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Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Lord Acton

Many were surprised when Christine Blasey Ford actually showed up before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday, September 17, 2018. None were surprised when the Democrats of that committee disgraced the committee, the Senate and the Congress.  They did what Donald Trump has never done: made America’s enemies glad.  They were not, as the media would have us believe, laughing at President Trump at the UN. They are surely laughing at Democrats, who would be delighted to sell our enemies the rope they would use to hang us.

Kamala Harris: an example of the worst America’s self-imagined elite has produced.  I was surprised at Senator Lindsey Graham, he who has seldom missed an opportunity to ally with Democrats to damage America.  For whatever reason, the scales seemed finally to fall from his eyes, and he told the Democrats what normal Americans, deplorables all, would hope everyone in Congress would say.  But no. His fellow Republicans were the same cowardly, feckless, spineless political wretches we have come to know them to be.

I have come to several realizations.  I’ll provide visual glimpses of the day’s events, weaving those observations in.

Two thus far unnamed men have come forward to say they–apparently individually–were involved with Ford.  It was not KavanaughWhy would they do this knowing the social consequences, if not the potential legal consequences, there being no statute of limitations for sex crimes in Maryland?  Because what they did, what Ford claimed, was not anything close to assault or rape.  That two of them were involved with her in situations where she might have been later–35+ years–to cry pseudo-rape, suggests the incident–or incidents–was nothing more than consensual sex she later regretted, or a clumsy pass that didn’t work out.

The vaunted sex crimes prosecutor was something short of competent.  In a process that hampered competent cross examination, she did not adapt, or was not allowed to adapt, and accomplished little.  She did accomplish at least one significant thing: she made Ford admit her supposed fear of flying was a blatant lie.

Ford also admitted her supposed reluctance to go public was a lie.

Ford’s supposed best friend who was supposedly at the party, but dared to tell the truth that Ford is lying was, in the finest Democrat style, thrown under the sexual assault bus:

I’m sure she’ll understand.  Anything for the narrative.  Sense of shame?  What is this “shame” of which you speak?

Wolf speaks of Blumenthal’s failed attempt at stolen valor for his non-Vietnam service.  Several days ago, Ed Whelan provided a photo of a virtual 17 year-old Kavanaugh look-alike.  Guess what Ford admitted?

Polygraphs are an interview tool, useful in manipulating people into confessions.  There is no such thing as a machine that can detect what is an abstraction in the human brain.  This is why they will never be admissible in court.  Now we learn the polygraph examiner that fluttered Ford was a Democrat partisan and did not use even the recognized minimum techniques of that inexact craft:

Let’s take a little side trip to the most recent gang rape allegation:

This particular woman was an college aged adult attending teenage parties with high school kids with who she had no social connections, where she knew gang rapes were occurring, and claimed to have been raped herself at one of these parties.  Yet she continued to attend them–more than ten–did nothing to help the poor rape victims–none of who have been identified–and merely avoided the supposedly spiked punch.  So much for the sisterhood. There is, of course, no collaboration–at all–for her tale.

I’m not the only person skeptical of Ford:

Judge Kavanaugh, after enduring, with the patience of Job, unprecedented abuse from Democrats, finally had it.  He demonstrated the manliness Republicans so obviously lack.

Democrat’s response, no doubt long planned, was predictable:

We certainly wouldn’t want anyone capable of defending themselves on the Supreme Court.  Even during the hearing, there were early signs their ugly and inhuman behavior was backfiring: 

President Trump carefully watched the proceedings, and is even more firmly behind Kavanaugh.  Press Secretary Sarah Sanders demonstrated why she is such an asset:  Final Observations:

As I write this late Thursday evening (late rehearsal), there are indications that even some Democrats in red states are now likely to vote for Kavanaugh, as any decent, moral person should.  Perhaps the most telling moment of the day was when Kavanaugh was moved to tears–honest tears–as he recounted that his 10 year-old daughter told him they should pray for Ford.  Democrats, of course, were not moved.  Their faith is socialism, their deity, power.

Were this a criminal matter, and I still a detective, the decision not to make a referral for prosecution would not be remotely close. There is no evidence what Ford described ever happened.  She can’t place it in a given year, a given place or a given time.  There is no evidence Kavanaugh was ever within a mile of her.  Her supposed witnesses have all said it didn’t happen and/or Kavanaugh didn’t do anything like it.  There is no physical evidence.  All actual testimonial evidence, including the two men who have provided confessions of sorts, absolutely contradicts Ford, and she was caught in multiple lies only today.  The list goes on, none of it remotely supportive of Ford.

But now we come to impressions.  Good detectives share their gut feelings only with each other, and occasionally, trusted prosecutors.  They must deal in fact, not impressions, but it is their impressions, born of experience, that often lead them in the right direction.

Ford is lying.  She knows–if anything at all happened–it wasn’t Kavanaugh.  How do I know?  All of the aforementioned–and unmentioned–evidence.  I have never known a legitimate victim of a sexual crime to be unable to provide, to a reasonable degree of certainty, the date, place and time of their assault.  Women inherently remember significant dates, positive or negative, even as most men do not. There are many other indicators of deception, but allow me to provide the indicator today that convinced me.

During her testimony, Ford, who claimed to be “terrified,” and was given repeated tongue baths by Democrats, managed, from time to time, to make her voice waver in volume and timbre in an approximation of what one hears and sees when a woman is crying.  Her trembling did not reach her eyes, which she kept carefully, to an unusual degree, downcast.  This is a woman that by profession, is used to public speaking.  There were no tears.  There were no tissues.  What women facing an ordeal where any woman would cry, would not arrange to have tissues?  She was faking it.

Might I be wrong?  The gut is inexact, but more exact in an experienced, capable detective, than a polygraph.  I suspect a great many normal Americans are getting the same impression.

Lindsay Graham told Democrats to their faces he hoped to God they never regained power.  Knowing him, this will likely be a temporary hope for which he will apologize by helping them attain it.  But he is, for the moment, absolutely right.

It is not a certainty, but it appears Republicans may have been sufficiently awakened to understand the damage a failed confirmation would inflict on the Congress and the nation.  I am not hyperbolic when I suggest it could very well be a first step to civil war, for when a significant portion of the population believes they can no longer trust in our representatives, and half of the country, to willingly and honestly participate in American constitutionalism, what course remains?

Democrats demonstrated, with no attempt to hide it, no sense of decency, no respect for the Senate, for the American people, and for their black souls.  They will tell any lie, go to any length to harm anyone whose destruction might benefit them.  They wish to be government; government has no conscience; individuals and their petty rights mean nothing to them.  Honor is not in them.

I find myself, not prone to descent into obscenities, running out of sufficiently accurate and negatively descriptive things to say about them. I’m sure I’ll come up with something eventually, as they are incapable of change.  I have time. They have surely sold their souls, and for nothing more than a little, temporary political power.

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi: the glory of man is fleeting. If they do not back away from the precipice to which they are pushing us all, they will discover just how fleeting it is.