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“Doug” is a recent and frequent commenter whose ideas often stir spirited debate.
  This is a good thing.  Spirited debate is part of why The Manor exists.  Mostly it exists because I’m a writer, so I write. Providing that outlet is one of the good things about the Internet.  This is part of Doug’s comment to Robert Reich: Ironic Justice: 

You wrote…

‘I have often observed that if progressives succeed in provoking a civil war, it will be blood, but brief, and they will not be the victors. Virtue signaling and gaseous rhetoric tend to do rather poorly against well-armed, tactically proficient and determined actual patriots. I have also observed that we all must do everything we can to avoid such a conflict.’

This crazy talk about some idiotic civil war is just nonsense. And on top of you suggesting the possibility, you are actually strutting and thumping your chest in some ‘I gotta gun!’ bravado… and ‘they will not be the victors.’ I’m telling you, pal… no one will be a victor. I’ve written on all this before.. and you’ve read some of it. No one will walk away from any ill-conceived fighting, and whoever, whatever, ends up still standing will just be fractions and factions of local warlords.. say adios to the Constitution by that time. No one will be around to enforce what’s left to enforce.

What’s made all this even worse.. is that today, Trump the Buffoon, has opened his mouth with some cracked up warning that if the Republicans lose Congress then there will be violence. What an indescribable idiot. With the nutcases galore on both side, some jerks are going to accept what Trump just said as some call to arms for his base. Jeez… all this is truly nuts and you are feeding it… and now our Dear Leader is inviting it.

And you’re sitting there thinking your guns are going to insure the government YOU want? You better save your ammo to protect you and your family.. because saving some government is going to be the least of your concerns.

These are momentous issues, but first, let’s clarify one of Doug’s references, courtesy of The Telegraph:

Donald Trump warned evangelical leaders that if Republicans lose control of Congress in the midterm elections, Democrats will institute change ‘quickly and violently,’The New York Timeshas reported.

At a meeting with those leaders at the White House on Monday, the US president said everything was at stake for his conservative agenda if his party loses in November, according to an audiotape of the meeting obtained by the Times.

Democrats ‘will overturn everything that we’ve done and they’ll do it quickly and violently,’ Trump said, according to the Times report published Tuesday night.

‘They will end everything immediately.’

‘When you look at Antifa,’ he added, referring to militant Leftist anti-fascism groups, ‘and you look at some of these groups, these are violent people.

Who can doubt that Mr. Trump is right?  Remember, he said “lose control of Congress,” not just the House.  The Democrat Party has been driven dramatically to the Left, which has emboldened Antifa and other “social justice” and similar groups to violence and threats of violence.  It has emboldened Democrat politicians to encourage people to publically harass members of the Trump Administration.  In itself, this is the kind of rhetoric that can easily lead to assault or worse.  It is surely irresponsible and inherently dangerous, but more, it illustrates a greater danger: the willingness of some to abandon faith and participation in American Constitutionalism.

I do not suggest that all on the left share the worse impulses of those funding and leading the political left, but they’re not the people driving events.

It is our appreciation for the genius of the Founders and the government they created that holds us together as a people, as a nation.  It is the Constitution that embodies their ideas, and their prescient understanding of human nature and the evil to which men are predisposed.

Many on the Left argue for a “living Constitution,” by which they mean a Constitution without a fixed, easily understood meaning, a document filled with words that mean whatever they wish them to mean, or not mean, at any given moment, a Constitution that is a set of infinitely flexible guidelines rather than restraints on the exercise of governmental power.  This is why the Left opposes judges that rule based on the law and the Constitution—they recognize the Constitution makes some things out of bounds, regardless of how well-intentioned they might be.  They’re unwilling to say “the Constitution doesn’t allow that, and that settles it.”  They also refuse to recognize one does not ignore or amend the Constitution except by the process established in the Constitution.

I speak of the danger of future civil war because all that holds us together as a nation is our willing, voluntary acceptance of American constitutionalism.  This goes beyond a shared language, history and culture, particularly in these days when many on the Left are arguing against assimilation in ways covert and overt. Some states even seek to provide illegals many of the benefits of citizenship and assimilation such as driver’s licenses. welfare benefits, the vote and free medical care.  

I’ve taken, as an ongoing project, trying to determine what might be necessary for us to descend into civil war.  The defense of slavery was sufficient once.  The Left—Democrats–provoked that war.  In the same way, the turmoil of the civil rights era was a creation of the Left. Disclaimer:  I understand I’m generalizing a bit.  These were complex issues, but I trust, gentle readers, you apprehend the point.

