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Today, gentle readers, I thought I’d use some of the graphics I’ve been saving for–well, for days like this when I thought I’d use some graphics.  It’s nice to have a laugh upon occasion, rather than wading into the various political disasters and human tragedies that are too often the daily topic of discussion.  Gouverneur Morris–he wrote the preamble to the Constitution and was one of the signers–said he was “constitutionally, among the happiest of men.”  So am I, but helping inform you of the events roiling the world doesn’t often allow me to show that side.  Today, my words smile!

Let’s begin with something guaranteed to provoke a smile, and perhaps a bit of gentle gloating:  Have you ever wanted to be an animal? 

Here’s a blast from the past for our British cousins: 

 And this is just ridiculously cute–more of that sort of thing shortly: CNN recently compared itself, in courage, sacrifice, and importance, to our military.  This is a more apt comparison:  It’s always nice to know the loyal opposition is on the job, and knows where to get the equipment to procure results:  Results like this:

Captain Kirk recently had a great idea: Man’s best friend… 

I always knew cats were sneaky, but this…

Even so, thank goodness for our furry friends: I know what we really have to fear:

This pretty much sums this topic up: And now, a word from actual men, who aren’t afraid to wear the occasional pink shirt either:  Literary warning sign department: 

This is why it’s never a good idea to comment on babies to mothers; you might make a mistake… 

My, how Democrats have changed (this is Joe Kennedy, by the way):

And finally, oh, how I love Texas!  I wasn’t born here, but I got here as soon as I could. 

See you tomorrow for my weekly education article.  You might find it interesting.