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During the eight long years of the Age of Obama, it was often observed he had turned America into a post-constitutional country.  Frustrated when Congress wouldn’t immediately do his bidding, he announced he couldn’t wait, governed with a pen and phone and bragged about it. He stacked the Department of Justice–and apparently the FBI–with bureaucratic drones anxious to participate in the rule of post-constitutional America, and they legislated where Congress would not, and regularly exceeded any grant of authority they had ever been given by statute.  Other government agencies were also filled with Obamites who believed–and believe–themselves destined to rule the deplorables of flyover country, lesser, unenlightened beings worthy only of the scorn of the self-imagined elite.

And this, in large part, is why Donald Trump is President of the United States.  The title linked to Mr. Trump’s name alone is more than sufficient to induce raging derangement in the elite, which includes virtually all progressives, the Media, and Congressional Democrats, when they’re not calling themselves Democratic Socialists, as is all the rage at the moment.  Some have suggested progressives must react with spittle slinging insanity at the mere mention of Mr. Trump’s name; they’re justified.  After all, he is more Hitler than Hitler, but this is nonsense and deflection.

George W. Bush was a kinder and gentler president who did not call the Media Fake News, though they certainly practiced it during his tenure. He did not hit back when the media savaged him, his family and everyone remotely associated with him.  He played the game of decorum, and this is just one, relatively mild, example of how progressives rewarded his “presidential” deportment:

The problem is not Donald Trump, though he enrages leftists by daring to expose them for what they are, and for outwitting them at every turn.  The problem is they–virtually all of them–no longer believe in or recognize American constitutionalism.  Thus the exploding heads reaction to the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

The echo of Justice Kenndy’s retirement announcement had not yet died away before the left began proclaiming the end of all things, which would be brought about by whoever President Trump nominated.  Who didn’t matter.  Trump is Hitler, so whoever he nominated would be even Hitlerier.

credit: paulspoop.blogspot.com

The Women’s March, they of the pussy hats and walking vaginas, shortly after the announcement, blasted this tweet proclaiming the nomination of “XX” “a death sentence for thousands of women…”

Normal Americans find no argument so persuasive as one delivered by people dressed as genitalia, but they do expect walking vaginas accusing others of genocide to at least have some idea about who they speak.  This error only encouraged Democrats to plunge more deeply into the crazy pool:

credit: legal insurrection

And while gender confusion is a thing these days, some had a bit of difficulty categorizing Judge Kavanaugh, who for the record is quite male:

If the left is to be believed, millions of lives are now in danger, gays will not only be denied their rights, but will be thrown into concentration camps.  Women will be slaughtered wholesale, and incidentally, denied their rights.  Roe v. Wade will immediately be overturned, and all Americans will be instantly deprived of affordable health care.  Dog and cats living together goes without saying. Some have engaged in the most obvious demonstration of projection in American political history by hysterically screaming that Judge Kavanaugh will overthrow the Constitution and rule by judicial fiat, which is precisely what progressives want the Supreme Court to do. They’re just upset that with five justices determined to act as judges rather than super-progressive legislators, the Constitution will serve–as it was designed to do–as a bar to their progressive policies.

Worse, the “balance” on the court is in mortal danger.  There can be no such “balance” in a constitutional republic.  “Balance” is a term fit only for the Congress, where such balance is determined at the ballot box.  This is balance as in “check and balance,” the never-ending adjustment of legislative priorities by the American electorate.  Of course, Democrats are disgusted by the American electorate, and are in the process, through illegal immigration, of overthrowing the electorate they don’t like–the deplorable God and gun clingers have a habit of not voting for them–and replacing it with one more beholden to an all-embracing, all-powerful state.

Ya think?

Supreme Court justices, actually, all judges, must embody dedication to the Constitution and the rule of law.  Such dedication absolutely requires them to ignore personal and political considerations, to always say: “I would prefer outcome “A,” but the law and the Constitution do not allow it.”  Judges must interpret the law, never make it.

This is what progressives seek to deny when they speak of a “balance” on the Supreme Court.  They want another, all-powerful, political body, not a judicial body.  So pervasive is this constitutionally perverse idea that the media have adopted it wholesale, and constantly speak of “conservative” and “liberal” justices.  Liberal justices, to them, are the only legitimate jurists.  Conservatives are out-of-the-mainstream radicals for faithfully interpreting the Constitution.

American constitutionalism, however, sees conservatives as the only legitimate jurists, because they adhere to their constitutional limits.  Words have common, easily understood meanings, and this is true of the law and the Constitution, which though written more than two centuries ago is no less understandable and clear today than it was when it was signed. So-called conservatives voluntarily accept that the law and Constitution limit them; they cannot do whatever they please, regardless of how moral they might think their desires to be, no matter how well intentioned a law or how much good it might do.  Progressives accept no such limits.

