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credit: foxnews

I remember the classic story about a politician lambasting their opponent:

“My opponent masticates three times a day!  Not only that, he has a monogamous relationship with his wife, and leads an immortal life!”

Just when you thought our political discourse couldn’t become any more bizarre, Reason.com takes us to a Virginia US House race:

A Virginia Democrat running for the U.S. House of Representatives is going after her Republican opponent’s alleged fascination with Bigfoot erotica.

Well, to each his own, but where, pray tell, does one find such things on the Internet?  Is there a Miss Sasquatch of the month for August?

Democrat Leslie Cockburn, a longtime journalist and progressive activist (and sister-in-law of the late Alexander Cockburn), is facing off against Republican Denver Riggleman, a former Air Force intelligence officer who owns a distillery. The candidates are running in Virginia’s 5th Congressional District.

On Sunday, Cockburn posted screenshots from Riggleman’s Instagram page of two nude illustrations of Bigfoot. The legendary creature’s genitals are censored and Riggleman’s head is superimposed onto the second image. In the captions, Riggleman teased the release of a book titled Mating Habits of Bigfoot and Why Women Want Him and suggested the illustrations would be ‘cover art.

Take the Reason.com link and see the other illustration.  Perhaps its just me–I’m not diverse and tolerant enough–but I’m not seeing the eroticism Cockburn is seeing.  I wonder what that says about her?  Projection and all…

Cockburn blasted Riggleman as ‘a devotee of Bigfoot erotica’—and accused him of ‘campaigning with a white supremacist’ too:

According to Riggleman the posts do not originate from ‘Bigfoot erotica,’ but are a joke his military friends played on him. When he posted the images, Riggleman said, he never thought they would be used against him politically and described the tweets from Cockburn as ‘absurd.

Well, he does masticate three times a day…  I also didn’t know the Sasquatch were white supremacists, though I’d like to see the press conference where a Sasquatch white supremacist spokesman is holding forth.  Learn something new every day.

But it seems more likely that Riggleman has a weird sense of humor than that he’s actually a ‘devotee of Bigfoot erotica.

Ya think?

After all, the bio on his Instagram page, which has been set to private, suggests he doesn’t take himself too seriously:

Own a distillery, consult on DoD matters and had a fun run for Governor. Love whiskey, hate tyranny and embrace liberty. Whiskey Rebellion always!

Yup.  Sounds like a Bigfoot fancier to me.  Strangely enough, New Jersey, rather than Virginia, seems to be a hotbed of Bigfoot sightings, according to NJ.com:  

Turns out, folks in Jersey get pretty excited about Bigfoot, too.

There have been 70 reported Bigfoot sightings in the past few decades, apparently.

Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, which touts itself as “the only scientific research organization exploring the Bigfoot/Sasquatch mystery,” has a database of user-submitted Bigfoot sightings. And they make for some pretty hilarious reading.

All that said, I’m a pretty open minded sort, and do enjoy seeing the occasional comely lass, dressed or undressed.  However, “bigfoot erotica”?  On second thought, don’t tell me where to find it.  I’ll leave it to you, gentle readers, to determine if that, or Trump Derangement Syndrome–Trump is probably behind it–Bigfoot porn produced by Russians!  Russian big feet!–better describes the current state of progressivism.