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In October, I’ll begin my annual multi-part series on school attacks.  From year to year, not a great deal changes, as human nature, and the nature of evil, do not change.  However, this year, there are a number of new incidents to discuss, and from which to learn. And sadly, the nature of progressive resistance to actual school safety never changes.  Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers, illustrates the point at PJ Media.

Describing the AFT’s ‘position in terms of school safety,’ Weingarten said her organization is working on ‘ensuring’ that guns are not in schools.

That actually sounds encouraging. The AFT must be working assiduously to ensure bad guys with guns don’t get into schools, right?  Not so much:

Schools need to be safe and welcoming communities. The worst thing you do is you actually introduce more guns in schools. We need to actually make sure that kids feel like schools are safe sanctuaries, but it’s the same kind of mentality that says people should be fending for themselves as opposed to schools being communal institutions and organizations,’ she said.

There is much Weingarten isn’t specifically saying, but the AFT, and like progressive organizations have consistently made the same arguments.  Such people actually oppose armed security guards and police officers in schools. There is, you see, a sort of mystical educational atmosphere that is disturbed by the presence of guns, which introduce a sort of “negative energy” and harsh the karma.  And of course, it’s all about “feeling” safe, not actually being safe.  That’s why gun free school zone signs are so powerful.

But what’s this about schools “fending for themselves as opposed to schools being communal institutions and organizations”?  This is a sneaky way of opposing armed teachers, who simply can’t be trusted with guns, and who must spend every second of their day focusing on teaching, apparently even as gunmen rampage through their schools. One rather suspects, however, most parents and teachers wouldn’t mind teachers taking a few minutes off to save their own lives and the lives of children.

“Communal institutions and organizations”? It takes a village, don’t you know/ This means they must adhere to community standards, which don’t allow for such violent and non-progressive concepts as taking responsibility for one’s safety.  That’s up to the government–for the left, everything is a matter of power over others–even as the government has no responsibility for the safety of anyone. 

Weingarten said the Trump administration seems to be more focused on what the NRA and gun manufacturers want than ‘what parents want’ for school safety.

I suspect what sane, rational parents want when someone enters their child’s school and starts shooting, is for good guys with guns to be there to stop the shooter before their child is maimed or killed.  I’m reasonably certain this is what President Trump and gun manufacturers want as well. Weingarten, not so much.

You have to make sure there are mental health services for kids and not services strictly for kids that have special needs,’ she said. ‘Kids need to feel safe at school, emotionally and physically, as do teachers and the broader community.

Again, notice the emphasis on “feeling” safe. No one is suggesting the concealed carry of firearms in schools by willing, responsible adults should replace competent mental health services.  Both are necessary.  It may be worthwhile, gentle readers, for you to visit this article I wrote in response to a comprehensive mental health report written in the aftermath of the Newtown, CT/Sandy Hook Elementary attack.  It’s long on feeling safe, and very short on actually being safe.

Weingarten’s faith in government is touching:

Weingarten suggested more ‘red flag’ laws so that teachers and parents are able to report suspicious behavior of certain students, which could lead to ‘extraordinary orders of protection’ being issued.

‘There could be ways of trying to get these kinds of orders of protection that restrict for a temporary period of time people from having these [military-style weapons],’ she said.

To become acquainted with the success of such programs, visit this article on the Parkland, FL shooting.  That school had, for years–it still does–a comprehensive social justice program offering all manner of counseling.  Unfortunately it remains far more concerned with ensuring dangerous juvenile criminals–Weingarten’s “red flags”–face no consequences for their crimes, particularly if they’re a member of a politically favored victim group, than with preventing shootings.  And “military style” weapons are nothing more than semi-automatic firearms, the most common guns available.  The focus of the left is ever on appearance and progressive orthodoxy rather than substance.

Weingarten also said that ‘every time you do more and more of the safety protocols’ such as active-shooter drills, locks on doors and adding metal detectors, ‘you’re also moving schools away from being part of the community.

I need not ask what Weingarten would do instead. The answers are obvious.  I’ve often noted “active-shooter drills,” are of limited use, particularly if they are not accompanied by effective means of stopping shooters when all else fails.  Metal detectors (see this article for that issue) are likewise of limited utility, but Weingarten would replace them with even less effective alternatives.  Door locks are obviously of some use, but can delay a determined, prepared attacker only seconds.

The problem, as I’ll be explaining in October, is far too many educators, school boards, and administrators–to say nothing of progressive activist organizations–would accept some level of wounded and dead in school attacks rather than adopt the most effective means of deterring and stopping them.  Success in deterring and stoping such attacks would entirely undermine their political philosophies.

Ultimately, what truly matters is what any school is prepared to do, then and there, when a shooter enters and begin his rampage.  All the signs, counselors, door locks, metal detectors, laws and drills are meaningless at that point.  Only effective counterforce–good guys with guns–matters. If there is no effective counterforce, those schools have admitted they’re willing to accept a number of wounded and dead to be determined by the mercy and marksmanship of a madman.

But at least such schools would be “part of the community,” and the community would have a great deal of grieving to do–together.