By all indications, Judge Kavanaugh is a conservative, a jurist that willingly accepts American constitutionalism and his place in it.  Call him a conservative because he accepts he cannot make law; he hasn’t the power.  In this understanding, he upholds and defends the Constitution and the rule of law. His educational credentials are impeccable, as is his judicial experience.

Sainthood is not, thank goodness, a qualification for public office, but Kavanaugh appears to be a good man, though I’m sure we’ll soon be hearing of some slight he might have made 30 or more years ago.  Perhaps he once looked at a girl, or told a rude joke in 6thgrade.  Perhaps he tore a tag off a mattress or left the lid up.  We’ll surely know soon.

Participation in our constitutional republic must be voluntary.  Any other form of government is a tyranny; it exists at the point of the sword.  Everyone must accept our system of government and willingly accept its limitations, its checks and balances.  Congress writes laws, the courts interpret them, and the Presidents sees that they be faithfully executed.

The left hasn’t believed in any of that, hasn’t done it, for decades.The numbers of leftists breaking entirely with America is growing by the day.  Within living memory, a member of Congress that exhorted mob rule, that encouraged people to criminally accost members of the executive branch wherever they might be, would have been censured at the least, and most likely, expelled.  Instead, virtually every congressional Democrat has, at the least, refused to so much as criticize the execrable Maxine Waters, and many have called her noble and justified, because Trump.

When elected officials scream that the seating of an eminently qualified jurist on the Supreme Court will result in millions of deaths, they encourage violence, a complete break from the voluntary acceptance of our constitutional system, a rejection of all that binds us together and makes us Americans.

If we do not accept the results of honestly conducted, legitimate elections, where are we?  If we reject the Electoral College, what are we advocating?  If we try to deny the President his ability to nominate judges and other officials, what’s the alternative?  If everyone that disagrees with us is worse the Hitler, does evil have any real meaning?  If political differences must cause the deaths of millions, what’s a life worth?

Socialism is fundamentally incompatible with our representative republic, yet more and more Democrats are proudly lifting the banner of Democratic Socialism.  As the Marxist Professor Cornell West recently said on Tucker Carlson Tonight, “true socialism” has never failed, because it have never been tried.  This is an age-old excuse.

Socialism always fails, and unlike the seating of a Supreme Court justice, it always kills millions.  But leftism can never fail.  No leftist policy can ever be wrong.  If it appears to fail, as Venezuela, the most recent socialist failure, illustrates so tragically, it is only because representative republics exist to force socialism to fail.  And besides, Venezuela wasn’t true socialism,because true socialism cannot fail.  This time, socialism will work, because contemporary socialists are so much smarter and better than every past socialist.

When Brett Kavanaugh is seated on the Supreme Court, nothing will change.  No one’s rights will be ripped away, no one will die, the sun will still rise in the East and set in the West, and the stars will continue to twinkle in the firmament.  The Supreme Court will return to its constitutional limits, which is what truly guarantees American’s rights.

But if progressives win, if they are allowed to mandate a “balance,” if their campaign of calumny, threats and violence is allowed to continue and to worsen, as it inevitably must, then America is in danger.  Then, no one’s life or liberty will be safe. They are demonstrating, for the first time, their true intentions with no political filter.  They are showing the world precisely what they will do if they ever again attain power.  It will have nothing to do with the rule of law, the Constitution, or America.

Will people that reject American constitutionalism suddenly embrace it, and willingly, without bloodshed, relinquish power?

If Mr. Trump should have the opportunity to nominate a third Supreme Court Justice, what will be the Left’s next step?  They see the Supreme Court as a super legislature, their right to obtain through judicial fiat what ignorant, deplorable, normal Americans refuse to give them through the legislative process.  They’re already demanding a court-packing scheme.  Failing that, what’s left to them?  Failing that, will they go to civil war?

Donald Trump and Brett Kavanaugh are mere symbols in a very long, very old political cold war, a war that threatens to go hot as leftists continue to entirely abandon the American Constitutionalism that makes America possible. It’s what they represent–the rule of law–that so horrifies and outrages the Left.

UPDATE, 07-12-18, 1710:  Shocking news from The Babylon Bee:

WASHINGTON, D.C.—In an alarming show of religious extremism and complete disregard for the separation of church and state, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was spotted by news reporters serving food to the homeless.

The Bee is a parody site, but we’re already seeing this sort of hair- on-fire lunacy.  After all, a man that will kill millions would surely stoop to this kind of religious extremism, which is surely worse.  Take the link and read the whole thing.