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Thank goodness, gentle readers, we have journalists.  Without them we would not know what to think or how to feel, particularly about black people–and BMWs.  Twitchy.com explains:

Author and HuffPost contributor Kimberley Johnson recently saw something that left her rattled. It was so egregious, so appalling, so downright jaw-dropping, that she just had to share it with her Twitter followers today.

Who is Kimberly Johnson, you ask?  This is her Huffington Post bio:

And here are some of her articles.  I was about to say I agreed with Kimberly because I don’t believe in putting bumper stickers on my vehicles.  They damage the paint, and I like to maintain a generally low profile, but that’s not the cause of her confusion, and while she, like me, might not like to see bumper stickers on vehicles, I don’t think that’s her point.  Disclosure: I have no problem with people putting as many, or as few, bumper stickers on their own vehicles as they please.

Ross Kaminsky had a few suggestions:

Another commenter did what one dare not do to progressives: use their own tactics:

Kimberly has a point.  Who would want to support a group of people that believe the Constitution says what it means and means what it says?  Who could possibly support people that believe in the rule of law?  How could anyone support people that believe in peaceful, polite, non-violent protest?  And most importantly, how could any sane person become affiliated with people that leave the venues of their protests cleaner–much cleaner–than they were before they began?

There is one thing I don’t understand, Kimberly. Perhaps this is because I’m male, but why would one’s choice to support or not support a political movement have anything to do with sexism?  It’s rather like saying: “I don’t understand why a woman would want to support the Daughters Of The American Revolution.  Does that make me racist too?”

Kimberly quickly shifted gears (that was an automotive allusion–heh):

Not only was the “affluent black man”–what does that (affluent) look like anyway, in case I want to look that way too?–driving a BMW, apparently this somehow constitutes “law enforcement repellant.”  The BMW, the appearance of affluence, or perhaps the bumper stickers? That would keep the police away?  I can certainly testify from my own police experience that police officers take an oath never to stop a vehicle emblazoned with a NRA or Tea Party bumper sticker. Have I also mentioned I’m a Nigerian prince in exile, and I need your help to move millions out of the country, most of which I will give to you for your kind assistance?

Jim Treacher decided to help resolve Kimberly’s confusion:

And Chad Felix Greene helped out too:

Because we here at SMM are inherently helpful sorts, I thought I’d do what I could to relieve Kimberly’s befuddlement (isn’t that a cool word: “befuddlement”?).  Black people, affluent or not, are allowed to drive BMWs.  They can put bumper stickers on their BMWs–or not.  A “pro-NRA” sticker might mean nothing more than that the driver–or the driver’s wife, or son, or perhaps the person from who the driver borrowed the car–believes in the Constitution–just like the Tea Party! It might also suggest that someone in some way related to that car supports the NRA because the NRA supports and defends the Constitution, which is a very non-sexist, American sort of thing to do.  “Don’t tread on me,” is generally understood to be a warning to tyrants about the danger of oppressing those that love freedom.  You know, like Americans.  Black people, even black men, can be Americans too.

Kimberly didn’t explain exactly why she was confused, but it’s not unreasonable to believe her confusion was the result of racial, political stereotyping.  Black people must support the Democrat Party because Democrats! And Black! And Trump! Any black person that does not support the Democrat Party and its entire plethora of policies is “voting against their own interests,” because the Democrat Party is all about black people’s interests, like maintaining high taxes, and importing millions of illegals to make it more difficult for blacks to find jobs, and doing everything Barack Obama did for black people…uh, so maybe that last one wasn’t such a great example, but you know what I mean, and Trump!

But it’s not just black people, if you’re not rich and white, expressing support for the Constitution is “voting against their own interests” too.  But that’s an awful lot of people, isn’t it?  I mean, middle class white people, middle class black, Asian, Hispanic, Indian (both kinds), etc..

Hey, that’s fine.  Kimberly can think whatever she pleases.  My only interest in bumper stickers of any kind is to see if they’re witty rather than drearily pedantic.  This normally takes no more than a second or two, and only when I’m stopped behind a vehicle in traffic, or perhaps walking past one in a parking lot.

I think we’d all feel better, however, if instead of spending so much time pondering existential political issues at the mere sight of a bumper sticker, she might concentrate on driving.