately be overturned and women will once again die in back alley abortions. Suffice it to say the legal process doesn’t work that way, any change—should there ever be one–will take many years, and will surely be nothing more than a rebalancing, not a wholesale striking down of Roe. 

Even if the Supreme Court were to entirely repudiate Roe,the issue would merely be decided on a state-by-state basis.  We all know the arguments relating to that.  Even then, it’s unlikely abortion would be entirely prohibited in any state.

Rivera is partially correct, but not because of Democrat’s sincere concern for individual women.  The Roe argument is merely a convenient extension of the “war on women” narrative, which is merely a subset of progressive victim/identify/tribal politics.

Democrats are the party not of government, but of socialist—by definition big—government, a government powerful enough to provide one’s needs, but more importantly, to take them away.  Such withdrawal of the basic necessities of life—of life itself–may be random and unpredictable, subject to nothing more than whim, changing narratives, or inevitably running out of other people’s money (see Venezuela).  It is, however, usually much more selective, as benevolent socialists use such power to reward the faithful—or at least those willing to provide faithful lip service—and punish non-believers.

We are witnessing in the Kavanaugh inquisition a foreshadowing of what Democrats long to establish.  Brett Kavanaugh, by all accounts a man of elite privilege, a man living and working in the upper crust of self-imagined elite Beltway society, is a man at the peak of government service.  One would think that would afford him the protection routinely accorded members of that class.  Sadly, he has the misfortune of being an honorable man, and an honest judge, who accepts his limited role in the American constitutional framework.  For this, he, and all like him, must be destroyed by any means necessary.  They must never be allowed a seat on the Supreme Court.


This is not only possible, but mandatory, because government, particularly big government, has no conscience.  It feels no sorrow for its misdeeds—indeed, it sees them as revolutionary virtue–and has no motivation to act honorably.  It is, by definition, inhuman, and its only motivation is to grow and amass more and more power.  The larger it becomes, the smaller any motivation to recognize the rights of individuals becomes, until “true socialism” is achieved, and that motivation entirely vanishes.  When it does, we have Cuba, North Korea, The Society Union, and every other socialist hellhole, most recently typified by Venezuela.

Progressivism/socialism is, to its adherents, far more than a political philosophy or economic theory.  It is life, health, breath and faith.  It is the point of living.  Some think it inherently noble, a revolutionary struggle for the welfare of all men.  Most see it as a way to get, without honest labor, rich, and to keep those riches by preventing others from obtaining a share of ever dwindling resources brought about by socialism.

It is incapable of reform because progressivism cannot be falsified. Any concern, any argument against it is counter-revolutionary, an attack on “the people,” and must be ruthlessly repressed by whatever means are currently possible, hence the attack on Judge Kavanaugh, which if it succeeds, is the first major and unconcealed step toward abolishing the presumption of innocence and any standard of proof against counter revolutionaries.

The argument that this is allowable because the Judge is not being accused of a crime ignores the foundational nature of these principals. We embrace the presumption of innocence not only because it is essential to a system of criminal justice, but because it is also essential to an orderly and peaceful civilization.  We are currently seeing the damage abandoning this principle is doing in the workplace and education, and the rational, non-progressive are beginning to turn it back.  This slow return to American constitutional principle is a dire threat to the triumph of socialism.

Some are arguing that seating Judge Kavanaugh is part of an evil “conservative legal movement” which must be resisted by all right thinking people.  This too is a hallmark of progressivism: control—warping–of the language, “newspeak,” or “rightspeak” in the parlance of fiction, in danger of becoming fact. The mainstream of American constitutional thought must always be adherence to the Constitution.  Judges must understand and accept their power and limits under the Constitution.  They may not write law, but are constrained to render decisions within the law.  Such understanding is neither conservative nor progressive, but this is true only if one accepts American constitutionalism, which is nothing more than the willingness to be bound by the Constitution.

Democrats, with few exceptions, have not been so willing for many years, and the bizarre Kavanaugh hearing demonstrated, as had not previously been seen, their contempt for the Constitution, the principles that underlie it, and their contempt for normal Americans that embrace it.  Lindsey Graham, who has reflexively, perhaps credulously, believed in the good intentions of Democrats, experienced a brief period of clarity and hoped to God Democrats never again attain power. Sadly, he has helped them do just that, and helped lead us to this place and time where Democrats are demonstrating, without nearly as much stealth as usual, exactly what they have in store for us.

The Kavanaugh debacle is merely a battle, albeit a potentially definitive battle, in the progressive long march through and over our institutions of republican government.  Progressives, like the communist Chinese many admire, play the long game.  The Chinese embedded a spy in the inner circle of Diane Feinstein for 20 years; Democrats work for decades to undermine the Constitution. They plot for the short and long terms, and embrace conspiracy and deception, traveling around the world many times before Republicans can get their pants on.

For socialism to triumph, control of the Supreme Court is required.  If progressives own it, American constitutionalism is over.  If Progressives control either the house or the Senate, they can stymie constitutional governance, secure in the knowledge the Supreme Court will back them, giving them victories that cannot be won at the ballot box.  If Republicans control the Congress and White House, they can obstruct and delay as they please and be sure the Court will still give them what they want by judicial decree.  And if they control every branch of government, the descent into “never-been-tried true socialism will proceed at warp speed.  With a progressive Supreme Court, socialism wins and America loses. The only question will be the timing attending our demise.

Abortion is merely a useful tactic.  The actual stakes are far higher.  If Democrats succeed in seizing power, they will not play nice like Barack Obama. They will do whatever is necessary to ensure they will never again lose it.  Democrats like to brag whatever is happening in California is the future model for the nation.  Democrats are running even that resource-rich state into the ground.  God forbid it may be our future.

The story goes that as he left the hall where the new Constitution had been finalized, Benjamin Franklin was asked, “Well Dr. Franklin, what kind of government have you given us?”  He replied: “a republic, if you can keep it.”

We are in the middle to later stages of answering that question.