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I flatter myself, upon occasion, to imagine I have some skill in writing.  And then I find something like this:

I’ve been there and done that–not losing my spouse, thank God–and I can attest to Potter’s pain. 

Sacrifice?  Colin Kaepernick has sacrificed nothing.  There is no right to play in the NFL.  No entitlement has been taken from him.  He is no longer employed in the NFL because he was a mediocre athletic talent, and because he foolishly chose to pretend to be a political revolutionary in a way that harmed, and continues to harm the very business he claims, even now, owes him whatever he demands.  He was an entertainer.  He insulted his audience, and is now outraged they no longer praise his enlightened moral sensibilities.

By calling Kaepernick a man, Potter is far too kind.  Real men know their own.  I know men.  Men are friends of mine.  Kaepernick is no man; he’s a whining child.

May the Lord bless Sherry Potter and her family, may no one, ever again, buy Nike products, and may we all do the worst possible thing to Colin Kaepernick and those whining, steroid infused children like him: treat them like the moral and intellectual lightweights they are; give them the relentless mocking they so richly deserve.

Just do it.