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Americans use guns up to 2.5 million times every year to stop criminals, saving innumerable lives in the process, usually without firing a shot.  Even the notoriously anti-gun Clinton Administration conducted a study, in the hope of finding more ammunition for gun banning schemes, but to their horror–they were sure they’d find deplorables shooting up everyone and everything–found up to 1.5 million defensive gun uses per year. They did their best to bury the results, but they were eventually leaked.

To this day, progressives continue to lie, claiming anyone owning a gun is almost certain to kill a family member, will shot themselves, will commit suicide, etc.  In making public policy, one must consider not only the dangers of a given technology, but its benefits.  Motor vehicles kill far, far more than firearms every year, yet their benefits outweigh their dangers.  The same is true with firearms.

This week, gentle readers, we begin with a story of an average “armed bystander” who saved innumerable lives when a madman attacked a back to school gathering.  The Left would have us believe concealed carry is mass murder just looking for an opportunity.  Reality tells us otherwise, as Fox News reports:

An armed bystander shot a man who opened fire at a Florida park filled with over 100 people — including children — for a Saturday back-to-school cookout, officials said.

The Titusville Police Department said in a news release the man was involved in a fistfight with another person at the Issac Campbell Park and left around 5:20 p.m.  only to return with a gun minutes later and start shooting.

A bystander, who was lawfully licensed to carry a firearm, then shot the gunman.

Imagine that.  A common citizen, surely non-elite, almost certainly deplorable, probably a God and gun clinger, saved lives because he was armed–with a concealed handgun.  How can this be?  Our self-imagined elite betters assure us such an irredeemable would only make things worse.

We are extremely grateful that nobody else was injured in this incident,’ Deputy Chief Todd Hutchinson said in a statement. ‘This suspect opened fire at a crowded public park. This could have been so much worse.

Quite so, Deputy Chief, quite so.  Would it surprise you to know, gentle readers, that as I write this article, I’ve googled the incident, and apart from Fox,no other major cable news organization–I’m talking about you, CNN–and no other mainstream media outlet seem to have found this worth covering. It just doesn’t support the anti-gun/liberty narrative, and only the shooter got shot.  How tragic.  Notice too, the police had no role in stopping the shooter, which is virtually always the case.

And now we travel to Dixon, Illinois, for a school shooting that didn’t turn out to the satisfaction of anti-gun/liberty cracktivists eithers, as Powerline reports.

Yesterday [05-16-18], Matthew Milby, a former student at Dixon High School in Illinois, entered the school and fired several shots near the gymnasium where students had assembled for graduation rehearsal. He was then confronted by Mark Dallas, who has been with the Dixon Police Department for more than a decade and has spent the past few years as school resource officer. (Dixon, by the way, is the boyhood home of Ronald Reagan).

Milby ran away, leaving the school. Dallas chased him. When Milby shot at Dallas, he returned the fire,striking the former student who was then taken into custody.

Paul Mirengoff struck an optimistic tone:

A few more cases like the one in Dixon should largely end the tragic fad of shooting up schools. The losers who do the shooting want to go succeed and, in some cases, to go out in a blaze of ‘glory.’ They don’t want to chalk up yet another inglorious loss. Thus, if they don’t think they’ll produce carnage, they are unlikely to undertake the mission.

Unfortunately, school shootings that don’t fit the media narrative generally receive no coverage, or at the most, a quick mention, only to be as quickly buried. With no real publicity, deterrence is unlikely.  Fortunately, Mirengoff gets it:

Not all of these losers will be deterred by the likelihood of failure. Those who aren’t will likely be gunned down very early on, assuming schools have people like Dallas on hand. However, at least two armed staff members who possess demonstrated competence with firearms are probably necessary to ensure the proper balance of power. One officer, even a Mark Dixon, can’t always be expected to prevail.

This is the solution to the school shooting epidemic. Gun control isn’t. We don’t rely on gun control to protect banks, armored cars, and airports. We rely on security measures specific to each of these targets, and these security measures include firearms.

Now that schools have become a target of shooters, the same approach should be used. Thankfully, it was yesterday in Dixon, to excellent effect.

As I’ve so often written, school resource officers fall into the “nice to have” category, but most schools have none, and for those that do, a single officer will almost never be in the right place at the right time to save lives.  Dallas was a happy exception, but if we are to have actual safety in schools, rather than the feeling of safety, all willing teachers must be able to carry concealed weapons.  It is only when prospective killers know that wherever they enter a school, they’ll be likely to face armed and capable adults, that they’ll seek softer targets–or no targets.

Dallas received the recognition due him: 

Officer Mark Dallas received a standing ovation Sunday as he led Dixon High School students into their graduation ceremony. Matthew Milby, 19, brought a gun into the school and shot at a coach during graduation practice, but Dallas was able to take the shooter down as students ran for their lives, police said. [skip]

‘I never would have thought, ‘Oh, it’s going to happen in Dixon,’ and it happens at graduation practice,’ senior Ashely Jones told FOX 32.

The good news is, despite sensational media coverage, school shootings remain rare.  Most kids that imagine it won’t happen in their town are probably right.  However, as long as anti-gun/liberty cracktivists run schools and populate school boards, there is nothing stopping it from happening pretty much anywhere, small town or large.

“Run, hide, and hope you don’t get killed before a good guy with a gun shows up” policies might make some pathetic souls feel safe.  Only plentiful armed and capable adults–even non-elite, deplorables–can deter attacks and ensure safety.