We are not, at the moment, in imminent danger of that kind of conflict, but we can see it from here.  The Left is caught up in what we might call a “soft” coup.  They seek to overturn the results of a lawful, honestly conducted election by any means possible.  Voluntary acceptance of American constitutionalism requires that we accept honest election results, and if we are unhappy with the people’s choice, try to reverse it at the next election.  The Democrat Party has, as an institution, abandoned this foundation of our republic.  They have become not, as the British would say, the loyal opposition, but the Resistance, with all its negative, destructive, anti-Democratic connotations.

This Resistance encourages its adherents not only to engage in red-faced, spitting hatred untethered from objective reality, but to produce ever more incendiary rhetoric.  It nourishes the worst, most violent and anarchic elements of the Left, and has produced a resurgence of Socialism, which is nothing more than communism-lite, an ideology responsible for the deaths of more than 100 million in the last century alone.  The remaining communist holdout nations continue to slaughter their own people and support much of the evil in the world.

Say what you will about the character of Donald Trump, he has kept his campaign promises, and unlike Barack Obama, he has not engaged in rule by pen and phone.  All of his actions have been thus far governed by a voluntary adherence to the rule of law.  One might say but some judges have ruled against some of his actions!  True, but this is a matter of lawfare, another extra-constitutional tactic of the Resistance to delay lawful, constitutional exercise of the President’s legitimate executive powers.  So ridiculous are some of the opinions of these leftist judges, one expects them to declare Mr. Trump himself unconstitutional at any moment.

If the Left seizes the entire Congress—unlikely—in 2018, it is certain they will do everything they can to undo everything Mr. Trump has accomplished, and to prevent him from accomplishing anything else, to say nothing of what will surely be redoubled attempts to depose him.  It is not unreasonable to believe such actions would be accompanied by violence of various kinds.  Should the Left manage to force Mr. Trump from office, to make a total mockery of the rule of law, they will have taken the first step, potentially an irreversible step, toward open conflict.

Why?  Because that would convince Americans that honor the Constitution their opponents no longer do, that the law applies only to, and will be used only against, the law abiding.  One might argue that by trying to depose a lawfully elected president, they have already demonstrated their abandonment of American constitutionalism, but completing the deed would be concrete proof.

Many on the left have pushed all manner of boundaries in the past, secure in the knowledge Republicans would not respond in kind when they again regained power.  Stage a soft coup, and that calculation would no longer hold.

What is different now, and unprecedentedly ominous, is Democrats show no sign of ever again surrendering power when it next comes into their hands.  They want open borders, which is nothing more than importing enough foreign voters to render lawful Americans-including Black Americans–irrelevant.  They oppose voter ID laws.  They argue for court stacking schemes to ensure their unconstitutional plots would have the appearance of lawfulness.  California has all but declared itself an independent, progressive nation, and the list goes on and on.

And there is the strategic and tactical.  Leftists generally have no understanding or appreciation of the military.  They not only don’t understand it, they think anyone involved of substandard intelligence, deplorables at best.  Their contempt for civilian gun owners is even greater, nearly as great as their lack of understanding of firearms and their proper and effective employment. This causes them to argue that mere citizens armed with the kinds of weapons citizens are allowed could never stand up to a modern military force.  This is a particularly deadly delusion, as even a cursory reading of history will reveal.

Would there be a winner of such a conflict?  It would be a tragedy of horrific proportions, but of course there would be a winner.  Why seize ultimate political power unless you believed you could keep it by any means necessary?  When winning is all that matters, the Constitution is meaningless.

Would the FBI, the DOJ, other federal agencies and even the military back a coup?  As recent events have proved, and are continuing to prove, they would, or at least significant elements of the people involved would.  Some, because they too want power; they want to be on the winning side.  Some, because they have to feed their families, because they need a pension.  Others might be tricked into thinking they were doing their duty under the Constitution. Even so, they wouldn’t win.

For anyone wanting to see how such a scenario might play out, I recommend three books:

Liberty’s Last Stand, by Stephen Coonts, and People’s Republic and Indian Country, by Kurt Schlichter.  All are well written and realistic thrillers.

Ultimately, most of our military would not stand against fellow Americans; they honor the Constitution and would, at the very least, stand down, refusing to support either side.

What would be left are the people most capable of fighting and winning a war: those with martial knowledge, experience and materials: essentially guns and ammunition.  Progressive strongholds on the coast do not produce food.  Most manufacturing is not there, and most military installations with all their equipment are not there either.  Nor do most of those places produce their own electrical power, and many import water from states that would not join their cause.

Crazy talk?  Strategic and tactical thinking and planning.  Only if the Left retreat from their current path, only if they once again voluntarily embrace American constitutionalism, which is fealty to the Constitution and the rule of law, only if they embrace equal justice for all may that kind of planning be unnecessary.  I pray they will, but because they show no sign of appreciation for the uniqueness of America, because they want to fundamentally transform it, I prepare for where we may, perhaps inevitably, be going.