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Ronald Reagan was “an amiable dunce,” and a variety of far less complimentary names with which progressives routinely lashed him.  He was a warmonger, and because a Republican, inherently evil.  So was George W. Bush.  They’re all evil, those Republicans, why, just look at Donald Trump.  Evil!

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But George W. Bush routinely did acts of great kindness, humbling himself, a practice he continues even today in concert with another practice: no publicity, no self-aggrandizement.  He does it because it’s the right thing to do, and he tells no one.  As a result, there are few photographs of his consideration and kindness.  The photo above is one.

At Townhall.com Larry Provost tells a story about Ronald Reagan, about the world’s most powerful man, a man who did not have to be kind to a poor, 83-year-old retiree.  He didn’t have to give her a minute of his time, the most valuable time on Earth.  Some excerpts:

Thirty years ago, over Fourth of July weekend 1988, one of the most heartwarming, and most telling, stories regarding Ronald Reagan took place.  It is the story of Mrs. Green.

Frances Green was a huge Ronald Reagan fan and like President Reagan she was from California.   In 1988, Mrs. Green was 83 years old and had been a contributor, albeit one dollar at each donation, to the Republican National Committee.  Mrs. Green received an invitation from the RNC to a reception at the White House.   She had little money, supporting herself on Social Security, and saved up every penny she had to go across the country for the reception and a chance to meet President Reagan.  She took a train, as it was cheaper than flying back then.   She also slept sitting up.  That too was cheaper and all she could afford.   For her trip back to California, Mrs. Green arranged to have her social security check sent to her hotel in Washington, D.C., so she could pay for her way back.

When she arrived at the reception, she discovered there had been a computer failure, and she was refused admittance–security–but a Ford Motor Company executive was standing in line behind her, and invited her to the White House a few days later, on July 4, for a White House tour.  Fortunately, she showed up.

That day was incredibly busy for the President, who was handling many international and domestic crises, but he…no gentle readers, take the link and read the whole thing.  Here’s one more excerpt that tells you why you should, why you must:

Mrs. Green’s story is a poignant reminder that good, decent people who help others and remember their humble roots, such as Set Momjian [the Ford Executive] and Ronald Reagan are a hallmark of our national character as Americans.  Mrs. Green had nothing tangible to offer Mr. Reagan or Mr. Momjian, yet her story makes us all the more rich.

When Barack Obama essentially nationalized our auto industry, and lost an enormous pile of taxpayer money, Mrs. Manor and I decided that we would forevermore buy vehicles manufactured by the only American company that did not sell out to Mr. Obama: Ford. We’ve been well satisfied since, and now I have additional reason to know that was the right thing to do.

Take the link and read the whole thing, gentle readers.  It will do your soul good, and perhaps, just perhaps, despite the wailing of Progressives, you’ll think at least three Republicans just a little less evil.  And perhaps, like me, you’ll regret never having known Ronald Reagan, Set Momijian–and Mrs. Green.